Ch 67: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 67: 6th instance: The figure of this female ghost seems to be very sturdy……(part 2 of 4)

Qi Yunxiu, who was looking outside, seemed to have also noticed something as his expression turned serious: “It’s getting late, if we still can’t find a way to leave this place…… by the time it gets dark here, the things will only grow even worse.”

“It looks like we can only mix in.” Gu Wuji put forward.

“What?” Qi Yunxiu was slightly startled, but understood Gu Wuji’s idea soon after, “I see. These people are in a controlled state, so, it would be impossible for them to notice us, and only by following them can we find even more clues……”

He should have thought of this idea much earlier, but being by Gu Wuji’s side today, had really stimulated Qi Yunxiu so much, up to the point where his thoughts had fallen in complete chaos.

Gu Wuji: “I actually just wanted to ask them some questions that’s all……”

The two of them went out, and hurriedly followed those people at the back of the procession. Gu Wuji still dragged the ghost along with him.

If it weren’t for these people no longer having control over their consciousness, they would probably have fallen silent after witnessing such a scene.

Gu Wuji tried to ask, but all these people had a glazed look on their faces, and were completely unresponsive.

The group passed through most part of the village this way. Having reached the vicinity of the cave, Gu Wuji clearly saw the house he stayed in during the first night, in addition to a part of the mass grave at the back.

But he always felt that there’s really seems to be something wrong with this house. But it would be better to say, that everything in their surroundings weren’t quite right from the start. The thick enshrouding mist, also made it even harder for people to see.

Qi Yunxiu suddenly tugged Gu Wuji’s sleeve. He alertly noticed, that there seems to be a lot of figures in red dress amid the mist, staring coldly at this place, with gazes that can make people’s blood run cold in fear.

Moreover, so long as there was a bit of inattentiveness, those red dressed female ghosts in the distance would move closer towards here. But they seemed to be afraid of something, as they couldn’t completely approach the procession here.

As for the village behind the two of them, it had already been completely submerged in the mist. Adding on to the fact that it had already gotten completely dark now, so, it’s existence had become completely obscured.

In contrast to this, the state of the villagers ahead of them seemed to change all of a sudden, that they could even vaguely hear sobbing and speaking noises.

“I wonder how the other players are.” Gu Wuji couldn’t help but mutter.

“They could either be dead or alive.” Qi Yunxiu coldly stated.

Gu Wuji: “……”

Gu Wuji looked around, as the feeling of unease continued to intensify. He immediately brought out his defensive item, and had a discussion with Qi Yunxiu afterwards, before patting the shoulder of a person ahead of them.

In any case, in such a dangerous situation like this, it’s also worthwhile to risk the possibility of being discovered to get clues. Since not knowing anything, will certainly lead to an even quicker death.

The villager in front immediately turned his head, in spite of still having a glazed and inexpressive expression, he nevertheless spoke: “What’s wrong?”

“I just want to inquire. Where are we heading to now?” While speaking, Gu Wuji was also prepared to use the pocket watch at any time, as the alarm bells ringing in his mind reminded him not to loosen his vigilance.

“It’s naturally to complete the ceremony.” The voice of the villager didn’t have the slightest fluctuation, “Only by having completed the ceremony, can the people in our village continue to live on.”

“Then, do you know if there’s something we need to be aware of in this time’s ceremony?” Gu Wuji asked.

“Of course there is.” As the villager said this, his expression suddenly became grim, “The village chief said that there are three outsiders mixed in this time’s ceremony! This will make the mountain god’s rage fall! So we need to kill those outsiders!”

After having said that, several surrounding villagers raised their hoes, pitchforks and other similar tools from out of nowhere, then suddenly moved to attack Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu.

Gu Wuji: “……”

Qi Yunxiu: “……”

After the two of them had easily tidied up several of the armed villagers, the gazes of the surrounding villagers were already looking at them with subconscious fear.

A roaring sound also sounded from up ahead. Not only did there seem to be even more people coming over, but that roar had already faintly became inhuman like, which was an obvious indication that they would be facing more formidable ghosts. Even though they might not be as terrible as the malicious spirits, but they would also be unable to support it if there were too many.

Even if the force value of Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu, these two individuals, wasn’t low, but dealing with so many ghosts like this would still pose quite a danger to them. Moreover, it would be too miserable if their car accidentally overturns* here.

*something unexpected happens (in a negative manner)

Gu Wuji thoughts quickly turned. Having suddenly thought of something, he looked towards the ghost that was being pulled along by him, “He’s obviously a member of this village, but he is still regarded as an outsider….. Why is this? Could they be relying on something to differentiate themselves from us……”

Gu Wuji directly snatched the lantern held by a villager, who had been beaten to the ground before, without the slightest bit of hesitation.

The villagers, who were intending to attack and kill him, immediately acted as if they hadn’t seen him, and all their hate value were then concentrated toward Qi Yunxiu.

“So that’s it.” Upon seeing this, Qi Yunxiu immediately acted and picked up a lantern as well.

In the end, the furious gazes of the villagers fell onto the ghost, which Gu Wuji had pulled along, as if they couldn’t wait to tear him up to pieces.

This pitiful ghost, who was at the receiving end of such gazes from the villagers, was already shivering from fear, he was even in a bit of a loss, wondering why the people in the village were looking at him like looking at an enemy.

As soon as Gu Wuji loosened the rope, this ghost quickly fled back to the village. No one knows if he will have a psychological shadow after today’s events.

“It looks like his desire to survive is still very strong, he probably wouldn’t seek death in the future anymore.” Gu Wuji said with a bit of satisfaction.

Qi Yunxiu: “……”

After which, these villagers didn’t pay any heed to the several unconscious villagers lying on the ground. Everything seemed to be calm again, as they continued to move onward.

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