Ch 65: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 65: 6th instance: His simply scarier than a ghost (part 1 of 4)

The instant Gu Wuji picked up the hoe, a weight that could almost crush an ordinary person could be felt, it was simply as if the weight of several invisible individuals were pressing down this hoe.

However, for Gu Wuji, this bit of weight was nothing at all, therefore he simply picked up the hoe with ease.

Old man: “……”

As the same time as this, Gu Wuji turned to look at the old man, with a resentful filled meaning in his gaze, making the latter’s body stiffen, and actually take slight step back out of fear.

“How could such an old man still do this kind of hard work? Where did those young people go off to?” Gu Wuji patted the old man’s shoulder, “Truly so unfilial.”

The old man couldn’t help fall into a momentary silence. A somewhat painful feeling appeared on his gaze, as he sighed, “They‘re all gone.”

Gu Wuji, who suddenly realized that he might have touched upon the other’s sore spot, consoled the old man promptly, as he continued to till the ground without interruption at the same time. In accordance with this speed, the surrounding open land was estimated to be completely tilled soon.

The rest of the people: “……” What kind of turn in events is this? Why do they feel like passing through some program that talks of the feelings of elderly people being left behind?

A young man’s expression among the players darkened. Apart from Qi Yunxiu and Gu Wuji, this young man known as Xiao Cheng can be regarded as the person with the best leadership as well as the most charismatic among the other players, which automatically made the other players gather around him.

At this moment, Xiao Cheng coldly looked at Gu Wuji with a bit of astonishment in his gaze.

Before entering this instance, he happened to have made a connection with an organization of a high level instance by chance, and obtained an even more detailed information about this instance from the other side……

In the information provided by the other party, this old man was precisely the first turning point in this instance, and will definitely let the passing players help him.

But this is an impasse. After all, there’s no way that helping a ghost will be so easy. Unless that player was fortunate enough to still have enough stamina even after such a fast paced long journey, only then can the other successfully  escape after completely working on the land…… If not, if the land could not be dealt with completely before dark, death will be the only end.

But this person actually rushed forward himself! But not only did he rush forward, he still had this much astonishing strength?? That he even had some breathing space to still talk with this old man?

This person doesn’t seem to be the rash type, and on the contrary, he may be someone with very deep thoughts.

Xiao Cheng had already decided that he should be careful when dealing with this person called Sun Shi later, so as not to be pitted unwittingly, as for the other ordinary players, they can still be of some use.

Speaking of which, it’s also fortunate that Qi Yunxiu, this notorious person, actually appeared in this instance, otherwise, he wouldn’t have easily won over the other players like this.

After Gu Wuji had quickly finished working on the land, the old man looked at him with a bit of appreciation, and even said some words of praise, which was generally about not expecting that the physical strength of the young people in the city was this good, to be able to do work so quickly and so on.

“If my daughter……” When the man said this, he seemed to have thought of something sad, so, he didn’t continue to say it anymore. He then look at the group and said: “What are you doing in this village? Outsiders cannot enter so casually…… More importantly, there’s also a special period of ceremony at this time, so, it’s more improbable for the villagers to let you in. It’s best if you quickly leave.”

Gu Wuji keenly noticed that when the old man mentioned the ceremony, his expression became a bit mixed. Although there was the feeling of loathing, but there was also some feelings of guilt.

The others felt their heart tighten after hearing this. They know of something more or less. This period was apparently the time when this village would hold a ceremony.

Had this been in reality, these people would never enter such a strange village like this even if they to spend the night out in the open in the mountain forest. But this was a requirement in the mainline task, so they had to do it even if they didn’t want to court death.

“Grandpa, we don’t have any other place we could possibly go to now.” Xiao Cheng immediately took a step forward, and spoke in a very friendly manner, “If it’s possible, can you please take us to the village? We will leave right away after staying for just a few days.”

The old man insipidly swept his gaze over him, without any intention to answer him at all, and looked towards Gu Wuji instead, as if he would only listen to what Gu Wuji would say.

Xiao Cheng dejectedly touched his nose, and only shook his head. The other players, who followed him, immediately stepped forward to comfort him, expressing that this was certainly an instance setting problem, and had nothing to do with Xiao Cheng himself. As for the favorability Sun Shi garnered with this npc, it was simply a blind cat finding a dead mouse. Who would have known that tilling the land would have such a return, okay! Had they known of this earlier, they would have also gone forward to till the land.

“We really have no other places to go to.” Gu Wuji looked at the old man, then sincerely said: “So, I can only trouble you……”

Seeing this, the old man only shook his head, then sighed once more and said: “Since you insist, then follow me.”

Everyone then followed, but Qi Yunxiu touched the hoe on the ground behind everyone, and revealed a slightly surprise gaze.


It wasn’t a very long walk, before everyone finally entered the vicinity of the village. This place was brimming with an extremely run down feeling, and looks very desolated. Which even made people wonder if there were really people living in it.

All the structures they could lay their eyes on, had tightly shut doors and windows, and lacked even a bit of sound. The sky at this time had just started to darken as well, so they normally shouldn’t be resting this early.

With regards to the red lights they saw before, it was emitted from the red lanterns hanging outside these structures. It was also because of these, that they were barely able to see their route in the village clearly.

“You’d best not make any noise.” The old man so warned. Everyone was still wary of him, so, they immediately nodded.

Moving farther down the road once more, that strange feeling grew even stronger. In this seemingly abandoned looking village, there were red silk together with red lanterns hung all over the place. But what should have been a festive atmosphere made this place feel eerie instead.

Seeing this, had already made it almost very clear to Gu Wuji, that this was presumably the preparation made in order to conduct the ghost marriage hint provided by the system.

“Grandpa, are you guys holding some kind of merry occasion here?” Gu Wuji asked.

The old man’s expression suddenly became somewhat unsightly. His expression was quite complex. There was a bit of trepidation, as well as a mix of a bit of unbearable feeling. Then finally replied with evasiveness: “This matter isn’t something outsiders like you should mix in! Rest here for the night, then hurry and leave tomorrow.”

Since even Gu Wuji wasn’t able to ask, so the rest of them, naturally didn’t dare to ask as well after witnessing the hitting the wall scene of Xiao Cheng beforehand. So, they kept mum.

Only Qi Yunxiu, who was following at the very back, observed the surroundings along the way, with a somewhat solemn expression, then eventually said in a cold tone: “It would be best to avoid touching these lanterns.”

“Why?” A man, who looks like a student, immediately asked in a hushed tone, then took a step back in fright after being glanced by Qi Yunxiu. But he immediately put on a brave front after Xiao Cheng gave him an encouraging look, “Who knows whether you just said this because you want to kill us!”

“Heh.” Qi Yunxiu looked over with a scornful gaze, “I won’t stop you guys if you want to touch.”

The others no longer dared to say anything at once. How could they possibly dare to rashly touch those strange things before having a clear understanding?

As Gu Wuji was looking at the surroundings, he suddenly felt a strong feeling of being watched by something, so he immediately turned around. He then saw that a part of a house’s window from these surrounding structures had already been lightly pushed open by a bit at some unknown time, and a pair of eyes was directly sizing him up from inside this tiny gap, giving off a creepy feeling. Everyone behind him, who had also noticed this scene, took a deep breath.

But when he wanted to take another closer inspection, this window was directly shut close, as if the things that he had just seen was just his illusion.

“Grandpa, who’s family household is this?” Gu Wuji upheld the fine tradition of speaking up if he had questions.

The old man shook his head, and only said with a low voice: “Don’t look, this isn’t something you guys should be involved in.”

Gu Wuji contrarily turned around and took another quick look, only then did he turn to look away. Although those pair of eyes gave a feeling of trepidation. But deep down, he had a nagging feeling that…… that look was meant to be a cry of help.


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