Ch 130: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 130: Prince’s little quilt 5 (part 1 of 2)

The people from ancient times rises and sleeps early as well, even the evening meals are eaten on time. It had already been quite some time since the little quilt arrived in the kitchen. Although the light in the kitchen was left on, but there was no longer anyone inside.

The little quilt didn’t know that the kitchen in the prince’s mansion would be cleared after dinnertime, allowing the cooks who had been busy the whole day to get some rest, because they would have to get up at yinshi* and be busy again tomorrow. Of course, there would occasionally be masters wanting to eat a late-night snack, but those wouldn’t normally be done in the outer kitchen, but in shifts in the inner kitchen.


This was the reason why there wasn’t even a bit of leftovers left behind after the kitchen was cleared. The little quilt rummaged around for a long time but was still unable to find any prepared food, aside from a few steamed buns found in the steamer.

However, the ingredients in the kitchen were considerably complete, there were also various kinds of cooking utensils available, which made it completely possible to cook a meal to feed oneself. So it looked for a bunch of ready-made processed ingredients, such as cabbages, green peppers, mushrooms, pork, eggs, as well as sausages that didn’t require any washing.

The little peach blossom’s culinary talent were very practical no matter which world he ends up in. The little quilt quickly selected three dishes that could be made in just a few short minutes, which were the stir-fried pork with mushroom, braised cabbage with sausage, in addition to the scrambled egg with green pepper. These three recipes were very simple. However, the homemade taste which was purely simple and nothing special, can turn into the most delicious delicacy, so long as it is wholeheartedly made by the cook.

The little quilt used all it spiritual power to make itself invisible and create soundproof barriers, which was why it still hadn’t changed to it’s human form, but was still magically cooking as a quilt. The little quilt’s corner held a spatula, in an unexpectedly very firm grasp.

That’s right, this quilt was so awesome. The little quilt was also quite satisfied with this. It used one of it’s corner to hold the spatula while the other corner supported the plate, soon enough, the last dish of scrambled egg with green pepper was successfully filled in.

Of course, the quilt’s original form would inevitably have a lot of inconveniences. It had truly been in quite a fluster when it had just started to fry the food, as it knocked down a bottle of vinegar, dropped two saucers, and had almost burned it’s quilt corner when pouring the oil.

As a quilt, the innate fear of water and fire was still inescapable no matter how high it’s cultivation had risen. The little quilt had even felt the scorching pain so clearly, and had really been astonished.

After all three dishes were made, the little quilt found a food box, where it placed all the dishes and steamed buns, then finally held the food box securely in it’s embrace like a little hamster protecting it’s food. It then hurried back to the small courtyard where Yuwen Yin lived in, without an inkling of how anxious Yuwen Yin was at this moment.

After still being unable to find the little quilt after having thoroughly searched through the whole courtyard, Yuwen Yin felt a surge of panic engulf him. The night wind outside was cold, but his heart felt even colder than the night wind, like having been completely frozen from head to toe.

The little quilt had still thought that Yuwen Yin was reading a book, so it  softly and quietly pushed open the courtyard’s door for fear of disturbing the other, then stealthily poked it’s head in. After discovering that there was no one in the courtyard, it no longer wasted it’s spiritual energy on it’s invisibility, causing it’s figure to gradually re-emerge.

Then, it was pulled into Yuwen Yin’s arms in the next moment just as it was about to step in the inner room.

As a result, the food box directly fell down to the ground with a bang. The strength of the other side’s embrace was so strong, that the little quilt couldn’t help from putting up a struggle in a fluster. The little quilt desperately flapped it’s two corners, while trying it best to twist and turn.

–Ah ah ah! My fluffy body is going to be squeezed flat! I don’t want to turn into a flat quilt ≧︿≦!! If that happens, then what would be the difference between a flat quilt to a salted fish!!!

Fortunately, Yuwen Yin loosened his hold on it at this moment, “Where have you been to?”

The excessively strong mood, on the contrary, made his tone sound like it lacked any emotions, and made it sound very tranquil. Because of this, the little quilt didn’t hear anything off, and concentrated on picking up the food box on the floor, then proffered it to Yuwen Yin like presenting a treasure, while indicating for him to quickly eat it while it’s hot.

Yuwen Yin took the proffered food box, but his gaze focused on the upper left corner of the little quilt, as if seeing something he deeply hated. He quickly grabbed that quilt corner in the next instant, and asked with a frown: “How did this happen?”

There was an area of black scorch mark left by the stove’s fire on the corner of the quilt, which was exactly where the little quilt had almost burned itself while cooking. Upon moving to the brightly lit indoor area, the crease in Yuwen Yin’s furrowed brows had completely turned into a 川 character, making him appear more and more frightening, which even made the little quilt subconsciously shrink back.

This was entirely because it’s whole outer surface was in a hideous mess, that it practically turned from a white quilt to a gray quilt. The gray dust made it look exactly like it had been pitifully bullied. The little quilt can actually use it’s spiritual energy to isolate the dirt and grime from itself. But it unfortunately forgot this while it was cooking, and didn’t care about cleaning itself with it’s cleansing technique after cooking as well.

Yuwen Yin naturally knew that the kitchen would be cleared. Looking at the dishes in the food box, and then at the little quilt’s body again, had completely enlightened him after a little bit of thinking.  The sudden inexplicable feeling in his chest, only made him feel like something was surging layer by layer in his chest, which made his secretly clenched fist slightly tremble.

Just like this, Yuwen Yin in the simple, crude and deserted house, ate the best meal he had since growing up and would forever remember this. He ate it very seriously and cleanly without leaving even a bit of sauce.

The candle’s flame flickered, scattering bits of light to half the room. The brilliance in Yuwen Yin’s gaze was enough to make the brightest candlelight turn pale. His pair of eyes that was fixed on the little quilt seemed to stow a galaxy, as he softly said: “.…’s really delicious, I like it very much, thank you.”

The voice revealed a deep indulgence and tenderness, that even he hadn’t noticed.

The little quilt had already used a cleansing technique to once again make itself as clean as before. Only that scorched quilt area on the quilt corner couldn’t be immediately restored, and will take another day or two to be restored. Yuwen Yin gently touched that area of the cloth, and felt a strong surge of heartache, as his determination to change the status quo became even stronger.

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