Ch 67: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 67: 6th instance: The figure of this female ghost seems to be very sturdy……(part 1 of 4)

Qi Yunxiu pulled Gu Wuji at once. After scanning the area for a long time, he then pulled open the door of a nearby house, and the two of them hurriedly rushed in.

The interior of the room was dark, the furniture inside were all very old and covered with dust, there wasn’t anybody around as well, just like nobody had lived here for a very long time.

Although the inside of this room was obviously haunted, but it was clearly even more dangerous outside, so they were also left without a choice as well.

The two carefully observed the situation outside by peering from the small gap of the window.

As the sound of music got closer, a bridal sedan chair carried by several people appeared in their view.

This bridal sedan chair seems to be of very exquisite workmanship, it was even brand new, giving it an overflowing sense of incompatibility with this village, which made it even more ominous.

The small group of people outside lifelessly hung their heads down. Their every action were very synchronized and stiff, and was completely unlike a human at all, but more like some puppet instead.

The two of them tried to look at the interior of that bridal sedan chair. But they couldn’t see anything at all, aside from an indistinct silhouette, which could vaguely be discerned to be a woman in a red dress.

The small group of people outside suddenly turned their heads soon after seemingly noticing something. They looked towards the place, where Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu took refuge in, with a gloomy gaze, as if they had seen the two of them peeking.

But this didn’t stop their pace at all, as they soon turned back and continued to move onward.

It seems like it isn’t possible to stop this ceremony?

This thought crossed Qi Yunxiu’s mind.

He was fully aware that he still mustn’t let his guard down at this time. If an average player would let up their vigilance at this moment, then awaiting them at the end would definitely be a one shot, one kill scene. Qi Yunxiu immediately turned his head around after sensing something amiss, and saw a rope, which had unknowingly appeared at the middle of the room, along with a ghost that was surprisingly floating right above.

The other side fixedly looked at Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu with a sinister expression, as if looking at the enemy who had killed him. But it still revealed an eerie smile, despite having a painful expression.

“Not good!” Qi Yunxiu’s expression immediately turned serious. As he was still trying to figure out what to do, Gu Wuji had already rushed forward without warning, and abruptly grab a hold of the other party’s body.

This scene was simply too familiar with Gu Wuji. He had once saved such a poor man who attempted to commit suicide in the instance of the haunted cruise ship. The other party had even given him the rope as an item, and that rope played a very huge role afterwards. This was the prime example of good people being rewarded.

If the other people, who were present on the scene at that time, could hear Gu Wuji’s thoughts now, they would surely be too dumbfounded to speak.

Qi Yunxiu: “??”

That ghost’s body immediately froze.

“Wait, you mustn’t do such thing.” While Gu Wuji was saying this, he directly and forcibly held the ghost’s body. The other side’s hands, which was tenaciously clinging to the rope, was of no use, and was forcibly pulled off like this.

That ghost looked at Gu Wuji with a terrified expression as if looking at some kind of evil spirit.

“Think about it, you still have a family and child. Even if you are alone, there are still a lot of beautiful things in this world that are waiting for you to discover.” Gu Wuji quoted using his excellent voice and expression, which he saw from a book. Then summed it all up in a sentence that was full of potholes and words that were completely unrelated to the words he said before: “In short, although you are already dead, you still shouldn’t seek for death again.”

While saying this piece, Gu Wuji had also pulled this rope off without much effort, in order to prevent someone from thinking of using it again.

[Obtain item [rope with grievances]. It can restrain a ghost and suppress the opponent’s ability. Because it is produced in a special place, hence, it is more effective to use in illusions and dreams. ]

Qi Yunxiu: “……”

The ghost in front of them was obviously thinking of slipping away. It was originally going to perform a complete death by hanging scene in front of these two people, in order to strike fear in their minds, only then can it take the opportunity to kill them……

But these two humans didn’t have feel even a bit of fear at all, but that was still fine, yet this living person was so horrible to the extent of directly pulling it off!

Seeing signs of the ghost trying to slip away, Gu Wuji quickly caught it back and tied it up with the rope he had just obtained.

“If I let you go, you will definitely continue to think of those thoughts again! I will definitely persuade you out of it.” Gu Wuji said as he tied the ghost up: “I will only let you free once you understand the value and beauty of life.”

The ghost was already very anxious, but was unexpectedly unable to formulate words to say once it tried to speak.

“.…..” F*ck, his education level wasn’t enough. Although he understood what was said with difficulty, but he simply didn’t know what to say or do.

Qi Yunxiu, who didn’t understand what was going on, was able to perceive this ghost thoughts, and subconsciously showed a slightly sympathetic gaze…… Even after having turned into a ghost, the need to have culture still exists.

“Come to speak of it, let’s take a look of what’s going on outside.” Gu Wuji looked towards Qi Yunxiu, who was still in a bit of daze.

Qi Yunxiu just nodded at this proposal. After feeling that he had actually forgotten to uphold his pretentious attitude just a moment ago as a result of this, so he immediately went to a nearby window.

Everything still seemed to be the same as before, apart from this ghost that Gu Wuji had tied over there.

Not much time had also gone by since the sudden appearance of this ghost (it had been dealt with really quickly after all). The end part of the bridal procession could still be seen walking outside at this moment.

But aside from the music and footsteps, nothing else could be heard from this side. Moreover, although these people looks just like a living person, but all of them had a glazed look, as if they were being controlled by something. The most conspicuous thing was, each of them held a red lantern in their hand.

Gu Wuji even saw a lot of familiar-looking people among them, so he quietly said: “It looks like, all these people are from this village.”

“This means that, it might not only be us, who were drawn in this strange place, but all the villagers as well…… Perhaps this entire place will change at certain periods of time.” Qi Yunxiu muttered.

“Do you know what they’re doing?” Gu Wuji instantly turned to the ghost at the side.

“I-, I’ve always…… been in this room since before, holding onto the rope……” This ghost uncertainly answered.

“It looks like you’re still thinking about this all this time. Then, I really shouldn’t let you go even more.” Gu Wuji concluded.

Ghost: “……”

After Gu Wuji tried to summon a ghost living in this area, only then did he discover that it couldn’t be done at all. This situation reminded him of the few instances before. It appears like the ghosts in this enclosed village doesn’t have any freedom at all, and unless they send themselves to the door, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to rely on his summoning ability.

As for his ability to summon a malicious spirit from the other instances, this would be like injuring the enemy by one thousand but hurting oneself by eight hundred…… and this move might even directly lead to his death. So, Gu Wuji would never use this in ordinary times.

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