Ch 55: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 55: Is he really a person or ghost!? (part 4 of 4)

This place was truly different from the usual buildings. With just a little bit of fire, even the monsters no longer showed up. The ghosts had also completely disappeared, as if afraid of the flames. In any case, they won’t be burned to death by the flames anyway, and should supposedly be set free after this painting had been completely burned up.

“Had we done this the moment we entered, would the others have been able to avoid their deaths?” Xiao Liu couldn’t help utter this sorrowfully as she looked on.

“There’s no use in thinking this much now.” Hong ge said with a sigh.

After all, who would dare act so casually without knowing the truth, ah? Since this might have also caused a disaster of death instead, and the possibility of the malicious spirit growing stronger because of this wasn’t impossible as well.

The group quickly rushed downstairs, everything around them had already began to distort because of the fire. The smell of burning paper reached their noses, as the surrounding quickly turned into something similar to a charred part of a paper.

As for that monster that had always stayed beside Gu Wuji, it’s body had also turned into ashes, after letting out a few low wails of anguish.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but feel a bit sad, and placed some of it’s ashes inside the system’s space.

After getting out of this world, he’ll then go and find a place to bury these ashes.

After everything had been thoroughly burned, this world had completely collapsed as well. Gu Wuji saw that the two people with him had turned into lights before dissipating, and should have presumably been brought out.

[Hidden plot activated: The real truth behind the painting.]

Gu Wuji’s eyes immediately brightened, following the system’s announcement.

Taking a step on the ground, he suddenly felt a cool gust of breeze blow, his surroundings were also bright.

This place he had come to looks like an ordinary room. The ashes of that painting behind Gu Wuji which had been completely burned down, were then blown away by the wind.

This place wasn’t inside that dark and dismal psychiatric hospital. The scenery on the outer area could even be seen from this place.

Moreover, this room was also very well decorated, unlike any of those abandoned residences.

This place was surprisingly inside a villa. There were even traces of life in the surroundings, and was obviously far different from that psychiatric hospital by who knows how much?

Gu Wuji was stunned, who could have actually moved the painting in this sort of place? Could it have been the person who had bought it after?

But, would there really be someone who’d still want to collect such an ominously bloodstained painting? Moreover, Jin Yu would never place this painting in a place where people could come and go, right? But if it had really been purchased by someone, then I’m afraid that place would have already become a haunted house.

Unless, this area here is completely under his control.

Gu Wuji suddenly remembered, that Jin Yu had previously said, that the painting he was currently working on was related with him. Telling him to quickly look for him, otherwise…….

The sky was obviously clear and bright, but Gu Wuji had unjustifiably burst out in cold sweat. He had currently even began to wonder whether Jin Yu was really a human or ghost…… After all, those information acquired inside the world of painting, might have entirely been fabricated by the other party.

The Jin Yu, whom the director and the others had seen die before them might have no longer been the real Jin Yu. Relying on this ability of his, even if he hadn’t died and was still alive, it would still be completely possible for him to become the villain boss of this instance.

The mainline task had clearly been completed, but Gu Wuji still had a matter here that had yet to be settled. If he doesn’t hurry, it would be extremely possible for him to die in this instance.

Gu Wuji, who suddenly appeared in this room, looked around, and noticed a very long hallway in front of him. The floor were even covered with carpets, there were also several paintings hung on the wall.

The only common thing each of these paintings shared were their incompleteness. Moreover, just a bit of glance on most of the contents above can make people feel uneasy, and were much more terrifying than those paintings Wei An created in the world of painting.

No wonder Jin Yu had sneered on Wei An before, saying that no matter what he does, he would never be able to surpass himself…… After all, Wei An was really nothing but just a pathetic, hateful and incompetent imitator.

“As expected, this place really is Jin Yu’s residence. Really spot on.”

Gu Wuji muttered, as he directly walked forward with quick steps in accordance to his intuition. Even if he had no idea whether the other was really a person or ghost, but he must stop the other party before the other party completes that painting!

Even if he doesn’t know what the content of Jin Yu’s painting really was, but this would most likely be connected to his life and death.

Having thought about it now, so what? Even if he’s able to burn down the previous painting, it would just be one of of the many canvasses. So long as Jin Yu exists, he would still be able to continue in making countless paintings!

Their entrance into the world of painting might also be considered as a good fortune, in accordance to the difficulty of the intermediate level instances.

But, Gu Wuji, as a person who was named by this villain, would not be able to easily escape like the others.

Had it been in the past, Gu Wuji might have not cared whether or not he would really die in an instance. But he is now a person with responsibilities. It would be too unreliable for him to die ahead before having finished the other resolve his problem. Which really unsettled Gu Wuji’s conscience.

More importantly, that movie he had previously been cast in hadn’t even been released yet!


At the same time as this.

In another part of this world, inside a villa located in a desolated countryside that no one dares to approach.

Darkness suddenly fell upon the originally peaceful villa. Countless number of ghosts emerged from within that darkness. All of which were trembling with fear at this moment, as if they were scared of something.

Soon after, a voice with a tinge of happiness sounded.

“It’s him. He finally came into this world again.”

Hidden in the dark corner, a ghost wearing a maid’s uniform suddenly showed a worried expression.

“But, I still can’t go look for him for the time being……”

At the instant that voice sounded, all the ghosts trembled in fear. Even when the other hasn’t done anything yet, they would still instinctively feel fear.

That sound was followed by a bit of displeasure, and seemed a bit terrifying, making the other ghosts wish to directly disappear.

“But isn’t this also rubbish? To actually be capable of laying a hand on my person.”

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