Ch 56: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 56: Shura field (?) (part 2 of 4)

While saying this, Gu Wuji took out the kitchen knife from his possession –He swears that this was just an instinctive reaction.

At this moment, the expression of the sculpture nearest to Gu Wuji became much stiffer, even that outstretched hand had actually shook slightly. When it had been grasped by Gu Wuji, it even had the urge to take it back.

“Don’t be frightened, let me take a look at what your grievances are.” Gu Wuji said as he closed his eyes.

After activating the purification skill, the memories of this sculpture before him immediately appeared in Gu Wuji’s mind.

But what appeared in his mind, was unlike the memories of a normal person. As if this sculpture had always been a sculpture right from the start, and had just obtained spirituality because of certain things.

As to the thing that the other party was most concerned about, it had also gradually emerged.

At this point, several of the surrounding sculptures slowly made their way towards Gu Wuji. As their hands were just about to come in contact with Gu Wuji–

“Eh? You’re feeling very guilt-ridden because of having cheated on your wife and having an affair with another woman?”

After Gu Wuji had said this sentence, the other sculptures suddenly fell silent.

In an instant, the expression of the female sculpture right next to this sculpture grew more and more ominous, then suddenly fell over and crashed into the body of the male sculpture.

Looking over to the two sculptures that had fallen to the floor, Gu Wuji had a feeling that he might no longer have to purify them……

Upon looking back to the several sculptures around him, the sculptures already felt an instinctive desire to slip away. One of the sculpture that was too slow in moving, was directly caught by Gu Wuji.

“Don’t worry, things will be quickly straightened out soon enough.”

“.… Even though you’re a sculpture, but you still fell in love with the woman in that portrait over there. So your feeling depressed?”

When Gu Wuji’s voice fell, the eerie expression on the woman’s face in the portrait hanging on the wall at the side, suddenly blushed. That eerie expression suddenly became a bit gentle, just like of a young lady in love.

As for the sculpture before Gu Wuji, this one had completely turned stiff. Even though it still had that eerie look, but for some reason, a feeling of shyness could be made out.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but pat the other party’s shoulder, “……don’t worry. In my opinion, the both of you have a resonance between two lovers. I believe that both your feelings can overcome the racial barriers.”

At this point, the other sculptures had surprisingly discarded the idea of running away as well, and made their way over very excitedly.

Gu Wuji could clearly see the fervid emotions from their stiff eyes, and began to wonder whether his ability to see through people had somewhat improved.

“Don’t worry. Can everyone please come over one by one.”



After breaking away from these sculptures, Gu Wuji actually felt a hard to come by sense of relief.

For some reason, he unwittingly felt as if he had become a member of the neighborhood committee who mediates the relationship between the sculptures and the portraits.

Moreover, the relationships between these sculptures were not the common type of dilemmas…… Even though there were some resonance between two lovers, but most ended in violent fights for being caught two-timing.

But after thinking about it, everyone had their own consciousness after all. Being in contact without any other places to go to all the time like this…… will normally bring about this kind of four cornered love as well.

Long story short, doing good deeds can really be refreshing.

“But, what could this be?” Gu Wuji looked down to the picture he held in his hand. Surprisingly, after having settled the matters in the art gallery exhibition, one of the portraits left this behind.

The picture taken, was actually of a beautiful 13 to 14 year old youth, with an exquisitely refined face. But his expression had a sense of indifference, as if he didn’t have any interest to all the things happening around him.

Behind the youth stood a woman, who was smiling very happily, while holding a trophy cup in her hands. The few small words written on it indicates that it was the champion trophy of a painting competition.

This should obviously be a celebratory picture, but it gives off a strange feeling.

“What is this……”

Being unable to understand what it truly meant, Gu Wuji kept the picture, and continued to make his way towards the stairway.

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