Ch 48: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 48: The scene that appeared before him has truly surpassed his imagination (part 3 of 4)

On the other hand, Gu Wuj was still diligently reading the movie scripts, he would naturally be completely dedicated to his work, ——He still wants to continue prospering properly in the path of the entertainment industry.

As regards to the sex scandal with Cheng Jia, Gu Wuji didn’t care about it too much, this was just a scandal after all, they didn’t have any intimate photos anyway. This bit of harmfulness, was comparably a more amicable development compared to the malicious evil spirits and evil god in the instances who absolutely insists on engaging in gay practices with him.

“I think that this one is good.” Gu Wuji had quickly selected a script in accordance to his intuition, and also had a good impression after having read through it once. He passed it over to Cheng Jia, “What do you think?”

Although Gu Wuji has always been such a amiable person who would ask for the opinions of other people, but this action still made Cheng Jia feel overwhelmed by favor, that he immediately reached over to take it, with the intention of reading it carefully.

In addition to this, he will certainly investigate all the things about the director this time!

Gu Wuji took advantage of the spare time. He felt for his mobile phone with the initial intention of playing a game, but his ringing tone suddenly sounded.

“Who could it be?”

Gu Wuji looked down, and saw that it was from an unknown number. He thought for a moment, base on the current situation, maybe someone he knows was in danger, so he still received the call, “Hey? Is something wrong?”

“You-, You’re Gu Wuji…… Gu dashi right?! It’s me, I’m Xia Yangshuo……” An extremely muffled voice sounded at the other end of the call, which also carried a bit of undisguised panic and tremor.

“Oh, you should have encountered a ghost, right?” Gu Wuji felt that he was very proficient in this aspect of the business.

“Yes, yes. I’m very sorry for not having listened to your words before. So please, I’m asking you now to quickly come over to save me!” Xia Yangshuo quickly said, in a very rushed diction, “The situation here is truly very dangerous, I don’t know how long I can continue to persevere……”

Cheng Jia immediately pricked up his ears to listen as soon as the call connected, and inwardly sneered upon hearing the words of Xia Yangshuo.

Look, this Xia Yangshuo who was so unethical, has finally received his retribution! Now it is this guy’s time to have a taste of those sufferings he encountered before!

What’s more, Cheng Jia, who had gone through so many supernatural events, has now found a sense of psychological superiority in Xia Yangshuo who was scared into a dog. Was running into such a little matter really this frightening?

Cheng Jia doesn’t know how mature he feels compared to Xia Yangshuo. He had completely overlooked the fact that even after experiencing so many supernatural events, he would still scream out loud when encountering ghosts. Not only did he not dare to return to his room nowadays, he even moved to live next door of Gu Wuji.

“No problem, but because this is an urgent situation. The price will probably be a bit more expensive, and would be twice than the usual. What do you think?” Gu Wuji spoke with deadly earnest. Cheng Jia’s chauffeur might not be agreeable in driving later, it’s impossible for him to go and save Cheng Jia’s rival. So Cheng Jia would presumably have to lose money to pay for the car’s fare.

This kind of matters always needs to be clearly discussed right at the beginning, so as to avoid everyone from arguing and feeling discontented because of money matters later.

“I have no opinion!! Gu dashi, you can ask for as much money as you want!” Xia Yangshuo was practically burning with anxiousness, so how could he have any other opinion towards the words of Gu Wuji? Only by being alive can money be of use, what the f*ck will the use of those money be if you’re already dead? “Oh no, that security guard is coming over! I’ll hung up first, I already sent my location to you, I’m in the basement parking area——”

His words were cut off, as he hurriedly hanged up the call, just like the other person at the other end had already encountered an extremely desperate situation.

Gu Wuji was also aware that the matter shouldn’t be delayed. He immediately got up while holding his mobile phone, then turned towards Cheng Jia, “It seems we have to go out and deal with this matter first, we need to head to this place now.”   

“Okay.” Cheng Jia seemed to have naturally become a little brother of Gu Wuji. He hurriedly took out an overcoat from the side and placed it over Gu Wuji’s shoulders.

With concerns towards Gu Wuji’s professional capabilities, Cheng Jia would naturally never have any skepticism over it. What other things could compare with those numerous monsters in the mirror realm, ah! He doesn’t believe that there could still be other dangerous things that Gu Wuji could not deal with.

“By the way, Gu dashi, how much money do you intend to rip off that guy this time?” Cheng Jia who said this, also felt very happy to see and hear. After all, the chance to see Gu Wuji, who always does good deeds for free, put forward a fee is very hard to come by. This money was naturally to buy a life. So it’s should only be alright no matter how much that Xia Yangshuo fork out!

“Twice the amount of the car fuel?” Gu Wuji pensively thought. Not only wasn’t he very skilled in this area, he had never received a commission to drive away ghosts before as well…… So how would he know how much it costs for people out there to handle it now, ah.

It’s better to say that he is just nothing more than an actor, as he doesn’t have any experience in exorcising ghosts. His performance relies entirely on intuition, who knows if he could resolve this matter? So it should probably better to not charge that high, right?

Cheng Jia: “!!!”

Although he felt that Gu dashi actions before were already charitable. But isn’t this also too charitable!!

“Gu dashi, I ask that you must charge a bit more!! It’s alright to just follow the market price! At least, it mustn’t be too cheap towards such a unsavory person like Xia Yangshuo!” Cheng Jia hurriedly expressed.

“Alright, then I’ll leave it to you.” Gu Wuji nodded, then said: “By the way, you should ask people to go investigate, what kind of events had occurred in that place where Xi Yangshuo lives now. And whether it has any interconnection with a security guard.”

Even though Gu Wuji appeared to be very casual during the call, but his attitude had already become very serious. He had also paid attention to a few of those words spoken by the flustered Xia Yangshuo, and had already started to think about it in his mind.

“Oh oh, got it!”

Cheng Jia quickly nodded, even if he didn’t get along with Xia Yangshuo, but he still understands the importance of matters, so he went ahead to arrange it without delay.

“Furthermore, be sure to prepare to contact the police at anytime. If Xia Yangshuo really committed an act of murder like this, we should at least put this matter out in the open.”

Gu Wuji would never forget this point, even though he still couldn’t do anything to several members of the Cheng family, but he would never allow other people to casually slip away.


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