Ch 135: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world

Chapter 135: Prince’s little quilt 10

Thus, Yuwen Yin drew the little quilt into his arms, and rubbed the area of the stomach. The strength Yuwen Yin exerted was just apt, so the little quilt receiving the rubbing felt exceedingly comfortable, and was just like a kitten sprawled out on it’s back to expose it’s belly to the owner. The little quilt was very satisfied, so much so, that it almost directly went to sleep in Yuwen Yin’s arms.

“Don’t sleep,” Having mysteriously perceived the little quilt’s thinking, Yuwen Yin softly said: “Be good, sleep on the bed.”

But the lazy little quilt didn’t want to move. It feigned ignorance and lightly rubbed against Yuwen Yin’s embrace, then spread out the two little quilt corners for a hug.

This adorable appearance made Yuwen Yin slightly quirk his lips, as he resigned to his fate and carried it to the bed. In Yuwen Yin’s arms, the little quilt used a cleansing technique to make itself as clean as before along the way, as well as dry the area that had been soaked by it’s tears. Then very consciously spread itself on the bed like how a normal quilt would look like, it even rolled itself into a caterpillar, with a clear indication for Yuwen Yin to quickly get in and sleep.

The sleeping environment in the Changde Palace was a hundred times more better than the Qi Wang’s mansion. The bed was both wide and big, with a very comfortable thick cotton-padded mattress. The bed canopy and the veils hung on it, were both of splendidly high-quality materials. Yuwen Yin lovingly stroked the back of the ‘caterpillar’, but didn’t get in bed immediately. But turned around instead and opened the red sandalwood patterned cabinet at the corner.

Hearing the sound of the cabinet opening, the little quilt couldn’t help but stretch it’s body to probe around, and was somewhat curious in what Yuwen Yin was doing. But it immediately became unhappy the next second, and the soft and fluffy body became somewhat heavy.

— It actually saw Yuwen Yin take out an extremely large quilt from the cabinet!

The winter nights in the capital were always difficult, so Consort Jin and the Directorate of Royal Clothing had all given Yuwen Yin a few brand new bed quilts, which was later carefully placed by the Palace Maids in the cabinet. Included among these was a not too small mandarin duck quilt that could cover two people together. Looking at this mandarin duck quilt, a feeling of jealousy began to spread in the little quilt’s heart, making the quilt very discomfited, in addition to feeling an indescribable anger, along with a tendency for blackening.

It was obviously SO thick, SO warm and SO soft, but in spite all of that, the other party still took out another quilt!! To look for another woman in front of it, was really too much!

At the same time as when Yuwen Yin placed the mandarin duck quilt on the bed, the little quilt’s hackles were raised, like a little lion, whose territory had been infringed. Unfortunately it didn’t have any fur, so it could only direct a fierce glare at the mandarin duck quilt, as if wishing it could poke holes in it.

— Humph, so what if it’s large? It certainly won’t be as warm as me! And certainly wouldn’t feel as soft as me too! Those embroidered mandarin ducks looked like very hideous-looking chickens and aren’t good-looking at all! Not to mention that this was just the added quilt cover. It certainly wouldn’t be as white as me once the quilt cover was removed!

If this mandarin duck quilt also had a consciousness, then maybe it would feel very wronged. But since it was just a piece of dead object, so it was completely oblivious to the the fact that it was being thoroughly deprecated by another raging quilt.

The also completely oblivious Yuwen Yin was ready to get in bed after having laid out the mandarin duck quilt on the bed. The unhappiness of the little quilt that had actively rolled itself as an indication for him to go to bed when he had yet to get in bed immediately reached the highest point when the mandarin duck quilt was laid out on the bed, that it ultimately rolled to the innermost part of the bed with it’s back facing him.

It was truly very angry. It silently scolded the heartless person who had looked for another woman deep inside. — You’ve already lost this quilt! This time around, rubbing my stomach won’t work anymore, I also need to be carefully coaxed! In addition to being kissed, hugged and lifted up high*. Only then will I consider whether to forgive you or not!!

*Is a series of responses to children’s requests

However, in the next second, the quilt was embraced by Yuwen Yin from the back.

The little quilt felt a warm body temperature on it’s back coming from Yuwen Yin’s chest, along with a slightly heavy weight pressing on it’s body. It couldn’t help but be stunned after having just realized that Yuwen Yin had drawn it in a hug, while simultaneously being covered together with the mandarin duck quilt.

The anger in the little quilt’s heart was instantly extinguished. After having just decisively expressed about only considering whether to forgive the other party or not when it was kissed, hugged and held up high. Yet now that it had  just been hugged, it was already bubbling with joy and satisfaction.

Yuwen Yin and it was being covered by the same quilt! It was even that mandarin duck quilt! ! Looking back at it now, those mandarin ducks that it saw a while ago doesn’t look like chickens at all. They had gorgeous crest plumage on their heads, in addition to having colorful and gorgeous body feathers. Not only were they obviously very beautiful, but the both of them were also male!

Truth be told, Yuwen Yin had long wanted to sleep while holding the little quilt in his arms since knowing that it was a demon spirit, but never had the proper condition to do so. In Yuwen Yin’s standpoint, the little quilt is a living individual, who will comfort him, accompany him and will even save his life, and was by no means just a quilt. So, how can he be willing to use it as a quilt? The lights have already been put out, and the bed veils have also been pulled down by Yuwen Yin. He wrapped his arms around the little quilt in this reassuring darkness and asked in a low voice, “The New Year is just two more days away. Do you have any New Year gifts you want? “

Feeling the warm breath on it’s ear, made the somewhat shy and fidgety little quilt turn over, then lean in Yuwen Yin’s arms, and even placed the little quilt corner on Yuwen Yin’s shoulder. It did have a few wishes it wishes to achieve, but there wasn’t any material things, so it replied: “No. — What about you?”

“I already have you,” Yuwen Yin held the little quilt corner and said: “……you’re the best gift in my whole life.”

A red blush appeared on the little quilt’s face once more. Fortunately, the darkness made it impossible for anyone to see it. Yuwen Yin asked again: “Is it warm?”

The little quilt leaned in Yuwen Yin’s embrace. It’s body had been completely warmed by Yuwen Yin’s warm body temperature, on top of having another quilt covering it’s body, making it more satisfying than basking under the sun. Perhaps due to the relationship of the monarch’s purple cloud, the feeling of Yuwen Yin’s shallow breath on it’s forehead also made it very comfortable, aside from giving it a feeling of indescribable security.

It distractedly nodded: “En.”

It’s voice had a comfortably warm and sleepy quality, but Yuwen Yin said for the reason of wanting to hear more of it’s sweet voice: “Be good. Don’t sleep yet, let’s keep on talking.”

But the little quilt’s sleepiness became more and more obvious, “……talk about what?”

“Tell me since when you were able to talk.”

“Just today. I would naturally be able to speak with sufficient spiritual power.” After immediately recalling the matter of Yuwen Yin being thrown back before, the little quilt hurriedly asked: “Were you hurt by the incident? Is there anything painful?”

The pronunciation of it’s final syllable sounded extremely soft due to sleepiness, but was also filled with worry and anxiety, stirring Yuwen Yin’s heart, “No.” He then curled his lips in the dark, “My little quilt cares about me so much, I’m so happy.”

“My name is Shen Tong, and not little quilt.” The little quilt twisted it’s body in a somewhat ‘tsundere’ manner, “I was mad at first when you brought out another quilt before.”

Yuwen Yin secretly memorized the little quilt’s name while asking: “Why?”

“Because you actually preferred to use other quilts than me,” The little quilt still felt wronged after having said this, “I’m obviously the best quilt in the whole world!!”

“You’re naturally the best quilt.” Yuwen Yin couldn’t help but broaden his smile, “Moreover, it’s just an ordinary piece of quilt without any consciousness, so what’s there to be jealous of? It’s not a individual who can talk and make a small temper.”

However, in the little quilt’s frame of mind, the same kind is the most imposing first class enemy. If Yuwen Yin was covered by other things, such as some fur blankets and clothes, then it will never be jealous. According to it’s bizarre logic, if the other party likes another race, then it will immediately leave without saying anything further, there’s no need to make amends, let alone any talk of the feeling of jealousy. — Because it could never turn into the whatever race the other is. But if the other likes it’s kind, then it would fight back, or at least, not give up without a fight.

Yuwen Yin eventually fell asleep under the gentle pats on his back by the little quilt. He actually had a dream after falling asleep. The subject in the dream was also about jealousy, the protagonist was a strange grown-up version of him, and a beautiful and flamboyant youth in red.

“Tong Tong, that shameless woman had just actively invited me to her house,” Yuwen Yin saw his strange grown-up self ask the youth in red with feigned grievance: “Why aren’t you jealous, ah? You mustn’t like me at all, I feel deeply hurt…….”

But the youth blinked at him with a bit of bafflement: “What’s there to be jealous about? She is from the snake clan, and not one of my kind.” After having said this, the youth even raised his small head very proudly and said with a raised brow: “But you won’t be able to find my kind, la. Because I am the only phoenix within these three thousand realms.”

The unbridled and brilliant nature shown in the youth’s countenance was so dazzling that it made people absolutely incapable of shifting their line of sight. Moreover, that strange self, which seemed to be a hundred times more pampering than his current self, smilingly said: “Even if you aren’t a unique and unmatched phoenix within these three thousand realms, you will still be my one and only.”

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