Ch 66: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 66: 6th instance: Committed in making this poor backward village lead a better life…… (part 3 of 4)

“Are you, okay?…… Ah, never mind.” Seemingly realizing something, Gu Wuji quickly said: “I won’t ask such private issues like why you like hiding in the soil. I believe it’s normal for everyone to have their own unique hobbies, and I respect your choice.”

The eyes of the female ghost grew cold, and the blood stains on her body grew more intense. She had obviously been irritated by Gu Wuji’s words.

Qi Yunxiu: “……”

However, after saying that, Gu Wuji still went on to ask as if nothing had happened: “That’s right, since your so enthusiastic, is there anything you want me to help you with?”

Qi Yunxiu had no idea how Gu Wuji could see the enthusiasm from this female ghost.

Besides, this moment should have originally been a very serious situation. So why isn’t he being serious at all!?

The female ghost was momentarily bereft of speech. But taking another look at Gu Wuji’s eyes that were brimming with sincerity, moved her.

The main reason wasn’t just due to Gu Wuji’s sincere expression, but the added bonus point from his appearance as well, which would subconsciously make people form a good impression towards him. Even the female ghost would also look on appearances.

The female ghost slowly said at long last: “……I only want to go home.”

“Where do you live?” Gu Wuji asked.

But the female ghost only shook her head. Her body, soon after became completely transparent, and merged in the pool of blood. The blood also faded away, as if nothing had happened here, even the red stain on the leaves below the vegetables disappeared.

[Active side task: Help the female ghost get back home.]

At this moment, Qi Yunxiu’s impression towards Gu Wuji had already undergone a complete change. What Gu Wuji said before was true. He really was a person who will help ghosts!

Gu Wuji said: “Let’s go.”

“Go where?” Qi Yunxiu couldn’t help but ask. Then couldn’t help from thinking, could it be that from just a few exchanges of words a while ago, Gu Wuji had already been able to surmise which family that female ghost belongs to?

“I promised to help an auntie clean up yesterday.” Gu Wuji asked in astonishment: “Have you already forgotten?”

Qi Yunxiu: “No one will remember such a thing.” Furthermore, what does this have to do with him!?



The two went back in the village, helping each household with their work.

The promise to help yesterday was no big deal, Gu Wuji, who still saw the villagers having a hard time today, also continued to help.

He really didn’t look like someone who came in to investigate the truth about the mainline of this instance, but was more like a public welfare enthusiast, who came to help the poor, and was committed in making this poor backward village lead a better life……

Wrong, even the people in the public welfare institute, who help the poor, wouldn’t go this far like him, ok!?

Even Qi Yunxiu had no idea what was going on, as he was dragged in by Gu Wuji to his private affairs. The things he was doing there, like feeding the chickens, were completely inconsistent with the image he had.

“I-, what the hell am I also doing, ah!?” Qi Yunxiu couldn’t help but secretly grit his teeth as he fed the chickens, “Why on earth am I listening to him?”

Gu Wuji, on the other side, was working in the kitchen while having a chat with the auntie.

It’s been such a long time since Gu Wuji had displayed his cooking skills, so he was itching to give it a try……

The villagers had completely set aside their previous attitude of resistance, and their attitude towards Gu Wuji had also become much better. Communicating with him became a very normal thing, and a few people had even started to appreciate him.

Of course, those appreciative gazes still carried a hint of unspeakable and unclear feelings of regret.

Qi Yunxiu couldn’t help but think, could this have been Gu Wuji’s real goal? Relying on doing good deeds to garner the favorable impression of the npcs, to make it more convenient to pry for information. But this method was really very complicated, ah!

“Auntie, what’s going on with the ceremony in this village, ah?” Gu Wuji said: “It always feels so strange.”

Qi Yunxiu: “?” Why are you straightforwardly speaking of such things that will immediately raise the blackening bar of the npc!?

The auntie’s expression changed as expected. But she simply looked to confirm that there were no other people around, before saying in a low voice: “This kid, you mustn’t speak of such things in other places. It wouldn’t be good if you were caught by the village chief.”

“Oh.” Gu Wuji obediently nodded at once, the auntie’s expression turned more complicated after seeing this.

“The things in this village wasn’t like this before. This sort of ceremony, is simply harmful!” The auntie sighed, “It all started with that thing which had happened several decades ago……”

The auntie then spilled out all the things that had happened in the past.

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