Ch 53: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 53: This person is the real monster! (part 4 of 4)

“I originally said that I would give you an easier death. But now, I must torture you well, otherwise, it would be difficult for me to dispel my hatred–”

Gu Wuji reached out and suddenly gripped his wrist still.

“You’re nothing but an ordinary person. Don’t tell me you still want to contend with me-……” The latter half of Wei An words were left unfinished, because he had shockingly realized, that the grip strength Gu Wuji exerted on his hand was so impressive. That he couldn’t struggle free for even a moment.

Is this guy still human? How can a human have this much strength?

Moreover, because one of his arm had been bitten off by the monster before, his strength had actually been greatly diminished. A lot of grievances needed to be consumed in order to recover that single arm. But he never expected that he could be restrained by Gu Wuji in this weak state of his.

“Don’t think that this is good enough, I still have other-……”

As early as when the other side had started talking about nonsensical things. Gu Wuji had already taken out an item in secret, then opened it right away. The shadow ghost swiftly sprang out from within the box, and directly met the malicious spirit in front head-on.

Wei An, who never expected Gu Wuji to still have this move, had been knocked on the ground by surprise.

Gu Wuji then took advantage of this opportunity to tie Wei An tightly, who was before him, with the rope in his possession. But in consideration that the opponent was a relatively high level ghost, maybe the effect of the rope will be greatly reduced. He should think of some method to remedy this.

“You actually dare to do this kind of thing?” Wei An looked at Gu Wuji in shock. His gaze then became resentful once more, “Don’t think that a mere rope can trap me! The moment I get free, we’ll see what else you can still do……”

“What you said makes sense. I really appreciate your reminder.” Gu Wuji nodded, and immediately looked at Wei An gently, “In order to avoid this risk, I will need to do a little something. I’m sure you’ll also understand this. Rest assured, everything will soon pass, since I really don’t advocate violence.”

Wei An, who finally realized that something was wrong: “What–”

As he was being sorely beaten to the ground by Gu Wuji, Wei An suddenly realized, that an ordinary person could never have the capability to tame that monster…… That is to say, this person is the real monster!!

The shadow ghost, who had yet to return to the box, was stupefied by the scene before him, then soon after started to excitedly cheer on Gu Wuji’s actions at the side, while feeling that he had truly followed the right boss.


Hong ge and xiao Liu stood in the director’s office with fear and trepidation.

They were currently feeling extremely nervous, because that monster was still standing right next to them, ah!

The two of them didn’t dare to make any actions even when they were already holding their self-defense items, let alone try to do something like bypass that monster to leave. Most of all, because the hallway outside was suddenly filled with dark mist. So, they were left without any choice but to hide in the director’s office.

The thought of Gu Wuji still being inside that painting with that ghost alone, worried them very greatly.

The situation inside was still unknown…… If it were in the past, Hong ge would surely have thought that Gu Wuji had already sacrificed himself. But after all that had happened before, he no longer felt certain. After all, such a person who can make a monster into a pet. So, how could he possibly die inside so easily?

A short while later, the portrait in front of them suddenly emitted lights.

Two individuals suddenly appeared in front of the painting. Goldie– the others really hadn’t gotten used to this name yet– enthusiastically went up to rub against Gu Wuji.

Hong ge, who was amazed upon seeing the bloody nose and swollen face of the malicious spirit that had experienced a beating, mistakenly believed that Gu Wuji made this malicious spirit reveal it’s original form, “I didn’t expect this malicious spirit to have actually been beaten to death. It truly is miserable, to even have to keep this appearance after death.”

Wei An: “……”

“There should be a lot of problem in this hospital, ah. Maybe the violent behavior of the nurses and doctors led to all the tragedies.” Xiao Liu couldn’t help shaking her head, as she spoke with a bit of fearful tone, “It should certainly be because of this matters, that consequently made him into a malicious spirit, right?”

Wei An: “……”

Gu Wuji patted Goldie’s head, before shifting his attention to the tightly bound Wei An on the floor once more. In order to not let the other side feel shunned, he even used a friendly tone in speaking: “I really don’t want to do anything to you, so long as you say the truth about everything.”

Wei An quaked in fear. He really couldn’t perceive even a tinge of friendliness coming from Gu Wuji. Taking another glance towards that monster, eyeing him like a tiger watching a prey, at the side. How on earth could he still dare to conceal anything? He also didn’t want to be beaten to pulp by Gu Wuji again, “I’ll talk! I’ll immediately tell you everything.”

He took a deep breath, “You already know of my identity. In fact, for things to turn to what they are now, are all attributed to a single individual.”

“To that person, we can be barely considered as friends.” Wei An couldn’t help but gnash his teeth as he said, “He obviously had superb talent, but he never even had the idea of being famous. Even those paintings would be torn apart after being painted, saying that it wasn’t what he wanted at all.”

“Such a person really makes people sick. Does he really think he’s so impressive?” Wei An’s tone was brimming with indignation, “Yet I, who obviously love painting so much, can’t receive anyone’s recognition from the paintings I made. They simply can’t realize what they’re missing out.

But there was an incident. During the time when I would occasionally take his incomplete paintings out, but after it was seen by the people in the gallery, they were actually shaken to the core……”

“They really don’t have a bit of vision! So, I did a little thing. Of course, I only intended to borrow his paintings for a while. Once I become famous, the other people would naturally be able to appreciate my art. I would also stop doing this kind of thing.”

Hong ge and xiao Liu looked at Wei An with a gaze full of contempt. This person didn’t have a bit of ethic at all. He had obviously done such shameless things, yet he still spoke with righteousness and confidence. As if to say that it was the other person who had owed him. He even claimed to be his friend.

For just a little while, they couldn’t help but feel sympathy to that person in Wei An’s words. But after thinking that the other side was the genuine malicious spirit boss of this instance, the two of them still took back their feelings of sympathy.

Gu Wuji asked: “If that’s the case, then why did you still insist in sending him into a psychiatric hospital?”

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