Ch 53: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 53: This person is the real monster! (part 1 of 4)

Hong ge verified it over and over again, before determining that this person in front of him is really Gu Wuji, and not some ghost in disguise.

In an instant, Hong ge, this tough guy, wanted to weep in joy because of having escaped from imminent death. He even had a huge surge of favorable impression towards Gu Wuji, and directly regarded the other as his good brother.

As for how Gu Wuji was able to survive, Hong ge no longer bothered to ask. Players in the instances would always have some secret method that they were unlikely to reveal after all.

“How did you get here? What about the malicious spirit outside?” Only after asking, did Hong ge realize that his knees actually felt a bit weak.

Gu Wuji, who notice this matter, immediately went to support Hong ge, “It’s a long story. You should quickly come out first!”

Luckily, when he had arrived, he immediately caught sight of the ghost walking towards that ward depicted in the portrait the moment he rushed to third floor. At that time, he immediately let the monster rush up…… Come to think of it, the monster seems to have already been tamed, as it still did what it was told even without the rope, that even Gu Wuji had been somewhat surprised.

Hong ge, who almost felt like keeling over, couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. As soon as he got out, he immediately heard the loud scuffling sounds coming from the hallway, so he turned to take a look. Through the window, he could clearly see that the monster was actually fighting with that strange looking man covered in blood.

Gu Wuji still went out in a calm and collected manner.

Hong ge immediately stopped in his tracks, and also pulled Gu Wuji to a stop, as he said in a fluster: “That man is definitely a malicious spirit! Although, I have no idea why he’s fighting with that monster, but we will definitely fall in danger if we hastily rush out–”

“It’s alright.” Gu Wuji even patted Hong ge’s shoulder in comfort. This person’s fearless mentality subconsciously made other people believe in him, “If this man really is a ghost, then grabbing a hold of him can certainly let us know more things……”

He learned a lot of things from the memories of the nurse downstairs. Even if the ghosts on the third floor were far more difficult to handle than the other ghosts downstairs. But they were not a boss-level existence of this instance. The existence that truly gave the nurse a foreboding feeling was on the fourth floor……

Hong ge looked at Gu Wuji in shock: “??” What the heck are you saying?

Had it not been for Gu Wuji saving him just a while ago, which made Hong ge develop a strong sense of trust in him. He would have felt that Gu Wuji might have received too much stimulation here and had now been driven crazy.

After all, no matter how powerful a player becomes, they would still be unable to speak of catching a ghost so casually like this, alright!



The male ghost was somewhat struggling in his fight with the monster. This monster was something made by that being after all, so how could it not be powerful in this world? It also had the capability to increase it’s strength by swallowing down souls. Who knows how many ghost had been swallowed by it in this hospital? That it could even make those high-level ghosts filled with fear.

The slight inattentiveness of the male ghost, enabled the monster to tear off his arm. Seeing his arm being swallowed, made that extremely pale face of his turn much gloomier, as he kept swearing in his mind.

What the hell is going on? All of them were ghosts in this place. So why did this monster actually betray them and help these humans? What the hell is actually going on, ah! He had almost been able to kill that living person!

He was simply so furious. Had he really succeeded in killing that Hong Ge just a while ago, the grievances he would have received could have been sufficient enough to let him overpower this monster. Otherwise, how could he still be suppressed like this until now?

It was at this moment, when Gu Wuji’s figure suddenly rushed out from the ward. He even had a rope in hand, as he looked on with a gratified look just like that of a pet’s owner, “Good job Goldie! Don’t bite him to death. I still have some questions I want to ask.”

Aside from Hong ge who received continuous shocks at the side. Even the male ghost was raging over in his mind. Why the hell did this person actually give this monster a name? Is he really treating it as a pet? More importantly, this name of Goldie, and this monster, which was capable of frightening passers-by to death totally doesn’t match at all, alright!

The male ghost looked at Gu Wuji once more with a very fierce expression. Had it not been for this person, he would never had to fall in this kind of situation…… He would certainly find a way to kill him when he’s all alone.

“Brother, I want to ask. What is actually going on with this monster……” Hong Ge didn’t bother to make any comments to Gu Wuji’s naming capability. He thought that this might also have something to do with Gu Wuji’s hidden trump card. Even if he knew he shouldn’t ask, but he was truly very curious, ah!

“I think…… this is probably because I have always been very popular with such spiritual existence.” Gu Wuji thoughtfully explained.

Even though he never raised a pet before, but the number of ghosts that he had at home since childhood was actually not a few.

Hong ge: “……” Just how much bitterness was expressed in this short statement?

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