Ch 66: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 66: 6th instance: Committed in making this poor backward village lead a better life…… (part 4 of 4)

Several decades ago, this village could still be said to be in a good state at that time. Although some supernatural things would happen, they can still rely on some means to communicate with the supernatural existence and such, but everything could still be regarded to be very normal, with contacts with the villages outside from time to time.

But at that time, the village chief’s son seemed to want to go outside for work, but had encountered an accident along the way, and was finally sent back as a disfigured corpse.

But after having finally accepted this reality, the village chief chose a dead girl from the neighboring village in order to carry out a ghost marriage with his son. This matter could be considered as a very normal domestic matter, and could be understood by everyone.

But the problem was that the site, the village chief chose to conduct the ghost marriage, was the cave that had been regarded as a sacred place by the villagers. Everyone felt that this was very inauspicious, but the village chief wasn’t willing to change his mind, and the other people also didn’t have any way to stop him.

Then something even stranger appeared following that matter. During the ghost marriage, the dead son of the village chief suddenly opened his eyes, immediately making the others flee in fright.

After a night, two dead bodies went missing even more mysteriously. After that incident, they also heard that the girl from the neighboring village was originally a living person. In order to earn that sum of money, a family member killed their own daughter, and sent her for a ghost marriage.

From that time on, strange things repeatedly took place in this village, that even they, the people in the village had become unable to step foot outside. Every time they tried to go out, they would unwittingly return to this village just like hitting a ghost wall.

If people from outside were to come in, they must also leave within 7 days. Otherwise, they would also be trapped here forever just like the people in this village.

Apart from this, the people in the village would also experience various kinds of strange deaths.

Everyone thought that this was the anger of the mountain god because of the ghost marriage held in his domain. Finally, in order to appease this anger, someone suggested to offer a sacrificial bride to the mountain god. They did this after deciding to try on doing anything in this desperate time. After that, the village was unexpectedly able to temporarily regain it’s calmness.

It’s just that this kind of ceremony need to be done every 10 years, which had already become the most terrible nightmare for the people in their village.

The auntie said that she hadn’t seen it personally at that time because of her lack of courage, so all of this was heard from the mouth of the other villagers.

“So that’s why the village chief made us stay for 7 days.” Gu Wuji thought. After seven days has passed, regardless of whether they live or die, they would presumably be unable to leave this strange village.

Moreover, Gu Wuji had also noticed previously, that so long as they appeared to move a bit farther from the village, there would immediately be young adult villagers keeping watch in the vicinity, who were obviously there to keep them from leaving.

Of course, it was also impossible for the players to leave if they want to complete their task.

“You are a good boy, you shouldn’t be staying here, but……it’s a shame, ah. The village chief will certainly prevent you for leaving.” The auntie sighed, “I know a hidden escape route. By the time when the ceremony is about to be held, the villagers will not have that much time to follow you, you can run away at that time……”

“Thank you so much auntie.” Gu Wuji expressed, then spoke again: “Then do you know, which families those girls being sent as brides these years belong to?”

“This.” The auntie said: “So long as you see that there are no red silk or lanterns hanging on the wall, then they are the bride’s family. They are all pitiful people too, ah…… Just like third sister-in-law. Her husband had originally died, and only left her with a precious daughter. But she was seized by those people to be a bride, and now, third sister-in-law has become a bit crazy.”

“Ok.” Gu Wuji nodded.

He increasingly felt that those lanterns hanging outside every house wasn’t that simple.

By the time the two had left after saying goodbye to the auntie, Gu Wuji also held a lot of food packages on his hand, which caused the passer-bys to raise brows.

Qi Yunxiu started to ask: “Did you know of it beforehand?”

Gu Wuji: “Know what?”

Qi Yunxiu: “Know that in helping these npcs, they will tell you some things.”

Gu Wuji: “Of course not.”

“Then why did you still-……” Qi Yunxiu only spoke halfway before feeling that he was simply talking nonsense. For things to be able to reach this point was all a plain coincidence!

“But, do you think that what the auntie had said is the complete backstory of this instance?” Gu Wuji said, “Could that mountain god be the boss in this instance?”

Qi Yunxiu: “This is at least true in her point of view. It’s also very normal for us to come to this conclusion. But this might not be certain for this instance. After all, we know too little information about this village, and it’s very easy to be misled because of some wrong information.”

“That’s also true. That girl, who had been killed for the ghost marriage, must certainly have a very strong resentment, right?” Gu Wuji seriously said, “It looks like we’ll have to go and ask the person concerned.”

Qi Yunxiu: “……” Why does this understatement have such a terrible feeling?

“Come to speak of it, why did you say not to touch the lantern before?” Gu Wuji looked over curiously.

“There really isn’t a particular reason.” If an ordinary person had asked this, Qi Yunxiu wouldn’t have bothered to answer. But since it was Gu Wuji, he actually felt a bit in the mood to answer, “Did you realize that there were no candles in these lanterns? Besides, it also exudes an extremely strong negative energy. Although I can’t see it very clearly…… but taking this lantern will surely attract malicious spirits.”

“So that’s it.” Gu Wuji nodded.

The sky had already darkened at this time. But just as the two of them were heading back, they suddenly realized that the surrounding area looked a bit off.

All the structures obviously looks the same as before, but why do they somehow feel strange? A mist had even spread out unknowingly, which made people unable to see anything for even half a meter.

A woman’s cry suddenly sounded from out of nowhere. The people, who heard this, couldn’t help but feel a chill run down their spine.

“This is bad.” Qi Yunxiu frowned, “The negative energy in this place is very strong. My ‘eyes’ can sense that there is something very terrifying here.”

“What a coincidence, I feel this way too.” Gu Wuji pressed his forehead. Alarm bells were constantly ringing in his mind, telling him that an irresistible danger was coming.

At this moment, the sounds of festive music nevertheless sounded from behind them…… as if, there was a big celebration today.

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