Ch 52: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 52: This isn’t some comedy film (part 1 of 4)

This monster was clearly not suppose to show up in this area, okay!!

The nurse’s complexion changed at once, clearly frightened by the monster before her. Her body immediately started moving backwards, as she spoke in a stifled tone, “Sorry to bother you. I seem to have gone to the wrong place.”

The others in the group: “……” You obviously didn’t behave like this just a while ago!

But Gu Wuji, who didn’t doubt this at all, just had a slight sense of disappointment flash through his eyes, making those who see it feel very unbearable. After all, who would be willing to let such a good-looking man be sad? “Are you leaving so soon? Can’t you stay for a while longer?”

Xiao Liu momentarily felt a huge sense of familiarity with this line, which was just like something…… she heard from an idol drama. So, why would anyone say such lines in such a gentle and emotional voice to a malicious spirit?

The monster which eventually sensed Gu Wuji’s emotional state, immediately stood up. Just the sight of it’s enormous body can make people tremble with fear. It immediately growled at the nurse’s ghost.

The nurse’s complexion paled from fright, her figure also seemed to look more transparent. She immediately changed her tune without the slightest hesitation, using a friendly tone that couldn’t get any friendlier, “N-, no. I made a mistake. I really wanted to come here. Do you guys have anything that I can help you with? I’ll definitely not shrink from my duty.”

She had truly wanted to appear in this place to frighten these living people! But how did their position manage to unwittingly reverse now? She was also afraid of being swallowed by this monster if she wasn’t careful enough!

The others couldn’t help but be speechless, “……” Even if they had already cleared so many instances similar to this. This was the very first time they had witnessed such a wonderful scene, ah.

“I want to ask, who were the people who stayed in the ward on the second floor?” Gu Wuji quickly expressed his query.

“This-, I can look for it.” The nurse looked at the monster over there and spoke while trembling with fear. Her voice briefly turned very quiet at the end. Had it not been for the restriction of the rules, she would have already helped Gu Wuji straight away. Otherwise, how could she still have the courage to stipulate anything now? “But I need you to help me a bit, alright?”

Everyone felt apprehensive, well aware that this was most likely the activation of some sort of side task. Only through completing this task will they be able to get the things they want.

Had it been the original, they would have had to clash with this female ghost for quite some time and may need to risk their lives just to get this notice. But now, the other party had immediately sent it to the door, and still spoke in such a gentle and cautious tone……

“No problem.” Gu Wuji didn’t have any objection; but spoke in a gentle and mild manner instead, “Miss nurse can go ahead and say it. I will certainly do it if I can.”

The favorable opinion of the nurse towards this human in front of her instantly skyrocketed. She then verbalized without delay: “It’s already getting late. But there will inevitably be some patients with sudden onset of disease wandering all around the hospital, who are very prone in causing a lot of accidents. So, I want to ask your assistance to escort these patients back to their rooms. En, just 5 is enough.”

Everyone had varied expressions. Truth be told, they really wanted to grumble about how many patients in this hospital were walking outside without any care. But in reality, all that appeared in their minds were the scene they encountered when they were on the second floor some time ago.

After being even more stunned, Gu Wuji brought out the several chest plates he had with him afterwards, and told the nurse: “I had coincidentally encountered several patients a while ago. I originally wanted to escort them back, but they were very proactive and went back on their own. Only these were left behind.”

The nurse was immediately rendered speechless.

What is wrong with this person? Would there have been anyone else who would have done this kind of thing? Who told him that those patients were very proactive to go back? They had obviously been frightened, okay!

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