Ch 64: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 64: 6th instance: Ghost marriage (part 2 of 3)

Going out to the garden, Gu Wuji sat down with a frown. In the usual flow of events, since grandmaster Ning had already been dealt with, then these matters should have also come to an end, but he still felt a sense of unease.

After all, there was so much information revealed in grandmaster Ning’s words. More importantly, those incidents before wasn’t done by grandmaster Ning alone as well…… This entire Ning family behind him was also very problematic.

It’s just that the shadow ghost had fallen into a deep sleep since returning, which might have been due to too much stimulation from before.

The system’s notification suddenly arrived.

[Now is the time for the player to enter the instance. Notifying you to make preparations as soon as possible.]

Compared to the frequency of entering every several days before, Gu Wuji, during this recent period of time, had been constantly staying in the Cheng’s home and never went in an instance because of the matter of the movie’s release.

……had the end of the time limit finally been accidentally reached after such a long time?

Gu Wuji didn’t even hesitate at all, and immediately made a decision.

“I choose to enter the instance in advance. But, I want to buy a hint before that.”

[This time’s hint is: Ghost marriage.]


By the time he opened his eyes again, Gu Wuji found himself to be in a mountain forest filled with mist, wearing clothes that were suitable to move in the mountain forest, and carrying a slightly weighty bag on his back, which presumably contains a few survival items in the wild…… It goes without saying, that this bit of weight was nothing to Gu Wuji.

There were seven to eight individuals in the vicinity. The number of players this time around was obviously not few.

[You are travelers lost in the mountain forest. You notice that the sky was about to darken, but if you stay to rest in the mountain forest, you might encounter something dangerous.]

This was explicitly stating that staying outside will lead to certain death straightforwardly.

[You had heard that there was a backward village in this mountain. The people inside were very resistant in interacting with the outside world, and would never leave aside from purchasing essential food products. Although this destination hadn’t been in your original plans, but now, your only choice was this village.]

[Active mainline task: Find the village’s location as soon as possible, and survive in it for 7 days.]

After the end of the system’s notification, another sound echoed solely in Gu Wuji’s mind.

[This time, all the players has an identity and task that only they are aware about, and all of you must act in accordance with this identity. But you can’t tell others of this matter. Of course, there’s no problem if the others could guess it.]

Gu Wuji didn’t expect that this time’s instance would actually have a kind of role-playing character setting. Which made the actor inside Gu Wuji stir for a moment.

[Player Gu Wuji, your identity: killer.]

Gu Wuji: “……” Huh? Doesn’t this setting, feel very incompatible with this haunted village’s ghost marriage?!

[As a killer, you have very astonishing strength, and can make a clean kill. Even in this time’s task, you also participated just for the purpose of killing your target, but had unexpectedly encountered such an inconvenience.]

[Task: Monitor your [target]. The player will be able to instantly recognize the other once the other person is spotted. There’s no need to kill the other person. But you must maintain the distance of no more than 50 meters with the other person, and must also pay close attention to the other side at all times.]

[But truth be told, you still possess a kind heart even as a killer. Respecting the old and cherishing the young, and can’t help but step forward to help once you see someone in trouble.]

[Therefore, the player must step forward to lend a helping hand whenever you come across someone in trouble.]

[If this task cannot be executed, once the player leaves the instance, a randomly summoned ghost from the previous instance will be in close contact with the player for one minute.]

The combination of this two task simply adds countless troubles to people. It is evident that the tasks arranged by the system was intended to restrain the players. If it was changed to another individual, they would have been estimated to have started to shout abuses in the street.

However, after listening to this, Gu Wuji was actually somewhat eager to give this a try, and felt very enthusiastic to try carry this out.

The other people’s expression were unexpectedly straight-up indifferent. Gu Wuji didn’t know what their identities were as well, and only thought that these people possess strong psychological qualities. He seemed to have encountered such reliable teammates this time. So, surviving 7 days in this instance shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

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