Ch 52: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 52: This isn’t some comedy film (part 2 of 4)

“Thank you for your help.” The nurse had also sighed in relief. She was really frightened by the prospect of being swallowed by the monster after all, she then started speaking: “There were four people who stayed in the ward upstairs.”

She headed to the row of information at the side, and took a stack out with practiced movements, then hurriedly handed it over to Gu Wuji. That monster was still staring at her like some kind of prey at the side, so how could she dare to have the slightest neglect?

Gu Wuji, who lowered his head to read, found that the information of the three patients were actually very complete, and very normal as well. There were no strange places at all.

Only the information of the last patient was incomplete. Even the exact name wasn’t available, only the person age and gender were noted down, even the photo had been left empty.

No matter how you think about it, this person must be the most problematic one.

Gu Wuji asked: “I want to ask. Who this is?”

Having heard this, the nurse didn’t want to tell Gu Wuji at first. But when her gaze fell on the monster at the side, she instantly changed her mind.

“I’m actually not really certain about this either, because this patient wasn’t under my care at that time.” The nurse said: “All I know was that he was suddenly sent here. He was rumored to be a young painter. It’s a pity that he hadn’t made a name yet, when a mental illness suddenly emerged…… It seems that there were a lot of people outside who felt great pity about this.”

“Who sent him here?” Gu Wuji, who thought of something, queried.

“He was sent here by a friend, because he didn’t have any family members.” A nervous expression appeared on the nurse’s face, “The contact details of his friend are written at the back of the file as well. He would also come by to visit from time to time.”

“This patient, was there anything strange about him?” Gu Wuji added: “You don’t seem to look too well right at the start.”

“It’s nothing.” The nurse quickly wiped away the nonexistent cold sweat on her forehead, but only blood was wiped off by her hand in the end. She continued to say: “This patient, he actually looked very normal. As long as he was allowed to draw, nothing radical would happen…… and could almost be regarded as a normal person, making people feel very at ease…… in the beginning.”

The memory during the time the nurse was still alive indistinctly surfaced. She even thought that the attractiveness of the other side was far more than the ordinary people. But this had also led people to unconsciously feel a bit scared towards him. So, no one dared to approach him at all.

Gu Wuji: “You said, in the beginning?”

“That’s right, things changed afterwards.” The nurse voiced: “Because his condition showed a lot of improvements, he was moved out from a high-level single person ward. But soon, unfortunate events suddenly started happening…… to the other patients staying in the same ward as him. One, actually committed suicide using an item which was hidden during the inattentiveness of a nursing staff. Another, jumped off the building at the very late night, while the other person died all of a sudden. By dawn, not a single person who originally stayed in the ward was left alive.”

“When the people pushed the door of the ward open, they saw him sitting in the middle drawing. There were several drawings spread all over the floor. The drawings were astonishingly the looks of his roommates on their death. And was exactly the same with the real scene!”

The nurse continued: “What was even more shocking was, these drawings, were all completed before their deaths……”

The complexion of the people behind Gu Wuji immediately changed. They instantly thought of those drawings they saw upstairs just a while ago. On top of that, their own figure were also included on that drawing, that they suddenly felt a bit weak-kneed for a moment.

The only thing that could still make them feel grateful was, they still hadn’t seen the scene of their deaths on those drawings. That would have just been too terrible.

“After that, owing to the fact of this matter being too strange, so, the news had been suppressed. If it was not because I was also one of the many staffs who saw this. Maybe I would have also been ignorant of this incident until now.” The nurse said: “After that, that patient was eventually sent to a high-level ward. I also don’t know what happened to him. All I know is that after that day, that matter occurred, and this hospital had then been completely abandoned. If you want to know more details about that matter, then you should go look for it in the director’s office.”

The matter that the nurse spoke of, was obviously that incident of everyone suddenly dying inside this psychiatric hospital which once caused a sensation.

It goes without saying, that everyone knew that this matter was definitely caused by that mentally ill patient. After all, aside from a malicious spirit, what else could cause such a large number of people to suddenly die in one night? What could actually be the cause of such terrible resentment?

“So it was like this. I’m really grateful for your help.” Gu Wuji gratefully said: “If you still have anything you want us to do, you can also go ahead and say it.”

The moment the nurse heard this, as if she was in a hurry to leave, she quickly told them: “If you come across patients who are still loitering outside later, I hope you can also lend a help to escort them back to their wards. Bad things will always happen……when loitering outside after all.”

A notification promptly rang [Side task activated: Send the patients loitering outside back to their wards.]

After the nurse finished her explanation, she took out a bunch of keys from her pocket and handed it over to Gu Wuji. After doing this, her figure immediately faded away, with a feeling quite similar to running away.

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