Ch 59: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 59: This man was serious!! (part 1 of 4)

In a twinkling of an eye, the day when that movie where Gu Wuji was cast as the second male lead was released.

After getting off work, Fang Yiyun went into the movie theater, and was only holding onto the idea of watching a movie in order to pass time, but abruptly stopped after catching sight of a movie’s poster.

Without a doubt, this title of 《Nightmare in the Abandoned House: A Night of Fear》 seems to be some rotten movie. To some extent, the repute she heard about this movie was certainly not much better as well……

But that good-looking and melancholic young man on the poster, really drew much of her attention.

In any case, the reason she was going to watch was just to pass time, so, Fang Yiyun followed her heart and bought a ticket. Only then did she discover that this movie was unexpectedly very popular, that she had almost missed out in buying the last ticket.

The seats in the auditorium were already filled with people. Most of them came in with the intention of wanting to personally see how rotten this movie could be. The smaller portion of them were either drawn in by the poster outside or were originally the fans of Gu Wuji.

At the start of the movie, there were still all kinds of chatter with a mix of disdain here and there, which inevitably made Fang Yiyun frown. Although she too, was actually starting to feel a faint sense of regret because of how this movie immediately began to reveal it’s shoddiness right at the opening.

The n cornered love in this movie was truly very unpleasant after all.

But the instant the second male lead acted by Gu Wuji appeared, several noises of surprise resounded from inside the movie theater. Even Fang Yiyun had been completely amazed. This was completely different from the poster she had mistakenly believed to be created through ps effect. The second male lead on the large screen was simply good-looking and melancholic, on top of a deeply enchanting temperament.

The female movie viewers suddenly felt that this was worth their money. This face value was simply worth licking countless of times, and when the time comes, they certainly have to buy the Blu-ray disc to enjoy it thoroughly!

But with the passage of time, the movie theater had unwittingly fallen into silence. They couldn’t help but be drawn in by the plot…… it was obviously so rotten, but the peculiar feelings revealed in the various details, couldn’t help but make people eventually want to know what the movie will lead to.

Even when there were several moments when they inwardly scoffed at that seemingly very silly hanged ghost in the movie, but in the next moment, the white-clothed female ghost that would suddenly appear would cause them to cry out in fright.

Making everyone wonder whether the special effect of this silly hanged ghost were deliberately done by the director to create a contrasting effect. Otherwise, why would such an actor still be hired, when those kind of excellent special effect can be created?

They faintly felt that this director might have been deliberate right from the start of the promotion, wanting to lower down everyone’s expectations. So, by the time they finished watching the movie, they would feel that this movie wasn’t bad at all…… More importantly, that segment featured in the preview was simply the worst place to cut the whole movie, wasn’t it!?

Fang Yiyun subconsciously felt the temperature drop, as if this was not the movie theater, but the abandoned house in the midst of the woods, that she couldn’t help pulling her coat tighter.

By the time the plot had reached the final scene, the thoughts of everyone for this movie have already undergone a complete change. With regards to that horrified look of that white-clothed female ghost in the finale, it even made many people have an urge to apprehensively look behind them, for fear that there would be something that shouldn’t have been there.

Without a doubt, in this movie, aside from the white-clothed female ghost, the one which left them with the deepest impression was Gu Wuji. His excellent acting skills were simply just like a movie emperor against the other cast. That originally vulgar and rotten plot had unexpectedly made a lot of people cry out sobbingly. Several people had even directly turned from black to a fan, feeling that Gu Wuji had already done enough.



After exiting from the movie theater, the sky had already darkened.

Fang Yiyun’s mind still lingered in the plot of the movie. There was obviously nothing especially worth mentioning about it, but it somehow gave a people a very realistic feeling…… Even that female ghost feels just like a real ghost.

“What am I thinking about? How could there be ghosts in the world?”

Fang Yiyun called a cab and headed to the other side of the movie theater, while browsing the micro-blog in her mobile phone.

The people who had finished watching the full movie successively expressed that this movie had surpassed their expectations, especially the special effects, which were really done very well.

“I really didn’t believe those people who had been praising Gu Wuji’s acting skills before. I thought that they were just shooting their mouth off, after all, how can an internet celebrity really have such good acting skills? But after watching it, I instantly feel ReallyFragrant.jpg*

*Meme which means ‘you’ll soon come to like it after knowing.’

“From now on, I will be a girlfriend fan of Gu Wuji!!”

“The special effects were also really terrifying, that I really thought that there was a ghost. F*ck! It made me, such a big man scream out loud in the movie theater!”

“Although this movie wasn’t that impressive, but you could at least feel some sincerity from the screenwriter. Did the director bury so much foreshadowing in order to make way for a second movie? It feels like this isn’t the end of the story.”

Those who hadn’t watched it were skeptical. How much better can this movie be from it’s preview? But seeing so much people come out to praise it, they can’t help but feel an itch, then eventually decided to go and see it the next day.

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