Ch 49: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 49: What relationship does Gu Wuji actually have with such a ghost? (part 1 of 4)

Gu Wuji calmly rushed forward, then directly came face to face with the attack of the security guard. After having evaded the strike of the steel pipe, he then reached out and held the shoulders of the other party.

“Calm down a bit, everyone can have a nice conversation.”

There’s no way the security guard would have listened to Gu Wuji’s words, as he still thought of continuing his attack with aggressiveness. But in the next instant, he astoundingly discovered, that the strength placed on his shoulders was so great, that he was actually unable to struggle at all.

“I understand that you might have some contradictions with this proprietor, but this is not an issue that can be solved with violence.” Gu Wuji seriously persuaded, “We should sit down and talk, using force isn’t good.”

Xia Yangshuo felt shocked, moved and frightened. But the impulse to satirize had ultimately prevailed, “!!” What are you saying to a ghost, ah!

Then he turned to the side, to see that Cheng Jia actually had a face of approval. He had a nagging feeling that there should be something wrong here.

The security guard who realized that he actually couldn’t attack him, looked at this living person before him with restrained fear. But he still felt that the other person was full of flaws no matter how he looks. As he started to madly struggle, the body startlingly had a tendency to grow larger again.

Upon seeing this, Xia Yangshuo immediately thought of warning him, then noticed that Gu Wuji took no other action, other than slightly increase the strength on both hands. The sound of breaking bones suddenly sounded, the movement of the security guard also came to a direct stop.

“Even if I really want to have a friendly discussion, but the premise of helping others is to ensure my own safety.” Saying this, Gu Wuji took out the blood-stained rope, and firmly tied up the security guard with a tall stature.

As for that ghost sprawling on the ground before, it slowly drew back upon seeing such a huge turn of events, but was immediately noticed by Gu Wuji.

“Don’t go, ah. The matter hasn’t been resolved, so it’s not good to leave now.” Gu Wuji spoke as he leisurely walked over, as he gazed into the other side’s eyes with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.”

Gu Wuji’s smiling expression at this moment simply seemed more frightening than the ghosts to this ghost, so scared that it trembled all over. It was originally the type of ghost without any strength, and was simply the most useless type of ghost to handle this living person.

Xia Yangshuo: “……” Why could he see a terrified expression from the face of a ghost?! What kind of person could Gu Wuji really be?

At this time, the image of Gu Wuji in Xia Yangshuo’s mind rose yet again. Even though he didn’t have such a rich imagination like Cheng Jia, but a sense of awe also emerged in his heart at this time.

Cheng Jia looked at his mobile phone and immediately said: “Gu dashi, the investigation is already here. This apartment building is relatively new, and there hasn’t been any incident in it. But there used to be a security guard in the neighboring district, who died in a scuffle with a hoodlum in the basement parking area. That hoodlum is still serving time in prison up to now.

As for that one sprawled on the ground. He should probably be the man who died in an accident in another building. He shouldn’t have any particular grievance as well.”

“So, they actually have nothing to do with Xia Yangshuo?” Cheng Jia’s tone seemed to sound very disappointed.

“It looks like he was just out of luck.” Gu Wuji deeply mused.

Xia Yangshuo: “……”

Cheng Jia continued to say: “Anyway, there were also reports about strange incidents frequently occurring in the neighboring district. A few proprietors who often drink in the middle of the night have claimed of encountering ghosts, and would later hurriedly move away.”

At this moment, the two ghosts bound together by the rope, finally realized that they had kicked an iron plate this time, and looked over with fear and trepidation, then started to beg for mercy: “This expert, we didn’t have any intentions of killing anyone, ah!”

“That’s right, that’s right. We only saw that this young man has a heavy yin energy around his body, and guessed that he certainly couldn’t be some good person. So we scared him a little to fish up a bit of benefit in passing…… There really wasn’t any intention to kill him, ah.”

“Aside from scaring people, we have never cause any fatalities! It’s all because there’s too little yin in the environment, so it’s also quite hard for us to survive.”

Gu Wuji kindly said, “It’s alright. I didn’t come here with the intention to deal with you. But since I’m already here, I want to ask if you have any intention of ascending?”

The two ghosts immediately revealed a look of fright, and desperately shook their heads. To them, those words of Gu Wuji were no different in telling them that he would sentence them to death!

Left without any other choice, Gu Wuji could only let the shadow ghost come out to negotiate with them, thinking that they might be able to settle this issue since they were of the same kind after all.

Xia Yangshuo, who saw Gu Wuji let out a ghost in a downplayed manner, felt even more shocked inside.

Only then did Gu Wuji turn to look at Xia Yangshuo who was still in place. Feeling that this person might have been shocked silly by the scene just now, so he thought of speaking some reassuring words.

“Gu dashi!” Xia Yangshuo looked at Gu Wuji with a grateful but apprehensive feelings. Gu Wuji has already become a very mysterious figure in his eyes, so he hurriedly said: “It was wrong for doing all those things before. This time, I will certainly set it right at once. I will also give you the fee right away…… If it’s twice the usual price, should 20 million then be enough?”

He was still feeling very concerned. Would these much money still be insufficient? As a matter of fact, a huge portion of this money is used as compensation. After all, he had mercilessly fabricated rumors about Gu Wuji before, in order to harm the other side with the winds of criticisms……

Thinking about it now, how could it be possible for Gu Wuji, who has this kind of strength, to be provided for by such a good-for-nothing son of rich parent’s like Cheng Jia? It must be Cheng Jia who is forcefully entangling the other!

However, the matter that such an expert would actually mix in with the entertainment industry was also a huge surprise.

The result of offending such a person, would most probably land him in serious trouble. Moreover, those ghosts also mentioned about him having some yin energy around his body a while ago. This problem still hasn’t been resolved until now. Hence, Xia Yangshuo had now set his heart to form a good relationship with Gu Wuji.  

Gu Wuji: “……??” He originally wanted to say that it would cost him about 20,000 yuan.

Gu Wuji had never come across this much money in his life. This made him so surprise that the gaze he looked at Xia Yangshuo also become a tad softer.

The latter immediately let out a sigh of relief in private. It seems that his decision wasn’t wrong.

Cheng Jia was completely shocked by the heroic spirit of Xia Yangshuo, then soon after realized, that the other might want to pry a corner. This made him immediately feel a strong sense of crisis inside.

But how could such a virtuous and pristine person like Gu Dashi be possibly bought because of a measly 20 million! He must work even harder, only in this way can he retain his number one position as a little brother.

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