Ch 134: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 134: Prince’s little quilt 9 (part 2 of 3)

According to the ancestral regulations, an underage Prince will live together with the biological mother or wet nurse, and will only leave the palace upon reaching 15 years old to build a mansion according to the title bestowed or head to his own fief outside the capital. But Yuwen Yin had a slightly special identity, so he chose to live alone on the East wing of the palace, relative to the residence of the Imperial wives and concubines on the West wing of the Palace.

This arrangement was naturally more desirable in Yuwen Yin’s perspective. Although the Changde Palace wasn’t big, but it was very close to the learning area of the prince in the Chongwen Hall. The more important part was that he was the sole master inside, so no one would dare to deceive or disrespect him, which made it possible for him to cultivate a group of loyal and usable servants.

Changde Palace had always been vacant before, so there wasn’t much people around. Thus, Consort Jin brought her Momo over several times, and helped Yuwen Yin add in the things he lacked very attentively. Yuwen Yin’s clothes, food, and other items all needed to be supplied, so a few people from the Directorate for Royal Clothing was sent to specially measure in order to tailor Yuwen Yin’s clothes on that very day, who respectfully queried whether he had any special requirements on the design of the clothes and footwear.

Yuwen Yin had no concern over the design, but was very concerned about the fabric. He touched the various kinds of silks and satin with a very serious attitude, and chose three different colors from the finest silk satin with the best texture, and asked the Directorate for Royal Clothing to make a quilt cover for him.

The Palace Eunuchs from Directorate for Royal Clothing became stunned, as this was probably the first time they came across a master who was anxious to make a quilt cover instead of clothes. Fortunately, their head managed to make a timely response, and asked: “Your Highness, may I know where that quilt is? Could you possibly allow these servants to have a look?”

But Yuwen Yin shook his head, and responded in a serious manner: “No, it’s still sleeping.”

The few Palace Eunuchs were taken aback again. ——Eh, your joke really isn’t funny at all, Your Highness.

“Your Highness,” The head explained: “The servants need to make it proportion to the item, and needs to know what kind of material it is, as well as the length and width……”

“I can tell you the measurements,” Thinking about the little quilt that was still sleeping in the bed, made a bit of gentleness appear in Yuwen Yin’s eyes, as his voice also became somewhat softer. He then lifted his palm, and brought it in the level of the corner of his mouth, “At present, it’s height is at the level of the corner of my mouth, –En, or up to the tip of my nose.”

The little quilt seems to be just like him, and will gradually grow taller with the passage of time, as the little quilt’s height was clearly a bit taller now than the time he picked it up. Yuwen Yin then outstretched his arms again: “The width’s measurement is when both my hands is fully spread. The texture isn’t very clear, but it’s pudgy, very soft and very fluffy, and at least a palm thick.”

The Palace Eunuchs busily noted this down carefully, but felt a little strange in their hearts. Because when Yuwen Yin spoke, the look he had didn’t seem to be talking about a quilt at all, but like talking about a lover instead. Similar to a young man who was still new to the matters of love, and was talking about his unswerving first love.

After the Directorate for Royal Clothing had left, someone from the Directorate for Royal Residence also came over to replace the curtains of the doors and windows, in addition to placing the bedspreads and bed curtains. Yuwen Yin was now truly standing in an honorable and respectable position everyone looks up to, yet still didn’t lose himself in joy. Because he knows that there’s still a very long way to go, in addition to the ruthless essence of the Imperial family. To say nothing of the desire for love, even an evil intention can kill him. One can be lifted high to the sky when favored, but can also be consigned to eternal damnation when hated. In entering the palace, one needs to be more cautious than in the Wang residence. He must also be ten times more careful, even if it’s simply for his little quilt.

Without a bit of idea that the little quilt was already bubbling with satisfaction.

It felt that it’s luck was really so good. First, it was able to successively discover the purple cloud and auspicious white light, and now, it had even unexpectedly found ill-fortune, which came from Consort Jin. After considering that since it was of ill-fortune, and absorbing it would be beneficial for Consort Jin, so it swallowed several mouthfuls without restraint.

Truth be told, when the gluttonous little quilt saw the purple cloud in Yuwen Yin’s body grow thicker and thicker, it couldn’t resist from stealthily taking in a small bite, causing it’s spiritual power to become saturated. At this moment, it instantly felt a lot of spiritual power fill it’s every pore, and was almost overflowing. In the next second, a feeling of drunkenness was felt, the little quilt’s feet swayed with ethereal lightness.

Ever since the last time it had exposed itself to Yuwen Yin, the little quilt’s invisibility skill has been like a chat software, switching the ‘invisible to visible’ status to Yuwen Yin alone. So Yuwen Yin, who was talking with Consort Jin, only saw the little quilt that originally had it’s little head raise high began to sway all of a sudden. It then staggered and walk two steps forward with the hand and feet of the same side, then turn in place afterwards, like a kitten looking for it’s tail.

This silly little appearance was truly very cute. After some time, it most probably got itself dizzy with turning, that it actually plopped down on it’s butt all of a sudden.

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