Ch 58: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/3)

Chapter 58: Premier (part 2 of 3)

The plot had almost reached the end. Through the course of everyone’s exploration, they eventually learned that a woman had died in this abandoned house in the past. Because of the family’s opposition, she eloped with her lover and hid here. But her lover never came back after going out once. The woman had painstakingly waited for many years, then eventually died in despair, and had also turned into a malicious spirit.

The main leads and their group, who ran over to this place to engage in a 6 to 7 cornered love, had undoubtedly provoked the other party’s ire at long last, causing the malicious spirit to crazily put these people to death.

What’s more, the lover of that female ghost who had never returned and the second male lead actually had the same appearance. This was also the reason why the second male was able to save the female lead from disaster several times in the next few preceding parts of the plot, but could still be fine, –There were naturally no such scenes at the time of filming, but was just arranged by the screenwriter at the last moment.

At the end of the movie, the second male lead naturally sacrificed himself to be left behind to accompany the female ghost for the happiness of the female lead. This also allowed the male and female lead to successfully escape from this abandoned house .

This was obviously such a vulgar plot, but it had unexpectedly brought about a somewhat tear-jerking feeling because of Gu Wuji’s acting skills. Which resulted in a lot of sobbing sounds to be heard from the movie viewers.

The loudest cry inside might have come from Cheng Jia. He had been completely immersed in the movie’s plot, and was crazily raining curses to this undiscriminating male and female lead in his heart. The second male lead was so kindhearted, so how could the two of you abandon him like this?

After the male and female lead had left, the viewers startlingly realized that when the second male lead turned around, that white clothed female ghost had appeared before him. But she was unexpectedly looking at the male lead with a bit of fear in her eyes…… No, that gaze wasn’t directed to the second male lead at all, but seemed to be directed at the back of the male lead, to a certain area that wasn’t filmed by the camera at all.

This could simply be regarded as the most frightening scene shown in this movie, but the screen had completely darkened in the next instant. The movie had ended.

The viewers instantly fell into a deep silence. Damn, what was the real story behind this?! Could there actually be a deep meaning hidden underneath this rotten and vulgar plot?

This was originally just some average rotten movie, but due to the truly very realistic acting skills of the white clothed girl and Gu Wuji, it was almost as if they had gone into a real world of horror, forming a sharp contrast to the whole plot. On top of that very terrifying connotation at the ending……

For a moment, a lot of people started to think, did this director possibly arranged a hidden plot? The more they thought about this, the more they felt that this was definitely not some common rotten movie…… But they really couldn’t find anything with just a single look. But in any case, at least there were still some things they could commend about!

In fact, aside from the viewers. Even Gu Wuji himself fell into a bit of daze.

Although he had really came across that female ghost in white during the course of filming in that abandoned house, and also attempted to resolve the knot in the other party’s heart. But without knowing what was going on, that female ghost had actually been scared away in the end…… Could there possibly be an even more terrifying ghost in the area at that time? But how could he have possibly failed to notice this?

Or…… was the female ghost scared of him?

But how could this be? No matter how Gu Wuji thought about it, he feels that he’s a friendly and good person, ah. So, how could that ghost even be scared off by him?

As the indoor lights were turned on, the sounds of applause immediately resounded. The crowd looked at Huang Dao with admiring gazes, feeling that he was still a person full of ingenuity.

Huang Dao faced the crowd with a courteous smile on his face, but his heart had in fact, already fallen in turmoil. He felt that he was in need of a vacation in order to calm down, since this was truly a very terrifying experience.

Gu Wuji, on the other hand, had naturally received the gazes of approval from even more people. No one had expected his acting skills to actually be this excellent. On top of having the support of Cheng Jia, to one day achieve a meteoric success in his career in the future will definitely not just be a dream.

Quite a lot of people immediately had the idea of currying favor, and came forward one after another to praise Gu Wuji’s acting skills, while simultaneously hoping to exchange contact details.

As to that female ghost, Huang Dao could only shrink this by saying that the other was an outsider of the entertainment circle who just made a guest appearance, and really held no interest in joining the entertainment circle. Only then did this make everyone put a stop to their ideas.

Cheng Jia felt so moved after seeing it. Truth be told, he was already holding onto the idea of spending money to keep it playing right from the start, but had never expected that the effect would surprisingly be this great. He even pulled Gu Wuji to ask: “Grandmaster Gu, who was the actress who took the role of female ghost in white really be? Those acting skills were really marvelous.”

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but directly look at him with a slightly subtle expression: “Can’t you really tell?”

Cheng Jia: “……”

Cheng Jia: “!!!”



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