Ch 48: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 48: The scene that appeared before him has truly surpassed his imagination (part 2 of 4)

However, the sound of footsteps echoed out of the blue at this time, startling Xia Yangshuo who was hiding behind the pillar at the side.

“Is there anyone here?” A voice sounded from afar, “I seemed to have heard noises just a moment ago. Is there any proprietor here?”

Xia Yangshuo cautiously looked over, and instantly caught sight of a security uniformed personnel walking over with a flashlight in hand. This security guard looked very normal in all angles, in addition to the friendly smile on his face, which gives off a secured feeling.

It’s actually a security guard! This is so great. He should certainly be able to leave this place at once. Once he get’s out from this terrible place, he will never come back here again!

This may perhaps be the first time that this eldest young master, Xia Yangshuo who lives like a prince felt so excited because of seeing a security guard.

“I’m over here——”

Before Xia Yangshuo could finish his words, his gaze happened to fall upon the rear view mirror of the car at the side.

The reflection of the security guard a short distance away showed up on the rear view mirror, but the appearance was not of a living person at all, but of an exceedingly eerie figure instead. That individual had a very tall stature with wounds all over the body, which had blood constantly flowing out from it. Even the face had been cut open, causing a frightening deformation on the entire face of the sturdy man.

Such a scene made the latter half of Xia Yangshuo’s sentence lodge in his throat, and could no longer be exported.

But as if having heard a sound, that security guard continued to make his way over. That face which looked so simple and honest kept looking all around. But since his vision wasn’t so good, he had a hard time searching for his goal, “So you were actually here, ah. Is the proprietor alright? It’s very dangerous here, quickly come over. Let me take you back.”  

But being revealed on the mirror was actually an evil grin which appeared on the other side’s face.

Xia Yangshuo’s back was frantically dripping with cold sweat, “I-, I suddenly feel that I don’t need any help anymore. You can just let me handle it by myself.” Saying so, he immediately dashed away, turned around and made a run toward the front passage.

Following his movements, was also the heavy footstep sounds of the security guard coming from behind, every sound was just like a heavy weight pressing down his heart.

“What’s the matter with the proprietor? It’s impossible for you to get out from this place without anyone leading the way. Quickly come over, ah. This place is very dangerous, why are you running away?”

The voice of this security guard still sounded very normal from the beginning, but grew shriller and shriller with the passage of time, it was completely not like a voice that a normal person could produce, causing the people who hears it feel their scalp go numb.

Xia Yangshuo who heard to the movements behind him, gritted his teeth, and practically exerted all his strength to desperately keep on running away, for fear of being caught by that security guard.

“What the hell are these creatures, ah!!”

Xia Yangshuo who had been tortured until now was already on the verge of collapse. It was at this moment, when those words conveyed by Gu Wuji through his assistant before, reappeared with clarity in his mind.

If Xia Yangshuo still had doubts over whether or not Gu Wuji really had any ability a moment ago. He no longer had any other choice left now, and could only grab hold onto this last piece of hope.

“Damn, if only I had properly listened to his words before……. But, but I still have the opportunity……”

Xia Yangshuo quickly took out his mobile phone. The constantly trembling hands in addition to the cold sweat, almost caused him to drop his mobile phone on the ground.

Xia Yangshuo nervously and anxiously gripped his mobile phone, and began to internally rejoice. Fortunately, he had chosen to retain Gu Wuji’s contact number before in order to deal with Cheng Jia, if not……


Cheng Jia quickly made his subordinates go deal with the scandal between him and Gu Wuji, and had those hot searches withdrawn at once, irregardless of how much money needed to be paid.

Fortunately, those social networking sites did not dare to spread the scandal of the second young master of the Cheng family like this, so the heat at this time was still within the controllable range.

Those who readily publicized this were basically those with connections to the Xia family, or some people who received benefits. With a wishful thinking, that there shouldn’t be such a big deal in having offended a small third-rate star who was being provided|kept by the xiao Cheng zong.

Just like Xia Yangshuo before, who also felt that the Cheng family were unable to do anything to control the behavior of the object of Cheng Jia, which was why he can be this unbridled.

So these people never took the actions of Gu Wuji seriously in their mind.

This matters were also what made Cheng Jia even more furious. Those people who dared to do this kind of things. Especially to the TV host who humiliated Gu Wuji, he will certainly let the other party know what the price is!

Even though the three moral views of Cheng Jia were quite normal. But he is a spoiled young master of the house by birth after all, and had done such matters like hiring an internet water navy to put down Gu Wuji when he considered him as an eyesore in the past. So now that some other person had done this, he certainly wouldn’t make the other people feel any better.

While commanding the other people to handle things, Cheng Jia didn’t neglect to do his duty, and quickly selected several movie scripts for Gu Wuji to have a look.

After all, he had vowed from the start that he could enable Gu dashi to make an appearance in that movie with certainty just a moment ago, yet something like this had happened. It even allowed such a nasty person like Xia Yangshuo to smear Gu dashi’s reputation, which practically gave Cheng Jia an impulse to kill.

Of course, Cheng Jia firmly determined that he must settle the movie this time. If that sort of matter occurs for the second time, even if Gu Wuji forgives him, he would never forgive himself!

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