Ch 55: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 55: Is he really a person or ghost!? (part 2 of 4)

“So that’s it. It looks like there’s only this ward inside this painting.” Gu Wuji thought: “I need to find a key, in order to get out from this place. If I recklessly rush out, then I’d probably be directly killed by the monster outside.”

In any case, didn’t he receive a set of keys from that nurse?

Gu Wuji thought so while taking out the set of keys given by the nurse from his waist pocket. Under the shocked gazes of the three individuals, and probably due to this time’s overwhelmingly great fortune, Gu Wuji had actually been able to successfully open the door on his first attempt.

The three onlookers: “……”

Gu Wuji: “……”

But in the next moment, not only were there no changes on the situation outside, a dark mist had even tried to invade the room.

“So, just opening the door with a key isn’t good enough? It seems that I still need something in order to get out of this instance.”

Gu Wuji promptly shut the door, then turned around, and carefully looked around the ward. He ignored the three other individuals, and roughly searched through the entire ward.

But he clearly couldn’t find anything of great importance. Only some essentials were found whether in the drawer or cabinet. Items such as a diary were even more unlikely to be found. Jin Yu wasn’t the type of person who would write a diary after all.

Letting out the shadow ghost to lend a helping hand wasn’t possible. Because inside this portrait’s world, the items in his possession looks as if it had been sealed…… Although he didn’t have that much items in his possession.

Gu Wuji, whose line of sight fell onto those three very insipid ghosts, no longer had any other option but to walk over in the end. Mainly because he really didn’t want to resort to any violent means.

“Do any of you know how to get out of this ward?”

The expressions of the three individuals were still insipid, “Don’t think about it, it’s impossible to leave this place.”

“So, you guys are willing to stay in this place forever?” Gu Wuji patiently asked, while simultaneously placing his hand on the other side’s shoulder. After perceiving the strength placed on his shoulder, the other’s expression abruptly changed, immediately shedding away it’s insipidness.

“Of-, of course not……” That individual couldn’t help but speak up: “But so long as you take a step outside, the monster outside will show up! So we might as well stay in this place forever!”

“You mustn’t lose hope that quickly.” Gu Wuji’s eyes were extremely gentle, as if the other side was his kin, “Think for a moment, what thing could be locked in this ward in the first place?”

“Or say, Jin Yu. What could he have done here before that made you feel wrong? Or were there any valuables he could have possessed?”

The three ghosts looked at Gu Wuji with a very subtle expression. In the first place, none of Jin Yu’s behavior were normal at all, okay! This place is a psychiatric hospital after all.

But at this moment, one of the ghost suddenly said: “I remember. His most valuable possession should be those paintings. Maybe it has something to do with those paintings. But there should be nothing left in this room.”

“That isn’t necessarily true.” Saying so, Gu Wuji directly went under the bed, and instantly found the thing he was searching for.

On the wooden board under the bed, was an impressive graffiti drawn with a charcoal pencil. This time, was a pair of huge eyes, with a pair of floating hands. The drawing was still very adorable. Of course, those people, who had actually seen this monster’s appearance would never think this way.

There were still writings on the side read ‘They are the most loyal and conscientious guards, that would never let anything escape from their eyes.’

Truth be told, Gu Wuji felt that Jin Yu’s life in this psychiatric hospital had been very pleasant. If not, how could he still be able to frequently make such things?

At this time, he felt his hand touch something at the bottom of the bed. After fumbling around, he surprisingly found a piece of charcoal pencil.

This charcoal pencil seemed very simple. But people could sense the very intense negative* energy it contains. This should be an item that can be of use somewhere else.

*yin = negative

Gu Wuji kept the charcoal pencil, then came out from under the bed, and looked at the other three beds as well, but found nothing underneath these beds.

The three ghosts stood beside the bed insipidly, only in the presence of that monster would they show a strong emotional fluctuation.

“What else can be done?” Gu Wuji couldn’t help but sit on a bed as he thought of this. The present situation completely stumped him.

But at this time, Gu Wuji, who suddenly recalled the scene he saw when he went in that room, as well as the fragments he saw the moment he entered the portrait, finally made a different expression.

He immediately got up, and directly went to the window ledge under the horrified gazes of the three ghosts.

That huge pair of spine-chilling eyes immediately appeared, making the other people tremble in fear.

“I actually don’t need to look for anything in this place, right?” Gu Wuji softly said, then fiercely hit the glass with his hand.

Along with the sharp and crisp sound of the breaking glass, several glass fragments directly went into those huge eyes.

In any case, didn’t it say that it won’t let anyone escape from under their eyes? Then solving those pair of eyes, would naturally be a swift fix to this issue.

Together with the splatter of blood, a rumbling sound resounded across the entire ward. As if there was some kind of giant outside who wants to directly flatten this place with it’s huge hand.

But along with the collapse of the ward, a white space amid the dark mist outside was revealed.

The three ghosts were already very frightened. But Gu Wuji couldn’t be bothered with them anymore, as he directly pushed the door of the ward open and told them to keep up with him. Perhaps their desire for survival broke out, as they immediately followed after Gu Wuji.

The huge eyeballs closed due to the intense pain, and the room finally collapsed completely. Taking advantage of the moment when the eyeballs couldn’t see, Gu Wuji immediately ran towards that sole white area in this dark place, while agilely avoiding the random grasping attacks of those huge and innumerable hands.

But the ghost behind him didn’t have that much luck. The moment a hand was about to grab a hold of the patient’s ghost, Gu Wuji, who had noticed this, suddenly turned around and knocked that hand away.

Although his attack didn’t cause that much of an impact to that huge hand, but it was fortunately enough to make it fail from seizing that ghost.

After this incident, the actions of this eyeball monster grew fiercer. The grabbing movements of the two hands in that area became frenzied, with an almost insurmountable fury.

But it had already missed the best moment to attack, and Gu Wuji had already gone through the white light without hesitation.


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