Ch 64: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 64: 6th instance: Ghost marriage (part 1 of 3)

“I confess…… I did those things before. That’s right, the Cheng family’s successor at that time was killed by the people I hired!”

“Even my nephew, Cheng Jia, I only wanted to exploit him too, and didn’t care if he’d die. I’m simply inhuman!”


Cheng Jia watched the legal news on TV with a dumbfounded expression, looking at that granduncle, who seemed to have aged a lot, with a deep sense of shock.

Several days had already gone by since that day. It had been very sensational at first, the Cheng patriarch suddenly surrendered himself to the authorities after all. This was really so shocking, that even those medias that publicized the news didn’t mind the possibility of offending the Cheng family.

The others didn’t dare to believe it at first, and had even wondered whether he had gone crazy. But the Cheng patriarch had actually presented all the evidences himself, which inevitably convinced them.

It wasn’t as if the rest of the company stakeholders in the Cheng family hadn’t tried to dissuade the Cheng patriarch in the process. But the other seemed to have been possessed by an evil spirit, and insisted on confessing his wrongdoings, causing the others, who witnessed this, fearful.

Furthermore, not long after this, the news of the death of Cheng Jia’s father was also revealed. When added on to the Cheng patriarch’s unexpected exposure of all those frenzied matters, everyone began to believe that he started to be unable to bear the crime so he turned himself in.

Cheng Jia and Gu Wuji, who were also on the scene, were able to safely leave after being questioned. Both of them were really innocent after all. Mosaics were also placed even when they were shown on TV, and even the names were aliased.

After the investigation of the police, they suspected that the patriarch of the Cheng family were colluding with members of an evil cult, to the point of thinking on killing his own nephew. Fortunately, they were able to put a stop to all of this with their their timely arrival. Moreover, they also found a part of a woman’s remains, who had tragically died before, inside the villa, and suddenly presumed that the previous murder cases were also the doings of these evil cultists.

Unfortunately, they only caught some of the ordinary low-ranked people. But that person, who may have fully controlled this, was actually silent, and without a clue as to where he could have escaped to.

This news simply shocked the whole country. The Cheng family’s stocks naturally plummeted as well, nearly causing the whole family to lose large amounts of money. But in this crucial time, Cheng Jia’s cousin, Cheng Qing, who wielded the actual power of the Cheng family, came out to stabilize the situation, and apologized for all the things his father had done instead.

Cheng Qing was truly a very remarkable person. Not only was he good in the field of management, he also possessed a strong charisma, which can subconsciously make others trust in him.

In addition to the fact that the Cheng patriarch no longer managed too much of the company’s affairs, so, this incident had been barely stabilized in the end.

But the distressing thing was that Cheng Jia didn’t have any friends while he was still alive. So, even if this incident had been revealed as murder, it just caused a lot of people to discuss the personal problems of the extreme competitions in the rich and powerful families.

So in the end, Gu Wuji went to visit his grave and sent a bunch of flowers.


“I really didn’t expect this.” Cheng Jia couldn’t refrain from wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, and only felt that the things that had occurred in the past few days was just like a dream. He then looked back at Gu Wuji, who was sitting on the sofa while seriously playing a game.

But the most unbelievable part for him on that day was still truly that shura field between the two malicious spirits over grandmaster Gu, which really made Cheng Jia gasp in amazement.

But after that day, Cheng Jia and grandmaster Ning could no longer be reached after they went in the mirror realm. They were initially not very familiar with each other, nor did they have any idea what the other party wants to do……

“Come and eat some fruit.” Mrs. Tang had unexpectedly walked over and had personally brought fruits over in this rare occasion, then looked at Cheng Jia with a doting expression, “My dear son, you’ve suffered. It was all mom’s fault before. I actually believed that guy’s nonsense!”

Although Cheng Jia’s injury had basically recovered completely because of having been treated by Gu Wuji’s healing ability before, which simply made him seem like he hadn’t suffered from any abuse at all, but this still didn’t prevent Mrs. Tang from thinking about how her precious son had been harmed.

“There wasn’t any other way as well.” Cheng Jia hurriedly asserted, “If I didn’t go that day, who knows if granduncle would use force? Then wouldn’t that have been much worse?”

“That son of a b*tch deserves to die under a thousand knives! How could he harm his own son!” Mrs. Tang fumed with rage and said between gritted teeth, then gratefully turned to Gu Wuji, and said: “I’m very grateful for grandmaster Gu’s timely help, otherwise, who knows how the situation would have turned out to? I really don’t know how to repay you, I still have a some shares of the Cheng family’s subsidiaries here……”

Gu Wuji hurriedly declined, but still accepted this gift under the excessive enthusiasm of the other person in the end. After all, this gift was way insignificant when compared to Cheng Jia’s life.

“Speaking of father……” Thinking about how that scumbag father had actually died so silently like this, Cheng Jia still felt a bit complicated deep inside.

“What are you bringing up that guy for?” Mrs. Tang was obviously very miffed towards this husband of hers, “That person had already died, but the wake had yet to be prepared, isn’t this just causing us troubles again? ……who knows what that illegitimate child of his is going to do now. I don’t want to bring him in the family anyway, but that woman is too brazen faced……”

Gu Wuji immediately got up when he heard this, then left after using some pretext. The following things were clearly the matters of other people’s family, and even involves personal problems of illegitimate child and such in the rich and powerful families, which wasn’t really proper for him to listen in too much.

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