Ch 51: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 51: Was that picture there before? (part 4 of 4)

Gu Wuji lead that monster into the room. The monster behaved like an ordinary house pet at this time, casually playing with the various bits and bobs on the floor with it’s paw at the side. Even if it’s previous strength of being able to smash a crater on the ground was certainly not something an ordinary house pet can do.

The first thing Gu Wuji wanted to do was to find that portrait he had inadvertently seen just a while ago. But when he came in, the wall was already empty, there was nothing there at all.

“It seems that this isn’t an information the instance can show me right now.” Gu Wuii felt the wall for quite a while but still couldn’t find anything, and could only be forced to give up on this. He then continued to search around the ward’s interior, to see if there were still any clues he hadn’t noticed.

At this time, the monster suddenly made a warning growl, Gu Wuji turned his attention to that direction and instantly saw Jin Yu, xiao Liu and her companion trembling with fear at the doorway. They totally didn’t dare to enter due to the monster’s presence inside.

“It’s alright, you can just come in. It won’t do anything to you guys.” Gu Wuji patted the monster’s head. It immediately laid down in a well-behaved manner, with a very comfortable look on it’s face due to the touch.

The other people, who were looking at this scene felt like they were dreaming. This monster was currently as well-behaved as a kitten in Gu Wuji’s hand! What’s more, that imposing momentum which caused people to be terrified away just a while ago was nowhere to be found.

Gu Wuji also made the other people search with him without delay. The group immediately scoured through the 4 corners of the room.

The person who found something strange under another bed was still Jin Yu, who immediately called Gu Wuji over to come and see.

The group turned over the bed, and surprisingly saw another charcoal graffiti underneath this bed.

The drawing was of the entrance of this hospital, in addition to the rear view of seven people. Even if the drawing was very simple. But be it from the clothes or figure, it could clearly be distinguished that they were these people.

What made them very uncomfortable was the presence of the strange dark mist swirling around all the people’s body. Almost as if there were ghosts entangling their bodies.

“How-, how could this be? How could we be on this?”

“Could this drawing have been drawn when we came here? Had that ghost been hiding under the bed?”

The complexion on xiao Liu and her companion’s faces were already very gloomy. The more they thought about, the more frightened they felt. They had actually stayed in the same place with that ghost.

“There’s no need to be alarmed. At least we aren’t in any danger now.” Gu Wuji got up and said, “I just don’t know what effect these drawings have…… We should go look at the other areas to see if there are drawings similar to this.”

The group then went to look at the several other wards. Upon coming across a room that couldn’t be opened, Gu Wuji had then used force to break the door open, but there was also nothing to be found inside.

“I guess there shouldn’t be anything that can be found here. We should head to the office downstairs, to find what kind of patients were living in that ward. One of them should certainly be the person who drew those drawings.” Gu Wuji quickly thought of an idea, “The mainline task must have some connections with him.”

In 8 to 9 cases out of 10, that person would definitely be this instance’s villain boss.

The others nodded in unison. The group then walked towards the flight of stairs.

“Hold on.” Gu Wuji looked to a certain area, and suddenly queried, “Is there something a bit off here?”

“What?” The others followed the direction of Gu Wuji’s gaze, and instantly realized that the corpse which had rolled down the stairway had completely disappeared.

As the person who had just seen the corpse which corresponds to him a moment ago, the complexion of the man in the team underwent a change, “What’s the matter with this?”

“If what I’m thinking isn’t wrong.” Gu Wuji’s gaze landed on the monster he lead along, “When I had examined that corpse a while ago, a lot of bite marks were visible…… and was very likely to have been bitten to death by the monster. But now, since things may have already changed. Hence, the corpse had also disappeared.”

Needless to say, if the group did not have Gu Wuji, who gallantly rushed out to save that person, then that man would presumably have the same appearance as that corpse now.

The others were shocked for a moment, then immediately regained their spirit afterwards. Especially xiao Liu, who instantly saw the corpse which corresponds to her right at the start. She had already shed tears in excitement. Now that they know that the omen of such corpse can disappear. It would mean that as long as they could find a way, they would still be able to survive!

The group went down in high-spirits. The first floor still looked the same as when they came here before, without the slightest bit of change.

This time, Gu Wuji took a picture of the map hanging on the wall. His line of sight soon fell to the hallway, “According to what is being shown on the map, the office and archive room should be over there.”

Their trip this time actually went very smoothly, it may also be because of the monster following behind Gu Wuji which could have scared off the numerous ghosts that would have originally shown up. The group quickly reached the office.

The interior of the office was much neater as opposed to the mess in the other places. But there were really too many information present. They also lacked any knowledge of the method this hospital uses to organize things, and were completely stumped for a while.

As Gu Wuji was contemplating of whether to call upon a ghost that had originally existed in this hospital to come out for questioning, a gust of a gloomy and cold wind along with the shrill scream of xiao Liu resounded.

“There’s a ghost!!”

All of them turned to look, and immediately saw a female ghost wearing a nurse’s uniform had materialized on the ceiling without notice. Her ominous grin, in addition to the constantly oozing blood from her eyes, made this scene look very frightening.

“Your timing is truly impeccable.” Gu Wuji’s voice sounded. That tone had a feeling similar to having found a long lost loved one, in addition to an emotional touch, “We were initially feeling very troubled, and you actually showed up right away.”

Female ghost: “……”

What’s up with this, ah! She didn’t show up to perform a piece of kindness, alright! This living person is too presumptuous. She’ll definitely have to teach this guy a lesson.

The female ghost immediately dropped down from the ceiling. After landing on the ground, the disconcerting blood splashes sounded. That pair of dark eyes looked at everyone grimly, but suddenly froze when it caught sight of the monster behind Gu Wuji.

Female ghost: “???”

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