Ch 58: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 58: Premier (part 3 of 3)

After the premier, comments of some of the film critics on the movie were also posted online. There were surprisingly no derogatory remarks, but were instead of praises on the acting skills of the casts and the special effects of the ghost. At most, only the plot was probably criticized for being somewhat cumbersome.

As for Gu Wuji, the remarks were simply full of compliments. Everyone expressed that they never expected his acting skills to actually be so excellent.

Although this movie was publicly believed to be a rotten movie, but it still carried some heat*. Everyone was completely dumbfounded after those comments came out, .


This movie was clearly bursting with crappiness just by watching the movie’s trailer! Yet there were still people coming over to praise it. Quite a lot of money must have really been spent to back it up!

“What kind of acting skills can Gu Wuji, who had only acted in online dramas before have? To actually make people praise his acting skills, does this person not feel any shame?”

“I think that the investors had already gone crazy, to actually believe that such a hype can actually turn this rotten movie into a good one?”

“Look at several of these leading casts, they’re all internet celebrities. I’d like to see just how this movie will go!”

This, on the contrary, instigated a lot of people to immediately purchase tickets in advance, in order to go and see it for themselves, when that moment comes, they would also have the confidence to blast it*.

*insult, degrade

As for the fans of Gu Wuji, although they had confidence in Gu Wuji’s acting skills, but they didn’t hold too much expectation for this movie as well…… After all, even an inexperienced person could already determine that this was a rotten movie before. Won’t this type of current publicity really provoke others to blacken it?

Of course, they had also bought the movie’s ticket and were prepared to support it. After all, being able to see the beautiful face of their idol in the movie theater’s high definition will certainly be a very delightful experience.

Just like this, the heat in the early stages of the movie unexpectedly rose very high. So much money had already been spent on the publicity after all.

Of course, there were also quite a lot of people who were waiting to see them make a fool of themselves.



Although Cheng Jia already considers himself as an assistant of Gu Wuji, but there were actually a lot of people who were still unaware of this matter.

After all, saying it out loud will certainly lead to huge waves, who knows how much trouble it would cause?

During the period before this movie was released, Gu Wuji also took advantage of the popularity to pick up some advertisements and endorsements, in addition to having a discussion about a new movie. Resulting to his career to become more prosperous with each passing day.

Xia Yangshuo and the other people undoubtedly thought that grandmaster Gu must have come to play around…… but didn’t expect that he would also have such dedication even when playing casually. He really deserves to be grandmaster Gu.

Those advertisement and endorsement companies were only received after passing through Cheng Jia’s review, money wasn’t an issue after all. He mustn’t allow grandmaster Gu to receive some shoddy products which might pull down his reputation later, if that happens then he can just go and directly commit suicide!

Moreover, because of Gu Wuji’s excellent business skills, superb acting skills, in addition to having a very friendly attitude, along with being very responsible, and never behaves self-importantly. This resulted to a lot of companies, that were originally feeling somewhat subtle in cooperating, suddenly produce a favorable impression towards him.

At the end of the project, Gu Wuji also took the opportunity to go out and have a meal with the staff members who were shooting the commercials. Of course, the two, tall and strong bodyguards that Cheng Jia had arranged for him, had also been brought along.

Even though these two bodyguards were really of no match for Gu Wuji’s strength, but Cheng Jia always felt that such arrangements needs to be made, otherwise, what should be done if people look at grandmaster Gu’s easy to bully appearance and give rise to some thoughts that they shouldn’t have?

Of course, after thinking about it, you would know that such people would certainly have to be ready to suffer from consequences.

While the group was eating, the TV beside them broadcasted that another woman had been murdered at the outskirts. Dying with a very miserable death, that even the internal organs had been taken away. This was already the third similar case this month, which was suspected to have been done by a criminal organ-trafficking syndicate, while advising everyone to be careful when going out.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but look at the TV. In the photograph of the crime scene shown next to the TV anchor, he could vaguely sense a somewhat eerie feeling. The negative energy emanating from that photograph was really too strong. This case might have not been man-made, but of a crime involving a ghost instead.

The person next to him immediately frowned, “It’s really getting more and more unsafe recently. Could this be because the end of the year is coming? That such demented incidents are actually starting to appear? It’s truly worst than the beasts, ah……”

“We’d better not watch this while eating.” Another person wanted to quickly change the channel.

“Wait.” Gu Wuji spoke: “Let me watch a bit longer.”

Although the others were feeling a bit puzzled, but this was just because they never thought that Gu Wuji would still be concerned over such incidents, which was really completely different from the arrogant superstars they thought he was before.



On the other side, in a villa located in the outskirts.

The Cheng patriarch headed towards the large hall with fear and trepidation. Along with the passage of time, that malicious spirit seems to be appearing more and more frequently near him, that he completely didn’t dare to sleep at all.

What’s more, this grandmaster Ning wasn’t some good person as well. The recent outbreaks of murder cases seems to have a connection with him. Had it not been for the financial transaction between the two, coupled with the fact that his life was still being protected by the other party. The Cheng patriarch would never have the courage to stay in this place.

“Grandmaster Ning.” The Cheng patriarch cautiously spoke, “I assure you. I’ve never leaked even a bit of the recent happenings.”

Grandmaster Ning looked at him with a sneer. His gaze full of contempt, “I am naturally aware of your lack of courage. Had you let slip even a single word, then you would have already been dead by now. Even if I don’t do anything to you, that ghost of the Cheng family would have killed you much earlier.”

This room filled ghosts which was under his control, had long been monitoring each and every move of the Cheng patriarch at all times. Otherwise, grandmaster Ning would never be this at ease.

Speaking of those incidents that took place in the Cheng household, and brought about the ruin of his previous plan, which was why he was now forced to use ghosts with strong grievances to refine a malicious spirit. Otherwise, how could he go back to report the completion of his task? But things didn’t seem to be going too well up until now…… As expected, he still needs to think of a way in order to catch that malicious spirit.

Just the thought of what he would encounter if he fails to complete the task given to him by the family, had even made grandmaster Ning feel a chill in his heart.

“Then why did you call me over?” The Cheng patriarch wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead, and secretly sighed in relief.

Grandmaster Ning coldly ordered: “That person in your family who has a connection with the malicious spirit, is called Cheng Jia, right? Bring him over to me.”

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