Ch 50: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 50: Haunted Psychiatric Hospital (part 4 of 4)

After reaching the second floor, the sounds coming from below still hadn’t stopped. Even though that monster was slow-moving. But everyone could see that it wasn’t something that could be easily dealt with.

“This isn’t good. We have to find a room to hide in. Otherwise, we will be found by that monster.”

After these words were said, everyone became filled with fear. In the distant area on the hallway of the second floor, several dark shadows were also heading towards their side.

The players immediately eyed the stairway leading to the third floor, and were clearly thinking of heading straight to the third floor.

“No, we mustn’t go up the third floor.” Gu Wuji suddenly thought of something and said: “The location of the window which shattered a while ago was on the third floor. If we go up, something much worse might happen.”

Xiao Liu’s body trembled. She hugged her arms in fear. At this point, her teammates were moving elsewhere with an apologetic look on their faces, and clearly didn’t want to be implicated by her.

“Are you messing with me? With this current situation, if we don’t head up, don’t tell me that you want us to face off against that monster that will be appearing soon?”

“So what if she gets into an accident? If we don’t go up, we’ll all be in trouble!”

The others were very dissatisfied with Gu Wuji’s words, and looked over angrily. When faced with their own life and death situation, the life and death of other people no longer mattered to them.

But right at this moment, a muffled noise suddenly sounded from the third floor. In the next instant, a dead body suddenly rolled down from the stairs of the third floor, and finally rolled on to the floor. The creepy expression of the face just happened to face everyone’s direction.

All of them were immediately stunned still at this time. This face shockingly belongs to one of the male player in their team.

Everyone fell silent at once. The dangers on the third floor was quite obviously beyond average. If they head up, the lives of two people will be forfeited.

Not only that, but this also proves that the dead body at the entrance might have not been the initial show of strength of this instance. These dead bodies, might have probably come from somewhere inside this psychiatric hospital. Just the thought of this matter, made their blood run cold.

Despite this, Gu Wuji moved a few step closer to that place. And under everyone’s shocked gazes, he scrutinized the corpse in front of him quite conscientiously. He even touched and turned the corpse from time to time for a thorough inspection. His eyes even shone a gleam of interest –That’s because Gu Wuji was thinking about what meaning these corpses had.

But the emotional state of the other people were very disarrayed. Especially the male player who corresponds to that dead body. What is wrong with this Sun Shi!? Aside from being a good person, does he also have any special interest towards dead bodies?

Had it not been for the pleasing looks of Gu Wuji, which made others feel at ease, perhaps he would have already been treated as a weirdo.

The shadows in the hallway which were already close by, were actually several pale faced ghosts dressed in patient’s clothes. All of them had their eyes closed, and were aimlessly wandering through the hallway. As if they still haven’t noticed the presence of several players standing at the other side.

“It looks like they aren’t the kind of ghosts that can directly kill people.” Hong Ge uttered eagerly: “So long as we don’t draw their attention, we should be able to pass through them to find a hiding place, as the things are still not to imminent.”

What needs to be done now was already very obvious. So, nobody also ventured to say anything more. More importantly, the sound coming from that monster downstairs was getting more and more close. The group immediately went forward in silence. Everyone took out their self-defense items, only waiting to be used as a block in case something goes wrong.

Gu Wuji noticed the terrified expression on Jin Yu’s face. After thinking that such a newcomer must not have any self-defense items, a talisman taken out from his pocket was then given to him, “Take this. This can protect you in case you run into danger.”

Fortunately, he had exchanged quite a lot of talismans before, so he could still give one to another person.

Jin Yu immediately looked at Gu Wuji with gratitude and tearful eyes, “Sun Dage, thank you so much. If not for you, I really wouldn’t know what to do.”

“It’s nothing.” Gu Wuji said: “I’m just doing what I should have to do that’s all. Someone had also lent me a hand when I was just a newcomer.”

Even though that someone who lent him a hand, was actually the maid’s ghost in an instance.

Upon seeing this, the other people secretly shook their head. They had originally thought that Gu Wuji was a scheming person, but now it seems…… He had no schemes up his sleeves, but was simply a fool. No matter how kindhearted he is, it has no advantage within this instance at all. Moreover, he also seems to have a strange hobby.

Hong Ge walked in the forefront. He avoided several of the aimlessly walking patients in the surrounding area very carefully, and quickly squeezed into a ward.

“Hong Ge got in! There should certainly be no problem.”

“We should hurry too.”

The rest of the people quickly followed. Even if their character doesn’t seem to be that great, but they still had some strength. After having passed through so many instances, this kind of situation was already the easiest part. If they still made mistakes, then they should just go and die.

There was only one unfortunate incident that almost occurred. That was only because a patient had suddenly turned without warning, and nearly collided with a player. But he also avoided it through conditioned reflex, and quickly slipped into the ward.

Gu Wuji made Jin Yu walk in front of him, as he walked at the very back, in order to guard against any unexpected incidents.

Jin Yu’s face was already full of cold sweats, although he seems to have already been doing his best, but his body was still trembling uncontrollably. His pace was also hesitant, that he almost bumped into the ghosts around him several times.

Several of the people inside the ward, who were looking outside, were secretly feeling glad upon seeing this scene. Luckily, they didn’t care about this newcomer and immediately walked ahead, if not, the person who was now suffering at the back would have been them.

“Don’t be nervous.” Gu Wuji conveyed words of appeasement: “You can just treat them like ordinary people. There’s nothing terrible, the distance from here isn’t that far off as well.”

“En, en.” Jin Yu had clearly been encouraged by Gu Wuji’s words, but when he finally got close to his destination, a shaking sound suddenly resounded at the stairs. The faces of several patients’ ghosts immediately showed a look of fright, so much so that the one next to Jin Yu suddenly turned around and hit him.

These ghosts that just looked frightened at the beginning, opened their eyes one by one. Only showing a pitch-black darkness and were missing the white color of the eyes. Just being gazed at this can give rise to a creepy feeling from head to foot.

Jin Yu’s body stiffened, when a strong and forceful push suddenly came from behind him. He lurched several step forward right into the doorway. He looked back in surprise, with disbelief and emotional feeling in his words, “Sun Dage!!”

Gu Wuji had pushed Jin Yu away, with such a big movement, the eyes of all the surrounding ghosts settled on him.

Several people in the ward were given a shock by Gu Wuji’s actions. They never expected that Gu Wuji would actually take this course of action in order to save someone. How did this kind of person press ahead till the intermediate instance?

The feeling of admiration inevitably emerged from their hearts. Along with a great sense of pity as well, after all, Gu Wuji would be forced to use an item in order to get away from this existing danger. The items that can be used will be lessened by one…… This would also lead to a decreased chance in survival.

Gu Wuji, who was stared at by numerous pair of eyes, still retained a very calm expression, and patted the shoulder of the patient before him, “You should have gone back to your ward at this time, right? What are you still doing here? Could you be lost?”

After saying this line, he took out the kitchen knife from his possession, showing it to the several patients before him. This knife still exudes a strong bloodthirsty feeling, and had also been used by Gu Wuji to hack down a countless number of lesser monsters in the mirror realm before, that the momentum simply became astonishing.

The patients stiffened. Even if they had mental disorders and had already become ghosts, but they were still able to clearly sense the threat brought about by this kitchen knife. If they were cut down by this knife, it is estimated that even they would not be able to take the consequences.

“It doesn’t matter. Rest assured, I’ll take you back to your wards.” While Gu Wuji said this, he also showed an amicable smile.

He completely didn’t realize that he had actually threatened the others with the kitchen knife in his hand. After all, weren’t all the ghosts here mentally ill patients? Him taking out a kitchen knife, might comparatively give off the same impression as them. This should give these ghosts a much closer feeling, right?

Gu Wuji even thought that he was being quite considerate.

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