Ch 49: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 49: What relationship does Gu Wuji actually have with such a ghost? (part 4 of 4)

“The Ning family?” Lu Yuanzhou initially felt very excited when Gu Wuji had finally contacted him, but was later stunned by the message sent by Gu Wuji.

“What are you asking about them for? I’m telling you, it’s best to avoid provoking them…… Even though I don’t know much, but their family clan seems to have very powerful people. High-ranking players have the highest authority in this game, and the system would also protect their privacy. That’s the reason why ordinary people would have a very difficult time in looking for their information.”

“As expected, they really have some connections with this game.” Gu Wuji thoughtfully vocalized, “In any case, can high-ranked players use the abilities obtained in the game to kill people in reality?”

Peng HaoCang had once told him that such things were not allowed. However, the shadow ghost had definitely been killed by the person behind the scenes, and would surely have not been that person’s sole victim.

“The rules of the game would naturally not allow such thing.” Lu YuanZhou’s tone brought a sense of urgency as he said: “But I have never been in touch, and don’t know any specific matters about them. I only know that they are very dangerous, truly very dangerous.”

After Lu YuanZhou has said this, he then hurriedly supplemented, for fear that Gu Wuji would do something out of a bit of emotion: “Although it sounds like a high-ranked player is just a level higher than us, but stepping across that level is actually very difficult, a lot of people have sacrificed their humanity in order to climb up.

There are even some people, who, in order to gain more power, would merge their body with a malicious spirit…… That could hardly be considered as a human anymore! To sum it up, they are already in a level that we can’t handle.”

“Alright, thank you. I understand, I won’t do anything stupid.” Gu Wuji reflected, he also wasn’t the do-or-die type of person. Since, he already knows that the situation is very dangerous, he should improve his strength by striving to change the instance.

That abandoned hospital constantly gave Gu Wuji a very unpleasant feeling, he always believes in his intuition, so he decided to temporarily set this matter aside.

“That’s good. In fact, high-ranked players will generally just think about how to overcome the upcoming instances, these matter is connected to their lives after all, and will not have any interest in reality. I don’t know why you showed an interest in the Ning family, but there’s always no problem in staying a bit farther from them.”

Lu YuanZhou then heaved a sigh of relief, and also said with guilt: “I‘m really very sorry for the matter before. It was my fault, I wanted to pull you in the organization without authorization and certainty, which made your joy go down the drain.”

“It’s alright.” Gu Wuji replied, he actually didn’t care about this matter at all, let alone have that sort of pointless happiness, as he had only read it a moment ago.

“You can just come and ask me if you have any other questions next time, alright?” Although he hadn’t been able to draw Gu Wuji in his organization, but Lu YuanZhou already regarded Gu Wuji as a person on his side, and said with solemnity, “You can also contact me if you have any difficulties.”

Gu Wuji felt touched, so the two chatted for a longer time. Lu YuanZhou, just like having found a confidant to converse with after great difficulties, talked to him about the matters he had previously experienced in all the various kind of instances.


On the other side, Peng HaoCang who saw that Gu Wuji was still online, had an internal struggle once again, as he didn’t know whether or not he should tell him about the matter that happened inside the previous instance.

At that time inside the mist, that mysterious ghost that appeared before them, was actually the closest person in the subconsciousness of Gu Wuji…… This fact was truly too frightening.

But not only does Gu Wuji seem to be completely unaware of this matter at all, he also doesn’t seem to remember that ghost at all. If he rashly called this to his attention, could something much more terrible happen instead?

“But what the hell is going on?” Peng HaoCang couldn’t help but mumble to himself, “It was obviously just a phantom produced by the mist’s illusion, but it was already so terrible…… If it was a real entity, could that be a boss that would appear in an advanced instance?”

What relationship does Gu Wuji actually have with such a ghost? If it’s really that sort of intimate relationship……

In any case, he didn’t have that courage to be that close to the other.



In a certain private room somewhere in the virtual world, two people were having a discussion.

“Are we really going to do this?” One of the person uneasily asked.

“What are you afraid of? Even if Gu Wuji grows more powerful, it would also be impossible for him to find our real identity to come deal with us!” The person who said this was actually a teammate of Peng HaoCang.

Owing to the fact that the real identity of Gu Wuji had been investigated right from the start, so their memories were not the slightest bit affected.

“But talking about the matters that happened inside the instance isn’t good, right?”

“Gu Wuji must have gotten something good in that instance, and we also tried to kill him before…… Even though he had released us once before, who knows if he is thinking about doing something against us?” This person explained, and completely relied on his own line of thinking to speculate on how Gu Wuji might handle things.

“As long as the information is made known. The other players would want to take that item from him, he will then have no time to start working on us!”

This man stated, an opportunity for a full-ranged broadcast has already been bought with the use of points, and was just about to talk about the information.

But he suddenly noticed that the little brother beside him had a very terrified expression on his face, that even his body was shaking like a sieve.

“What’s the matter? I don’t remember you being this cowardly. What kind of thing could actually scare you like this?” This man looked at him with knotted brows.

“N-, no it’s-……” The little brother’s terrified eyes were looking at the back of this man, “It-, it’s behind-……behind you-, that-, that ghost-……of-, of Gu Wuji……”

“What ghost? Gu Wuji? He hasn’t died yet. What nonsense are you spouting?”

The places inside the virtual world is known to be very safe, only the players’ consciousness were uploaded into this space provided by the system, so there could never be any ghost. This was the common understanding of all players, this was also the reason why he would never expect anything else.

This man turned his head while secretly feeling disdain, but his body suddenly became stiff.

What appeared before the two of them, was shockingly that mysterious ghost they had seen inside the mist in the previous instance—— 

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