Ch 49: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 49: What relationship does Gu Wuji actually have with such a ghost? (part 3 of 4)

As for the two ghosts over there, they were finally able to reach a consensus with the shadow ghost as well.

Had the shadow ghost still been a living person, he would have probably been wiping off the cold sweats from his forehead at this time. Seeing Gu Wuji coming over, he immediately took credit and said: “The matter has been completely resolved.”

The three immediately felt a burst of excitement.

“They think that your proposal is really good, but they still want to enjoy in the human world as well, and wish to ascend after some time later.” The shadow ghost stated.

The two ghosts had also nodded repeatedly, and looked towards Gu Wuji with a bit of trepidation in their eyes.

“Alright.” Gu Wuji nodded, then contentedly said, “It’s also great that you want to move on.”

After Gu Wuji released this pair of ghosts, the basement parking area immediately returned to normal. The only exception to this was the basement door that had been kicked aside. Soon after, a security personnel immediately rushed over from the outside.

While the hard-pressed Xia Yangshuo was handling the problem over there, Gu Wuji in passing purified all the mindless ghosts nearby. In other words, this was to prevent his arrival from being in vain.


Time flew in a blink of an eye, and several days have quickly passed by.

Gu Wuji exchanged talismans from the mall. It’s function is to provide a single-time defence and to simultaneously inform him of the other person’s position. It could be considered as a single-use defense item.

Xia Yangshuo was finally able to breath a sigh of relief after getting the talismans. Even if he had already changed his residence, he still called over several top quality bodyguards to stay and eat under the same roof as him. But still feels a sense of lingering fear whenever he thinks back to the matters that day.

It’s just that he couldn’t act as cheeky as Cheng Jia and stubbornly move close to Gu Dashi’s side, as well as forcefully behave like the little brother of the other.

As for the apology Xia Yangshuo previously promised, it had also been realized. He even pulled over the director and TV host, and expressed that such shameless things were just done in order to achieve some hype. This instantly caused an uproar, making the internet burst in liveliness for a while.

The scandal suspecting an affair between Gu Wuji and Cheng Jia had also been suppressed. To top it off, this matter which was similar to chasing the winds and clutching at shadows right from the start, had no concrete evidences, so it soon fell silent.

Cheng Jia was still feeling very regretful. He originally wanted to hold a press conference and say that he was actually a male fan of Gu Wuji, but this always gave a sense of trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous kind of impression…… And might make things even harder in the end, so he could only give up on this idea.


At this time, Gu Wuji was looking at the player forum that comes with the system, and thought on looking for any matters that pertains to the Ning family. It would be even better if he could find some clues related to the person behind the scenes.

Otherwise, he would certainly meet a very terrible ending if he went ahead and did anything without careful consideration. Gu Wuji still had this bit of conscientiousness.

But he didn’t expect that not even a single post would appear on his search. As if these people were consciously avoiding in mentioning the name of that family.

There were also no mentions regarding the matters of the hospital they had suspicions of being haunted…… After all, mentioning the matters in reality would very likely lead to the exposure of their own identities. What’s more, it’s very unlikely for an ordinary person to encounter something like a ghost in reality. Hence, these players would basically just talk about the matters inside the instances.

“This can’t be right. Since, this clan is such a well-known exorcist in the capital, there would certainly have contacts with some players, ah. Not even having a bit of news would instead be the strangest thing……”

At this time, Gu Wuji who finally remembered, that the teammate he encountered in the last instance seems like a member of some great organization, started to look at his messages.

Peng HaoCang had also sent him a message. Not only did he express his gratitude for Gu Wuji lending a help in the previous instance, but he also mentioned that the members in his organization no longer dared to have any idea against Gu Wuji, letting Gu Wuji feel at ease.

Gu Wuji then accepted the friend application of Lu YuanZhou, and finally saw the two messages sent by the other person.

Gu Wuji immediately felt very abashed, in letting the other wait this long…… Truth be told, his feelings towards human interpersonal relationships and the likes were very weak from the start. After all, with all the ghosts around, handling the ghosts already occupied most of his time. So how could he still have the time for human relationships? This was also what basically lead to him in having so little friends.

But he never held any expectation of being able to join in any organization, so he also didn’t feel any sense of disappointment now. But only wanted to ask Lu YuanZhou if he knew any information regarding the Ning family.

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