Ch 67: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 67: 6th instance: The figure of this female ghost seems to be very sturdy……(part 3 of 4)

Not long after, the cave that had been constantly mention by the others before appeared in Gu Wuji’s view.

That cave, which was about two meters high, was surrounded by extremely festive decorations, in addition to various matching shelves. There were even a lot of tables and chairs laid out, colorful lanterns and all kinds of silk were hung, in addition to the incessant sound of music. As if an ordinary wedding was really being held here.

The village chief, who was standing on the dais at one side, looked extremely happy, and instructed a group to lift the bridal sedan chair into the cave, “Fortunately, we didn’t miss the time, the great mountain god will definitely be very pleased to see such a beautiful bride.”

The bridal sedan chair was, thus immediately brought into the cave. The rest of the villagers sat around the cave numbly, as if they were taking part in this huge wedding feast.

Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu had no intention to go forward right from the start, but at this time, they suddenly discovered that they were unexpectedly unable to control their bodies.

“What’s going on?” Qi Yunxiu expression turned serious, “This illusion actually has a way of controlling us……”

The two of them uncontrollably took a seat together with the ordinary villagers. Someone brought over the food soon after. But the appalling thing was, the food served on the plates were not of any exquisite dishes at all. But lumps of bloody meat, with even some eyeballs mixed in it.

Since the two of them, were people who had passed through many instances, they were naturally capable of discerning where this meat had originated from.

“Eat up quickly, otherwise it’ll no longer taste as good once it cools down.” The villager sitting across him seemed to be completely unaware, and even had a joyful expression, as he immediately placed the lumps of bloody meat into his mouth and greedily ate it, as if it was some kind of exquisite delicacy.

The other people around the table were more or less the same. They ate these food almost frantically. They didn’t even show any reaction when the blood splatters got into their faces or hands, and were completely like wild beasts.

This scene in front of them was simply like a scene that would only appear in hell.

“Damn, we definitely can’t eat this thing.” Qi Yunxiu stared at the thing on the plate, then not knowing what he found, spoke through gritted teeth: “After eating these meat, even if we won’t die, but we’ll still be trapped in this village forever! ……No, our souls will still be trapped even after death.”

“But in this current situation, most of our items cannot be of use.” Cold sweat appeared on Gu Wuji’s face as he looked down at his hand. Even when he resisted with all his might, all it did was just to make his hand that was reaching towards the plate shake, and did nothing else other than to slow down the speed of eating.

“It’s this lantern!” Qi Yunxiu looked at the lantern, which the two of them were still holding, with a bone-chilling gaze, “After touching it, our bodies were already being affected…… but we completely failed to notice this before.”

During the course of events, the two of them still hadn’t eased their vigilance even until now as well, it’s just that there was something off with this illusion right from the start. Their thoughts had already been greatly dulled the moment they came in contact with this lantern.

Moreover, it was only at this time did they also come to realize that not only their consciousness, but their abilities were also being suppressed by this space.

Even if they wanted to throw the lantern away, but they could no longer control their hands, and that lantern seemed to stick on them like a living thing.

Gu Wuji’s face was almost dripping with cold sweat, but at this moment, he suddenly remembered his ghost control skill…… Although the villagers around them looks just like a living person, but since they had all done this kind of thing, then they must have already turned into a ghost since long ago. Not to mention that this place was just an illusion, and not in reality.

If the ghost control skill was still useless, then there would be no other choice left aside from using that ability to summon a malicious spirit.

Gu Wuji took a gamble, and gave an order to the nearest villager, ordering him to prevent him and Qi Yunxiu from eating the meat, and it would be much better if he could tear the lantern.

Since the ghost control skill was also under the state of suppression, so only those low-leveled ghosts nearby can also be controlled by him……

Suddenly, a villager, who had still been full of excitement and enjoying the big meal in front of him, abruptly stood up uncontrollably, then overturned the food, which was in front of Qi Yunxiu and Gu Wuji, to the ground, and directly grabbed the lantern they were holding and tore it to pieces.

The effect of using the ghost control skill this time simply went beyond Gu Wuji’s expectations. After the lanterns were torn up, the two of them immediately regained their freedom, and swiftly stood up. Only then did they realize that their hand which held the lantern had unknowingly become injured and bloody at some point.

“Thanks.” Qi Yunxiu cast a grateful look towards Gu Wuji. He naturally knew that it was impossible for that villager to suddenly go crazy, and was certain that it must be because of something Gu Wuji had done.

“No need. What we should think of now is how to handle these guys.” Gu Wuji looked around with a bit of helplessness in his tone.

All the villagers, who had still been enjoying their meal, stood up one after another, like having received some sort of command. They looked at the two of them like seeing something strange, making the people, at the receiving end of the gazes, feel numb all over.

“Damn, outsiders like them will offend the great mountain god! Quickly kill them!” The village chief’s flustered and infuriated voice sounded.

The villagers swiftly picked up their farming tools and surrounded them, but the crisis didn’t end here, as even the ominous figures in the surrounding mists were moving closer. The existence of those figures were, strictly speaking, even more worrying than compared to these villagers.

At this moment, Qi Yunxiu finally tore the gauze that covered his eye, revealing the other half of his face that was full of scorch marks and a scarlet colored pupil.

The movements of the surrounding ghosts couldn’t help but pause. Looking at that eye, unexpectedly made them feel a sense of panic, that they almost wanted to submit to Qi Yunxiu on the spot.

But revealing this eye out in the open was obviously very exhausting, as Qi Yunxiu was already gasping for breath soon enough. He obviously couldn’t support it anymore, so he quickly wrapped it back with the gauze.

During this period of time, the two of them had already ran to the entrance of the nearby cave, and had knocked out the villagers that were originally guarding the cave’s entrance.

“We can only go in now.”

The other villagers seemed to be very apprehensive and didn’t dare to approach the cave. The two of them could only hear the village chief’s shout from the distance.

“It must be more dangerous inside this cave.” Gu Wuji looked at the mountain wall before him, “We don’t know about what this mountain god really is, and we still haven’t found any of his weak point.”

Both of their expression became solemn. They estimated that they will have to meet the malicious spirit boss of this instance in advance.

Gu Wuji, nonetheless, pulled Qi Yunxiu over and healed him.

After seeing his hand in good condition, Qi Yunxiu looked at Gu Wuji with a bit of amazement.

Gu Wuji, in response to this, looked at him with knitted brows, “What’s wrong? Is there still something uncomfortable?”

“No, I’ve fully recovered.”

Qi Yunxiu murmured, his expression instantly changed, and appeared to be somewhat moved. He also seemed to have decided onto something.

He didn’t expect for Gu Wuji to actually have a healing ability. This was an ability that countless organization were itching to draw in, which was why he never expected for Gu Wuji to expose this ability in front of him this easily.

How great was Gu Wuji’s determination…… that he actually placed this much trust in him. Moreover, Gu Wuji actually hadn’t shown the slightest amount of apprehensiveness even after he revealed that divergent eye.

Qi Yunxiu was so touched by this, that his favorable impression towards Gu Wuji skyrocketed.

But, truth be told…… Gu Wuji actually had no inkling about this matter. But even if he became aware of this, he still wouldn’t care at all. How could he possibly keep such a thing that would still be exposed sooner or later, instead of lending a hand to the people around him?

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