Ch 67: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 67: 6th instance: The figure of this female ghost seems to be very sturdy……(part 4 of 4)

A torch was inserted at every interval inside the cave, so that people won’t lose sight of their surroundings. There were some inscriptions written on the cave’s wall, which seems to be carved out on the mountain with the use of some sharp stone. No one knows when this words were left by the pitifully murdered girl.

‘I still don’t want to die, I want to get out of here! If this continues, I will definitely starve to death here……’

‘Hold on, what is that? This is so horrible, I really can’t get out of here!’

‘Is that the mountain god they spoke of?…… No, what kind of mountain god is this?–’

‘Everyone’s being deceived, No once can survive!’



The two of them could detect the dread of the girl, who wrote this words at that time.

To be capable of writing such words, so this must be an educated person. But, it can’t be imagined how cruel it was to be forcibly sent here as a sacrifice by the people in the village.

Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu couldn’t say anything at all, and could only walk forward in silence.

After having walked a considerable distance, only then did the two of them reach the deepest part of the cave. The space here was quite considerable. There were various sacrificial objects arranged inside, with charms affixed to every wall, in addition to that very conspicuous-looking red sedan chair located at the center.

The people, who had lifted the bridal sedan chair before, had already disappeared, and only several dolls were present at the side of the sacrificial altar…… which must have been the real bodies of those several puppets.

The two of them had already taken out all their items, Gu Wuji was even prepared to use the malicious spirit summon at any given time, and was completely resigned to what would happen next.

In the following second, the wall began to shake, and countless numbers of pitch-black hands stretched out from within, which immediately headed towards them.

Even their items could only persist for a few breaths, before loudly shattering soon after. Seeing that a hand was about to grab a hold of Gu Wuji, Qi Yunxiu immediately pulled him away, but he, himself was fiercely struck, that he immediately had a difficult look on his face.

“Qi Yunxiu–”

Gu Wuji held Qi Yunxiu, who had almost fallen to the ground, “Hold on, I’ll heal you at once.”

“No!” Qi Yunxiu held down Gu Wuji’s hand, “It’s too dangerous, there’s no time to for this, look out!”

Gu Wuji immediately avoided another oncoming attack while carrying Qi Yunxiu.

Qi Yunxiu fell into a momentary complicated mood for unexpectedly being able to be carried by Gu Wuji this easily.

“This mountain god’s ability should have also been suppressed, which is why it can only partially launch an attack us…… Otherwise, we would have already died.”

Gu Wuji noted.

But even if this was the case, they also didn’t have the slightest chance of escaping. They would only be besiege by the other ghosts if they ran outside as well.

Besides, no matter how good Gu Wuji physical strength was, it would still be impossible to evade all the time.

At this critical juncture, the curtain of the red sedan chair that had been placed in the center was pulled open, and a girl, whose face was obscured, stretched out her hand to them.

To be precise, she only reached her hand out towards Gu Wuji.

“It’s you.”

Gu Wuji instantly recognized that this female ghost, who was being sent off to marry, was whom he had several fateful encounters with before in just a glance. The other side’s action now was obviously with the intent of helping him…… After all, from the very start, those several pitch-black hands had obviously been avoiding this bridal sedan chair intentionally.

This was also the reason why Gu Wuji had consciously hidden at this side. But he didn’t dare to get too close because he had no idea who was inside.

For some unknown reason, this female ghost in red dress might possess something that makes that mountain god be afraid.

Gu Wuji saw that the space in the bridal sedan chair, would have a hard time to accommodate two men.

Moreover, he was the only one being invited in by the female ghost, so this opportunity might only be capable of saving one person.

Gu Wuji lowered his head to look at Qi Yunxiu, who had obviously lost consciousness because of his injury. He took a deep breath, then directly used his healing ability on him, while simultaneously opening the pocket watch, causing the phantom of a blond-haired young man to instantly appear. Gu Wuji pushed Qi Yunxiu towards the bridal sedan chair without warning.

Even if the face was obscured, he could still make out the somewhat complicated look on the girl’s face. She let out a sigh, then directly pulled Qi Yunxiu inside.

Auston’s phantom was clearly more solid than before. But he also didn’t last too long under the siege of those pitch-black hands, he then turned to look at Gu Wuji with a bit of distress in his gaze, before his figure shattered.

“Auston!” Gu Wuji hurriedly picked up the pocket watch and took a look, but after only finding a trace of crack, and realizing that it hadn’t completely been broken, did he only feel a slight sense of relief.

After putting the pocket watch away very carefully, Gu Wuji had already prepared to directly summon a malicious spirit to directly deal with this so-called mountain god.

But at this moment, a hand suddenly grabbed his shoulder from behind.

“This isn’t the time yet. What you have to do now is to wake up.”

An indistinct voice sounded, Gu Wuji was immediately pulled into the person’s arms, and everything in front of him was soon after covered in red.

At this moment, three people were squeezed in this bridal sedan chair with difficulty, which made it totally impossible for Gu Wuji to turn around and take a good look at the appearance of the person behind him.

That mountain god outside was obviously very angry, as it continuously attacked the cave’s wall. The sounds of rocks falling to the ground echoed, but it dared not launch an attack on this bridal sedan chair at all.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but speak, “You’re actually……”

But before he could complete his words, Gu Wuji suddenly felt sleepiness overtake him, his eyelids seemed to be heavy, making him unable to open his eyes at all. He couldn’t even say a word at all, as he soon fell into a deep sleep.

Before falling asleep, Gu Wuji could vaguely feel a hand gently touch his cheek.

He hadn’t noticed it before, but he suddenly discovered that the figure of this female ghost in red dress seems to be very sturdy……

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