Ch 51: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 51: Was that picture there before? (part 1 of 4)

Subjected to Gu Wuji’s warm and deeply concerned gaze, these mentally ill patients felt more and more pressure.

After a short period of time, the handful of the ghost patients in the surrounding area unexpectedly turned around and immediately walked away. The patient whose shoulder was held by him, had surprisingly struggled free at once as if coming across some natural enemy. Quickly keeping up with his companions, for fear that he would experience something miserable once left behind.

Several people in the ward had varied expressions, and inwardly believed that this Sun Shi still had a number of skills. That kitchen knife might not be an ordinary item, because of it’s ability to frighten these ghosts away.

As for the line Gu Wuji said to the mentally ill patients before, because of it being so strange, so, they forcibly ignored it, assuming that this might be a line that must be said to use the item.

Gu Wuji who was still holding the kitchen knife in his hand, looked at the disappearing figures of these patients with a pleased expression. Feeling that these patients were really very proactive. He didn’t even need to give any assistance for them to return to their ward. This place must have been a very harmonious psychiatric hospital in the past.

Had the other people known of what Gu Wuji was thinking. They would have spurted out, and point out that the situation inside this psychiatric hospital had never been normal from the second they stepped through the entrance.

Along with the disappearance of the patients’ figure, several chest plates* fell to the floor. These were originally pinned on the patients, to indicate which ward they were living in.

*similar to nameplates

At this time, the movement sounds of that monster crawling up the staircase sounded almost within reach. They could practically hear the vague sounds of the monster’s heavy breaths.

“Not good, the monster’s coming!”

“Sun Dage, you should hurry!”

The other people no longer bothered to watch the exciting scene, and went into the ward one after another, looking for a place that could hide them.

Although Gu Wuji didn’t know if these chest plates would have any use, but it would certainly come in handy. He swiftly picked up several chest plates from the ground, and rushed into the ward, closing the door behind him as well.

The scene inside the ward immediately greeted his eyes.

This messy ward contained four beds. Various things were also knocked over the floor, just like some sort of dispute had taken place here in the past.

The wall facing the hallway was almost an entire wall of windows. It must be for the convenience of the doctors outside to be able to observe the conditions of the patients inside.

This sort of ward was a bit difficult for people to hide in. The situation inside can be clearly seen from the outside after all. Fortunately, the ward had a lot of sundries and cabinets that could hide people. The bed sheets of the hospital beds were also very long, enough to cover the person under the bed. The others had already found good places to hide in.

Jin Yu, who was hiding under one of the hospital beds waved Gu Wuji over with a nervous expression, “Come quickly!”

In such an urgent situation, Gu Wuji also didn’t have the time to think things over. He quickly ran over and also ducked under the same hospital bed.

The ward suddenly fell into a deadly silence. No one dared to create any sounds at this time, just waiting for that monster to move away from this place.

At the end of the day, that monster which can make the ghosts inside this hospital reveal a look of fear, would most certainly not be an existence they are capable of handling…… If it really finds them, then it would definitely be impossible for their group to get away without the death of several people.

Gu Wuji and Jin Yu were completely covered by this bed, which also completely obstructed the view on the outside. But this did not give the people a sense of security. On the contrary, because of the inability to see the situation outside, the people couldn’t help but imagine all kinds of negative thoughts.

Jin Yu, who was beside him didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, clutching Gu Wuji’s sleeve as he trembled with fear.

Gu Wuji, who was calmly scanning his surroundings, shifted his gaze to the bottom of the bed before him, and immediately became stunned.

Nothing could be seen from the outside before. But underneath this bed, some graffiti could actually be vaguely discerned. Because the lighting was too dim to see anything clearly, he simply took out his mobile phone and illuminated the board before him with the screen’s light.

Jin Yu had taken a deep cool breath because of this action at first, but immediately froze on the spot when his sight fell on the graffiti above Gu Wuji, then showed a look of disbelief.

“What is this?”

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