Ch 52: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 52: This isn’t some comedy film (part 3 of 4)

“Is that patient actually a human or ghost?” Xiao Liu couldn’t resist trembling in fear, as she said: “If he was a human before, how could he make all his roommates commit suicide one after another? But him being a ghost is also too strange. Everyone around him obviously thinks of him as a human, ah.”

“This is a world in an instance after all. Any strange things can happen.” Gu Wuji said: “He may have also been a human before. But he’s certainly a malicious spirit now.”

With that said, Gu Wuji quickly flipped over the file to it’s back. The name of this mental patient’s friend was surprisingly noted down. Which he then searched in his mobile phone, –That’s right, even if they were already inside this hospital, the mobile phone can still be used to search the internet. The signal can even be considered as excellent……

The search results quickly came out. This person’s friend was actually a very well-known painter, who receives a very high recognition. The strange thing was, he never received any recognition in the past. But only after that painter was admitted in the hospital, did he start to be recognized…… In the end, when that incident occurred in the psychiatric hospital, he also died suddenly in his own residence at the same time, and seemed to have seen something extremely terrifying before his death.

As for those paintings, all of which had also vanished without a trace after the death of this man here.

“It should most probably be like those developments, which are frequently featured on TV dramas.” Xiao Liu’s companion commented: “Something like, in order to take those paintings of his friend as his own, perhaps this was the reason he sent the other person into the psychiatric hospital. So, that’s the reason why he suddenly died later.”

This guy had certainly kicked on an iron plate. To actually make off with the paintings of a malicious spirit. If he doesn’t deserve death, who does?

“Maybe the reason why the malicious spirit bears this much resentment was also because of this matter!” Xiao Liu said through gritted teeth, “Maybe the other didn’t even have any mental illness to begin with, but was just forcibly brought in……”

Even if the words coming from the nurse, made them feel like that person really had issues no matter how they comprehended it……

“What you said makes sense.” Gu Wuji nodded, and said: “Let’s see if we can get in touch with Hong Ge and the others…… According to the words of the nurse, the things we need to find should be in the director’s office. Only by knowing more information can we find how to leave this place alive.”

But just calling to mind those dangers they encountered a while ago, made the others feel disheartened. They could certainly foresee how difficult the path they needed to take in order to reach the director’s office on the fourth floor.

But just like what Gu Wuji had also said, if they do not confront these dangers in the instance, then death would be the only one waiting for them at the end.

At this moment, a bit of noise suddenly sounded from the monster’s side, startling everyone. They quickly turned to look, and only saw Jin Yu gently patting the monster’s head.

The face of Jin Yu, who noticed the sight of the others immediately turned crimson, “I just thought that it looks a bit like the puppy I have at home. That’s why I couldn’t resist touching it for a bit.”

The others simultaneously let out a sigh of relief, but also felt somewhat curious about how touching this monster really feels like. But they still didn’t have the guts to try it out at the end.

The group went out the room. Gu Wuji had sent Hong Ge a text message while walking, –Gu Wuji had also just discovered, that the contact details of the others were inside each of their respective mobile phones…… Was this instance actually so considerate in this aspect? Or would it still be useless even if they could get in touch with each other?

In consideration that the other side might most likely be in a very dangerous situation. Gu Wuji didn’t dare to carelessly make a call as well. Which was why he sent a message first in order to assess the situation.

As the group was thinking of heading back upstairs, Jin Yu’s sight fell at the hallway on the side with shock, “Hold on, there seems to be something on this wall over here.”

“What?” The others vigilantly turned to look over one after another, and truly saw something on the wall.

The light of the mobile phone illuminated the pale wall. A huge painting that occupied the majority of the wall was displayed in front of them at this moment. It wasn’t known what paint was used to draw this…… But judging from it’s color, it seems more like blood.

The content of this painting was surprisingly the outer area of a certain ward. The door was wide open, and the number 305 was written on top.

It can be seen from the furnishings that it is a high-level ward for just a single person. The most striking thing was, the violent death of that man in the middle of the room. He obviously experienced a very painful death. All the limbs on his body had been forcibly broken, even the chest had been dug out alive.

“It’s-, it’s Hong Ge!”

The others, who saw this were filled with fear, with bodies trembling in fear. With such a shocking painting, just a few more glances almost made them want to break down.

Gu Wuji calmly took a picture of the painting in front of him. He reached forward and touched the wall, and said: “It looks like, this painting had just recently been created.”

“How could this happen? Could Hong Ge have already encountered an unfortunate incident?”

When the rest of the people finally calmed down, their expression became very distressed. Hong Ge is such a well-known player after all, if he couldn’t hold out in this instance. Could people like them still be able to get out alive?

“No.” Gu Wuji said: “I believe that he is still alive. It’s just, that the danger would certainly occur later…… He should head to the ward, 305 in the painting, which should be on the third floor. We should immediately head up to look for him!”

The others were still feeling very frightened. They simply didn’t have the courage to face up against such a terrible ghost. But for some strange reasons, being around Gu Wuji gives them a sense of security, that they finally made up their minds.

Since they have already reached this point, the group didn’t have any intention to turn back as well. But continued to walk along the hallway. After all, according to the map, it seems that not only was there another staircase over there, but the distance they needed to travel to reach the ward would also be much shorter.

The temperature unwittingly dropped. Under the lights of the mobile phones, they vigilantly kept an eye out on their surroundings. With a nagging feeling that the surrounding was becoming more eerie the more they observe.

At this moment, xiao Liu suddenly felt someone grab her wrist. She originally thought that it was just her companion. But when she turned around, a pitch-black face shockingly came into view.

In the instant she screamed, xiao Liu still heard an voice quickly utter, “Quickly duck.”

A burst of force rushed from the back, xiao Liu, who was suddenly pressed to the ground, was simply scared witless. But she soon found out, that the pitch-black faced shadow beside her was also trembling with fear.

Xiao Liu: “……”

During the moment when xiao Liu was too frightened to make any movements, she saw the monster at the side suddenly extend it’s claws, directly grabbing the pitch-black faced shadow. Just as it was about to swallow it down, Gu Wuji immediately shouted at it to stop.

Gu Wuji, who had used his ability several times in order to purify this ghost, patted the monster’s head at once, as he warmly said: “You did very well.”

Xiao Liu, who had arduously crawled out from under the monster’s paw, suddenly felt that they simply had nothing to worry about at all! When these ghosts encounter this monster, it was almost similar to encountering their natural enemy!

Maybe because this scene was too much like punishing an individual to set an example for others, that no ghost had actually dared to appear after that. The more amazing thing was, even the temperature had risen back up, which actually made everyone feel somewhat hot.

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