Ch 50: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 50: Haunted Psychiatric Hospital (part 3 of 4)

At this time, that female player summoned her courage as she stepped forward to check, her body subsequently tremble even more, “How is this possible? All the things on this corpse is exactly the same as mine. Even if it’s a disguise by the ghost in the instance, how could it possibly have this much similarity?”

“I think……” Gu Wuji had already come over without anyone’s knowledge, looking at corpse on the ground that made people feel uneasy. His calm examination over the corpse to see if there were any strange places, caused the female player next to him to look at him with a baffled and apprehensive expression.

Gu Wuji continued to voice out: “Could this be some kind of forecast? Perhaps this instance might also have some space and time changes.”

The other people were already looking at the female player with a bit of sympathetic expression. In their opinion, this was simply no different with certain death. It would be better for them to stay a bit father from the other later, to avoid the risk of being caught up with the things that would happen.

So much so that even the companion of the female player faintly drew back several steps, with the clear intent to alienate.

“This being the case, we should protect this female player even more.” Gu Wuji expressed this under the shock gazes of everyone, “She is the most likely person to encounter danger after all.”

Everyone thought that this guy shouldn’t be a fool right? To still have the time to care in saving or not saving someone inside this instance, when just keeping their lives was already not an easy task.

Xiao Liu, the female player immediately looked at Gu Wuji with a grateful expression

“Xiao Sun’s words are right.” Hong Ge said: “Only through challenging the dangerous situations brought by the instances can we move a step closer to the truth.”

In the end, the division changed into Hong Ge leading the forefront, followed at the back by Gu Wuji and xiao Liu, further back were Jin Yu and the others.

The others wanted to be a bit closer to Hong Ge, but they couldn’t do anything since the other had arrange this positions. At the very least, they would still be able to quickly run away if something unexpected happens.

The group avoided the corpse and finally pushed the entrance of the hospital open.

The bitterly cold blast of air swept through everyone’s faces, making them feel as if they had stepped into a morgue. The lobby’s front desk was in utter chaos. Materials, books and other things were scattered on the floor. A lot of messy footprints were imprinted on top, as if someone had run out from the inside in extreme panic.

The hallway on the side, lead to various offices. On the other side is the staircase that leads upstairs.

“Quickly look for the map of this place.” Hong Ge directed. The group immediately scanned the surrounding walls, the others rummaged through the materials and books on the floor.

Gu Wuji went to the front desk, and grabbed several pieces of documents. He allocated some to Jin Yu, as he also thumbed through it.

Even if he had no idea what he was searching for, but the more he knows, the more advantageous it would be for the much further exploration later.

But there were nothing too useful here, only some registration of visitors. Gu Wuji randomly flipped through several pages, and saw that a handwriting on a page of paper suddenly become chaotic.

‘What is going on? Why am I able to see those things…… It’s impossible for those creatures to exist in this world. Could I be going crazy too?’

“No, this isn’t right. Those aren’t my illusions at all. Those things are real!!”

The handwriting abruptly ended with this lengthy statement. It appears that the writer had suffered from a huge shock.

Gu Wuji who was perusing this, suddenly felt something, and looked up to the dark hallway at the side.

This place was so dark, that nothing could be seen up front. However, he instinctively felt that something was amiss.

“I found the map!” A pleasantly surprised voice of a person sounded, who then after took out a mobile phone and snapped a picture of this map.

As the others were thinking of going over, and just as Gu Wuji was about to give them a reminder, Hong Ge, who also appears to have noticed something, immediately warned: “Everyone be careful, something is coming!”

One his voice had fallen, a scalp tingling sound came from inside the hallway. A slow moving monster could be seen crawling out from within…… That’s right, the word monster is the only thing that could describe this. It had a very large body, the body was also very grotesque, just like an existence that would show up in a nightmare.

In the instant the monster was spotted, everyone knew right away that they certainly could not face off against this thing. So, they quickly rushed to the stairs at the side.

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