Ch 47: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 47: Unexpected scandal (part 4 of 4)

Xia Yanshou at this moment happened to be on his way home to his family’s high-rise residence, when the mobile phone of his assistant beside him sounded, who was immediately astounded after putting the call through.

“Chief Xia, this incoming call is from the second young master of the Cheng family!”

“Oh?” Xia Yangshuo looked very proud, “Is he calling with the intention to beg in behalf of his little lover?”

Xia Yangshuo and Cheng Jia were very antagonistic to each other. No one knows how many times they gave stumbling blocks to each other. This time as well, Xia Yangshuo was actually very shocked to learn that Cheng Jia was actually having such a close contact with a man out in the open like this. Which gave him the opportunity to seize the handle of the other side.

Even if he could not shoot Cheng Jia down, but this was still more than enough to put an end to a small third-rate celebrity, and sure enough, that Cheng Jia was feeling quite anxious now.

Xia Yangshuo felt very pleased as he thought of this. He really didn’t make a mistake from starting at this angle. Being able to invest in movies to earn money and prestige, as well as being able to strike at Cheng Jia along the way, is simply an act of hitting two birds with one stone.

“N-, no.” The assistant listened to the call, while blankly looking at Xia Yangshuo, “He said, to tell you, chief Xia to be careful. Saying that there’s a possibility of you to encounter ghosts……”

However, Xia Yangshuo’s complexion did not have a bit of change, but only felt a deeper sense of disdain, “It looks like this Cheng Jia has already become like this, to even be unable to protect the person he likes…… Encounter something, to even say this kind of things in order to intimidate people. Did he take me as some three year old child?”

“No.” The assistant said once more: “The person on the other side of the phone is-, is Gu Wuji…… He said that if chief Xia runs into danger, you can give him a call. He would still be willing to extend his help, but the charges may just be a tad more expensive.”

“Is that some sort of joke?” Xia Yangshuo let out a cold sneer, “Those two must be out of their minds. Hang up the phone now. I’ll wait for that day, when they come to beg me for my forgiveness.”

He only regarded Gu Wuji as nothing more than a third-rate internet celebrity actor, even if he hadn’t seen any film the other had done. Nonetheless, he presumes that the other side’s acting skills were also not any better, and might not have any other advantage aside from his face.

He could find quite a lot of people similar to this in the entertainment circle. Who knows how he was able to bewitch Cheng Jia to be infatuated and head over heels for love, up to the extent that he would let him mess around.

“Oh, oh, alright.” In fact, after the assistant heard the pleasant and gentle sounding voice of Gu Wuji, the feeling that the other side was not that sort of person that Xia Yangshuo asserted to be cropped up.

“Hang on, it would still be better to save his number.” Xia Yangshuo dictated.

He inwardly thought once more, in case he could deal with Cheng Jia from starting with Gu Wuji, then that scene must surely be very beautiful.

The car at this time has already reached the underground parking area. The assistant opened the door, then after Xia Yangshuo got off, he made the assistant leave first, before proceeding towards the elevator.

His place of residence was a very top-end kind of high-rise apartment building, with an elevator that goes from the basement straight to the top of the building, and could not be accessed without a card, in addition to having a one of a kind first-class security.

Xia Yangshuo immediately felt a cold feeling pour over him the instant he set foot into the elevator.

“What’s going on? The air conditioner in this place is too strong.” Xia Yangshuo immediately frowned. After making a decision to call and make a complaint about their services when he get’s off, he then carried on and walked in.

But he completely failed to notice, that on the ceiling at the edge of elevator, a deathly pale face had suddenly emerged from out of nowhere.

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