Ch 58: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 58: Premier (part 1 of 3)

Unwittingly, the plot of the movie had already reached one third.

The protagonist and the others had also come to realize the slight strangeness in this abandoned house, but since they had the ability to come here and court death, they would naturally be very daring, that they actually didn’t feel the need to raise a bit of their vigilance at all.

That confusing dog blooded N-corner love line inside really made everyone feel exhausted. Only the role of the second male lead acted by Gu Wuji was the clear stream in it…… The design of the role he played was the type with a love that could never be fulfilled. Having liked the female lead since the beginning, but the female lead only had an interest in the male lead alone.

No one had any interest towards this kind of vulgar plot at the beginning, but Gu Wuji’s acting skills…… had truly exceeded their expectations. The very deep hidden feelings of love whenever he looks as the female lead in the movie, as well as that dejected expression whenever he sees the male and female lead show of love, were really very realistic! It’s almost as if there was really such a person.

Cheng Jia had originally intended to let these people see Gu Wuji’s strength for themselves, but through the course of watching, he had subconsciously been engrossed in the plot of the movie. That he couldn’t help but want to grab and shake the second male lead in the movie, and ask him how on earth did he fall for this kind of female lead in the end! This sort of person was simply unworthy of your love at all!

Especially that male lead the female lead likes so much, whose face that had undergone too much plastic surgery, which when compared to the second male lead was simply inferior by who knows how much?

Everyone was well-aware that this was just a movie, but they still couldn’t help but think that the female lead was simply blind.

As for those professionals, they were beginning to doubt their previous judgement. Why were the acting skills of these group of people so superb at the beginning, but became so terrible at this moment? Had it not been for Gu Wuji’s presence, this would have undoubtedly been a super rotten movie.

In the following the progress of the plot, the female lead had a row with the male lead and rushed up to the attic by herself in a fit, but screamed in fright when she suddenly saw a hanged corpse in the attic.

The viewers took a look at that incomparably phoney dummy corpse of this scene, and couldn’t help but fall in silence.

The male lead and the others immediately rushed upstairs upon hearing this. Gu Wuji had abruptly rushed to the foremost, and the female lead immediately rushed into his arms in panic.

For a while, a lot of the viewers felt that this was simply like a flower stuck in the dung. Gu Wuji was naturally that fresh flower. So much so, that even Gu Wuji’s love-struck appearance of being pleasantly surprised but also at a loss, and dare not reach out, made people feel even more bitter.

Just when they could no longer bear to look straight, a ghost had unexpectedly emerged in the air at the background without warning, which was shockingly of that girl, who had been sitting in the car before. But tears of blood were flowing down from her face at this moment, and her eyes were startlingly directly gazing into the camera, as if looking at the viewers.

That terrible gaze, had inevitably made everyone in their seat feel their hair stand on the end, with a feeling of fear originating from deep within them.

“Who the hell is this actress? Her acting skills are really so good!”

“How could such a talent not be present in the promotional poster? This ghost role was performed with extreme perfection!”

The main leads and the other characters in the movie seemed to be unaware, only the second male lead acted by Gu Wuji pensively glanced over.

The casts themselves were stunned by this visual effect. This performance added in the later period was really very astounding, to the extent that even they had goosebumps from head to toe, as if they really brushed past with this female ghost during their filming.

Huang Dao was really very impressive!

Huang Dao, who was being viewed by everyone with such admiring expressions, still looked very calm in the surface, but had in fact, been nearly frightened to incontinence…… This wasn’t some special effects added in the movie, okay? That female ghost was really there!!

Xia Yangshuo, who could see that this female ghost was truly a real ghost with just a single glance, felt cold sweat all over his face. This fearful feeling was as if he had gone back to that basement parking area…… The people in this cast and crew were really very lucky, had they not happened to have signed up grandmaster Gu, perhaps their team would have already gone cold now, and would never have the opportunity to actually let this movie be shown!

With the development of the plot, the main lead and the others realized that there was really a ghost in this place. But because this script was really mentally retarded, an unexpected dispute still broke out at this time because of the N cornered love line. Under the moment of emotional intensity, the heads of several individuals were sent to the ghost. Soon, only the male and female lead, as well as Gu Wuji were still left alive.

Truth be told, in the original plot, the second male lead should have already died at a much earlier time. But because of the various money smashing deeds Cheng Jia had done afterwards just to increase Gu Wuji’s screen time…… Who would have guessed that Gu Wuji would actually become the only conscience in this movie?

Of course, the ghosts in this movie really looked extremely shoddy as well…… If this was just a plain horror movie, even the prospects of scaring a child would have been impossible. However, that white clothed female ghost who would show up from time to time, had made the viewers feel flustered by catching them off guard.

Some film critics began contemplating. This was quite obviously not like those general rotten movies…… The director certainly had some other ideas in mind, if not, how could such a realistic ghost be made to appear together with that sort of shoddy ghost? It’s impossible to have run out of money for the special effects halfway right!?

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