Ch 52: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 52: This isn’t some comedy film (part 4 of 4)

Everyone reached the end of the hallway without any problems. Aside from the stairs leading up, there was also an elevator next to it as well.

The strange thing was, the elevator buttons, which were still lit. In such a dark area, these green lights exuded a very eerie feeling.

The plots of countless horror movies had already appeared in the minds of several people. Inside this instance, to still take something like an elevator, was simply similar to rushing into their deaths.

“How can this elevator still work?” Xiao Liu fearfully said, “This place had obviously been abandoned, this must be a ghost’s–”

Gu Wuji had already gone ahead and pressed the up button.

It was too late for the other people to stop him. It would be better to say that they weren’t able to react yet, when Gu Wuji had already pressed it.

“Hold on! Sun Ge, you mustn’t be impulsive!” They quickly pulled on Gu Wuji’s sleeve. A normal person would never do this kind of action. So, Gu Wuji must have been hypnotized by a malicious spirit!

More importantly, the body of that monster would never fit in the elevator!

Speaking of it, if they were being chased by this monster, they would definitely choose to escape into the elevator because of this…… They never expected that they would one day feel disappointed that a monster couldn’t fit into the elevator.

“What are you scared of?” Gu Wuji looked at the others with a bit of confusion, and said: “Isn’t it faster to take the elevator in going up?”

In his perspective, the concept of not taking an elevator due to the presence of a ghost doesn’t exist. After all, there were even the existence of ghosts in his home. Does that mean that he shouldn’t return home?

The group of people were caught in a stalemate. But the elevator seems to be malfunctioning, as the door was still not opening.

Gu Wuji had no choice but to give up on this idea, “It seems that the elevator is still malfunctioning. We should just walk up.”

The others felt relieved. They weren’t really sure if they were capable of dissuading Gu Wuji at all, ah! They quickly went up the stairs to the second floor.

What came into their view was the nurses station, and that row of wards at some distance, as well as the several unmindful patients wandering outside the wards. After so many experiences, these people were already indifferent when they saw those patients once again. In any case, as long as they don’t get their attention, the ghost of those patients won’t do anything as well.

There were also scattered documents all over the floor on the head of the stairs, imprinted with a lot of messy footprints running towards the third floor. It should probably be Hong Ge and the others who had ran away from this place, and headed to the third floor.

“Are we going to head straight up?” Xiao Liu had the greatest psychological obstacle. She had see her corpse fall straight down from the third floor as soon as she came after all.

“At that time, you guys should stay here in the second floor first.” Gu Wuji thought for a while, and added: “There shouldn’t be too much danger here. Let me go up the third floor on my own. I’ll come back down to look for you once I’m done.”

“That’s right, before going up, I still need to do something first.”

Having said that, Gu Wuji closed his eyes as he stood there. Soon after, under everyone’s horrified gazes, a deathly pale figure appeared in front of Gu Wuji, who looks just like a nurse who used to be on duty here.

Because of being just a mindless low level ghost, the face of the other remained lifeless, and just waited for the questions of Gu Wuji.

Having witnessed the entire thing, anyone with a normal IQ could understand, that this ghost had been call upon by Gu Wuji.

Xiao Liu and the others were already stunned. What-, what kind of feat is this! As expected, Sun Shi was really a player from a high level instance! They had heard that a few powerful high ranking players, had a special item that can call upon ghosts to be at their disposal. They never expected that they could actually see it with their own eyes.

“You should know, if there are any dangerous patients on the third floor right?” Gu Wuji asked while looking at the ghost in front of him.

That ghost lightly nodded, then closed it’s eyes afterwards.

Gu Wuji, who knew that the ghost was going to show him it’s memories, immediately reached out to touch the forehead of the other side.


Hong Ge, who was currently hiding in a cabinet in a ward, was on tenterhooks due to fear. From this angle of his accessible through the small gap in the cabinet, he could see the opposite wall, with a picture hanging from it.

The content of the picture, was shockingly of a woman being hung from the ward’s ceiling. A miserable image of death with remaining grievances.


At that time, Hong Ge and the two others, who had initially fled to the third floor, immediately began to cautiously search through the wards.

In order to live up to Gu Wuji and the other people who might have been sacrificed, Hong Ge vowed that he would definitely uncover the truth about this instance.

They later noticed, that a picture was hung inside every ward. Some of which were empty, while some had depictions of all sort of tragic deaths. Looking at it made people feel very uncomfortable, in addition to worrying whether there would be ghosts coming out from those portraits.

“The malicious spirit here seems to like painting very much?”

“I feel that these paintings must have a connection with the instance……”

Upon reaching the ward in the middle, the group shockingly saw, a portrait of a headless corpse, with it’s head on the ground, which surprisingly belongs to a man among the three of them.

After seeing that portrait, he seems to go crazy as if suffering from a huge stimulus. That he rushed out without listen to the other peoples words.

Hong Ge and the remaining woman didn’t even have the time to stop him, as that man had already rushed out the distance. However, something more terrible happened next. At this time, the exceptionally bright moonlight passing through the window cast light upon the hallway. They were also able to strangely have a clear view, the man running away suddenly came to a stop.

In the next instant, his head directly fell to the ground, as blood spurted out from his neck! This scene was exactly the same with the picture they had just seen.

Before Hong Ge could do anything, several monsters with grotesque figures emerged from the darkness, and started to gnaw on that man’s corpse.

This scene directly sent a chill down the people’s spine.

Hong Ge, who was alarmed, immediately thought of escaping. But when he turned around, he realized that his female teammate had unknowingly disappeared. He hadn’t even realized when the other had disappeared.

At this time, the sound of footsteps walking up suddenly echoed from the stairs. In such a situation when Hong Ge was being flanked from the both sides like this, he no longer had any choice but to directly enter another ward which still looks relatively intact, and hid himself in a cabinet.

“Really such terrible luck, for things to actually turn out like this.” Hong Ge’s face overflowed with cold sweat. Even if he had a few items that could deal with ghosts, but not only can’t it last long, it also can’t strike a serious damage to the ghosts. It could only provide a chance for escape.

But in this current situation, he didn’t even know whether there was a safe place or not. The information they found were really too insufficient after all.

But at this time, he startlingly came to realize that the cabinet he hid in was filled with bloody writings. The preceding facts made Hong Ge’s complexion paler, as he suddenly realized just how terrible his surrounding really was.

Hong Ge also raised his head to look at the painting outside through the small gap. On the painting, was a shocking portrait of his female teammate, whose death was by hanging from the ceiling.

“It’s over, it’s all over. Everything will finally come to an end this time……” Hong Ge suddenly lost his strength. He didn’t even realize when his face had been completely covered with cold sweats. It seems that he could only wait for the arrival of his death.

In the next second, the sound of the ward’s door opening could be heard. Soon after, was the sounds of footsteps slowly walking in.

The owner of that resounding footstep seemed to be very at ease. Walking with a pace that was neither fast nor slow, as if taking much pleasure in the frightened state of the hiding person. He knows that everything was within his grasp after all.

Hong Ge could only see a dark shadow from his angle. The appearance of the other side couldn’t be seen at all. He already held onto his item tightly. Even when he was well aware, that this item couldn’t do anything to the malicious spirit before him right now. But throwing his life away so easily when confronting the malicious spirit, would also be letting down Sun Shi and the other people who had sacrificed their lives before.

The distance of a just few steps seemed to grow so long. Just as Hong Ge was about to push the door open to meet a definite death, the roar of the monster suddenly came outside.

Hong Ge’s face completely turned ashen, as his heart fell into extreme despair.

How could this be? In such a dangerous moment. Apart from the malicious spirit outside, why did the monster actually show up as well? This instance wasn’t providing him a bit of chance of survival at all!

But in the next instant, alongside the loud roar was also the loud crash of the door being rammed into without warning. The surroundings suddenly seems to become quite lively.

Hong Ge doesn’t know how the current situation would turn out at all. Is it possible for that monster which just appeared to fight with the malicious spirit?

Don’t joke around. He had never encountered such a thing after experiencing so many instance. This isn’t some comedy film after all.

The instant the closet door was opened, he thought that he would promptly meet his death. The item which became visible in the light, was actually a dagger, which was capable of causing damage to nonhuman creatures–

Appearing before his very eyes, was not the monster at all, but the very anxious looking Gu Wuji, “Hong Ge, are you alright? I’ve come to save you.”

Hong Ge, who had almost stabbed him with the dagger he was holding, “???”

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