Ch 64: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 64: 6th instance: Ghost marriage (part 3 of 3)

As Gu Wuji was looking around, he quickly caught sight of his target, whom he needed to pay close attention to.

That person was a young man who seemed to be very uncomfortable with associating with others. The most conspicuous thing about the other person was that one of his eyes was wrapped with a gauze. Although he had an indifferent expression when looking at the others, but his gaze could strike fear in others.

Even the people who weren’t familiar with him, didn’t dare to hastily get close to him. Not to mention those who recognized his identity, who had already taken several steps back.

“This should be that person, Qi Yunxiu, right? It’s said that he had caused a lot of teams to be wiped out……”

“After all, from the standpoint of this kind of lunatic, that should be the only method to get the maximum benefit.”

“I heard that, that gauze-covered eye of his was obtained from a certain instance, and grows by absorbing grievances……that’s no longer a human anymore!”

In the middle of everyone’s whispered discussion, Gu Wuji had nonetheless, gone over straightforwardly, “Hello, I am Sun Shi. It’s truly a fortune to have met you here. Can we move together later?”

The others were completely dumbfounded, what’s wrong with this person named Sun Shi? Even if Qi Yunxiu was powerful, but holding onto such a person’s big thigh was simply fatal, okay! Could he possibly have a problem in his brain? Or is this a requirement in his setting?

But looking at such a magnanimous look on Gu Wuji’s face, he doesn’t look like he’s being forced at all. But even if he was merely looking for a teammate, that line he used was really like some corny pick-up line used on the streets, okay!

Everyone couldn’t help but shake their heads. This Sun Shi was obviously someone with a very good-looking face, but was going to die the moment he came up, and no one could really do anything for him.

Gu Wuji had actually overheard the other people’s discussion. But, what was so controversial about this matter? He conversely felt that this was very normal, and shouldn’t be an issue at all. Isn’t it just one eye that may be a ghost eye? Everyone was coming in contact with real ghosts in a regular basis anyway, so, what’s so strange about this eye?

As for the problem in character, Gu Wuji didn’t feel anything bad intuitively, so, he naturally concluded that the other was definitely a good person.

Qi Yunxiu also looked at Gu Wuji with a somewhat flabbergasted expression, then indifferently said soon after, “If you want to follow then follow along, but if something happens, it’s all your responsibility.”

He had also seen a lot of people like this, who only wanted to survive by just relying on his strength, and would brazenly follow him…… But truth be told, they really don’t understand anything at all, and if they really encounter a dangerous situation, they would certainly be the quickest to run away.

There would occasionally be a few lucky survivors, who would spread out rumors about him once they were able to get out. But this was also nothing to Qi Yunxiu at all, he was a lone wolf after all.

The other people still didn’t dare to get close upon seeing this. They formed teams in twos and threes as well, then forged ahead this challenging mountain forest. The terrain in this place was really difficult to travel on.

At this stretch of time, the players had basically gone through various experiences, and all their qualities would have improved by a lot, so, it would be implausible for them to experience physical exhaustion.

Finally, just before the sun was about to set, everyone hurried to the village of their destination.

A wide expanse of farmland and sparse dilapidated thatch houses appeared before their eyes, and even further away was the village with brightly lit lights. However, this inhabited place didn’t provide the slightest bit of peace of mind, but a somewhat strange feeling instead…… Because the lights on this village were actually red.

It was already late at this time. Under the dim light, the players became even more scared and on edge, and constantly felt that something was off on whatever they could lay their eyes on. Even the scarecrow set up on the paddy field could fill them with fear. Had it not been for their better psychological quality, someone might have already cried out in fright.

The terrible part was, along with the gradual darkening of the sky, the mist behind them began to slowly spread over as well. In all likelihood, this mist will spread to the village, once the sky completely darkens.

Every one of them quickened their pace, and regardless whether it was due to their previous experiences or the system’s prompt, it was already made very clear to them, that something extremely terrible would be encountered if they stay amid the mist. So, they need to find a house to stay for the night before the sky completely darkens.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared before them, which made everyone tremble deep inside.

That figure looks to be of a stooping old man. He seemed to be holding a hoe on his hands, and was still working even at this time.

In normal times, they simply wouldn’t feel anything strange about this at all. But in such a remote village located in the wilderness, and in this kind of supernatural instance setting…… This old man may be a ghost!

That old man even seemed to be unable to hold up the hoe at all, as the hoe kept slipping off from his grasp, and fall down. But he would strenuously pick it up again soon after.

This scene made the players hold their breath, even though they knew that they should step forward and inquire the other party, but no one dared to speak up first.

After all, they were afraid that taking action without careful consideration would directly make them become the first person to be sacrificed in this instance.

But at this moment, a figure suddenly rushed over.

Under everyone’s stunned gazes, Gu Wuji picked up the hoe on the ground and asked: “Grandpa, why are you still working this hard here at this very late night? Is there no one else around to help you?”

The figure of that old man stiffened for a moment, before raising his head to look at him with great difficulty, with sounds that seems to be the rattling of bones. His pair of eyes practically lacked the white of the eye. He didn’t look like a living person at all.

After being stared at by such eyes, Gu Wuji not only remained nonchalant, but was even looking at the other with a gaze brimming with enthusiasm. He also spoke with an extremely affable tone of voice, “You should take a rest first, okay? Let me take care of this place.”

Saying so, Gu Wuji picked up the hoe and started to diligently plow the land.

“???” The other players behind him were completely stumped for words. What sort of strategy is this?!

Even Qi Yunxiu, who had been unreasonably pulled in as a teammate by Gu Wuji, couldn’t help but fall into silence.

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