Ch 57: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 57: Movie screening (part 3 of 3)

Time quickly flew by, in the midst of all the publicity, the movie 《Nightmare in the Abandoned House: A Night of Fear》 Gu Wuji took part in before was finally screening.

This can be considered as some rotten movie just from the title of this movie alone. Moreover, aside from Gu Wuji, all the faces of the other casts were full of traces from plastic surgery…… What’s more, it used to be nothing more than an online movie, so there wasn’t much investment from the start, the leading casts were just some new talents as well. Making this brimming with low-cost taste.

It’s director Hunag Dao, had even set up a lot of rotten and vulgar dog blood plots in order to attract the people’s attention before, in addition to a 6 to 7 cornered love…… As for the selection of casts, many came in by throwing some money in, the acting skills need not be mentioned at all.

Even if Cheng Jia managed to pour in some money in the late stage. Everything was already too late, as the filming had almost been completed.

In everyone’s point of view, this movie would have never been allowed to be shown in cinema if xiao Cheng zong hadn’t crazily offered to pour money in and utilized his resources like mad. Of course, even though these theaters put this movie for viewing for the sake of the Cheng family’s face, but they, in fact, only provided very few screenings.

The publicity was released in a very old-fashioned way. On top of that, the only person presentable to the eye was Gu Wuji alone. But the impression of all the people to Gu Wuji only came from the several news in the past. So they completely didn’t hold any expectation to Gu Wuji’s acting skills…… With the idea that, this must surely be a person who relies on his appearance to make a living.

All of them felt that Cheng Jia must have really been brain-dead, to spend and offer this much money for such a rotten movie like this. Although it still hadn’t been shown, but there were already a lot of negative comments online. Although a lot of people still had the intention to come over and watch, but these people had a curious mentality, wanting to see just how bad this movie could be in the end.

As for Gu Wuji’s personal thoughts, he was completely unconcerned of this matter. In any case, he believes that he had already done his very best during filming. As for the final outcome of the film? This wasn’t his business anymore.

Speaking of which, this movie seemed to have disturbed a ghost several times during the filming process…… but the others didn’t seem to notice this fact at all.

But Cheng Jia feels that these people were nowhere close to his thoughts. This movie was so special because of grandmaster* Gu plays the role of the second male lead (Even if the money he stuffed in afterwards was enough to bag the role of the male lead) ah! Even if it’s bad…… No, there’s no way this could be bad. Just being able to see grandmaster Gu’s face was clearly worth the price, okay!

*dashi: grandmaster

With this idea in mind, Cheng Jia brought Gu Wuji, along with the cinema executives and other people, as well as the various invited film critics and reporters to come and watch the movie’s premiere.

Were it not for the face of xiao Cheng zong, these people wouldn’t have bothered to even take a glance at this kind of rotten movie at all.

Moreover, they really couldn’t understand the reason why xiao Cheng zong still seemed so excited! Does he really not know just how rotten this movie is!?

The movie’s leading casts, on the other hand, was seated at the corner. All of which sported uncomfortable expressions on their faces, this was like a public execution after all. Only Huang Dao was able to remain unperturbed, which inevitably made the other people look at him with a whole new level of respect, while also feeling that the skin on Huang Dao’s face was thick enough.

To everyone’s surprise, Xia Yangshuo, who’s always known to be at odds with xiao Cheng zong had actually appeared here. It was rumored that the most recent movie he previously invested in was cut short because of certain things…… Yet he still has the leisure to come and see the premier of the movie his rival invested in now? Could he have come over to mock him?

Xia Yangshuo only responded with a faint smile to all the gazes of the people. What do these people know? So long as a good relationship with Gu Wuji could be formed, what can watching a rotten movie be considered?

It should be known that the people in the movie’s cast and crew he had invested in before really bumped into ghosts a lot of times. Had it not been for the talismans provided by grandmaster Gu, it would been hard to say if everyone would still be able to survive until now. But because of suffering from too much fright, this movie project naturally couldn’t go on.

As for those people who wants to hug Cheng Jia’s thigh, they were already starting to ponder over how they could force out words of praises for this rotten movie from various angles later. To be able to give a sincere praise without being seen through, was truly a challenge for them……

Gu Wuji, on the other hand, always kept a smile when facing everyone. The genial and gentle tone whilst speaking, made others feel as if the spring breeze was brushing across their faces. Which garnered a lot of people’s goodwill towards him, in addition to a great deal of sympathy as well.

Nonetheless, Xia Yangshuo, who recalled that Gu Wuji seemed to also show this kind of smile to the ghost he was going to take on, couldn’t help but have cold sweats.

Grandmaster Gu wouldn’t do something bad to these people, right?

In the midst of everyone’s various flight of fancy, the movie finally began.

This was truly a rotten movie. The main plot is about a group of college students who weren’t afraid of courting death and insisted in going to a haunted house for a test of courage. But came across a real ghost, and with the old practice of the last group of people had met all their deaths inside.

What’s more, it even included a very vulgar N cornered love line between this group of characters…… Which lead to a whole lot of conflicts.

The scene began with a group of people riding a car. But everyone’s sight couldn’t help but fall to the second male lead seated on the front passenger seat.

Gu Wuji was already very good-looking right from the start. That not a bit of imperfection could be found even with such a large screen, making people unable to stop themselves from continuously stare in appreciation. Which greatly appeased the originally very restless hearts of the viewers as well.

If Gu Wuji had a lot of screen time, then they also wouldn’t mind putting up with this kind of vulgar plot. In spite of this, a lot of people were also feeling very distressed in their hearts, how can such a good-looking person act in this kind of rotten movie! This was clearly a thoughtless waste of natural resources, ah!

As the people in the scene were conversing, the viewers suddenly noticed the presence of a pale girl seated at the backseat, but the people around her seemed to be completely unaware of her as they continued to talk cheerfully.

Everyone couldn’t help feeling a bit of shock inside, this group of people obviously looks so unreliable, with a net red face*…… But their acting skills were actually so realistic, as if they were really unaware of another person around them!

*famous on the internet

As a matter of fact, the cast members sitting below were also bewildered. They had never come across this person, ah!

Could the director have possibly gone to find someone to actually insert a special p in the latter stages? This p looks so real and has no sense of disobedience at all. They should really express their gratitude to xiao Cheng zong for having invested those money.

Soon after, the group had gotten off the car. A small abandoned building in the middle of the woods appeared before their eyes, which seems to exude a strong negative energy, giving people a sort of ominous premonition.

This, in reality, is an abandoned residence in the outskirts that the director had rented before just for the sake of saving money. Moreover, the owner of the residence at that time wanted to say something to stop them, as if out of fear of something……

The moment when that group laughingly stepped in that small building, the audiences clearly saw, several ghosts with sinister expressions materialize from the shadows of the surrounding trees, which instantly frightened a lot of people.

The main reason was because these ghosts really looks very realistic, as if there were really ghosts in that place. Those sinister expression as well as the grotesque appearances were truly very frightening!

The hearts of the movie viewers already had a completely different feeling for this movie. After all, this wasn’t one of those mediocre types of rotten movie at all. The intentions of the production can already be seen from those details.

Although they really couldn’t understand why the director found these bunch of seemingly unreliable leading casts……

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