Ch 129: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 129: Prince’s little quilt 4 (part 2 of 2)

Yuwen Yin took advantage of the fact that there wasn’t anyone around to bury the food in the flower pot’s soil. But Guan Qing didn’t come. The person who came over to take the food box away was Shun Sheng. After taking a look at the empty dishes, a trace of satisfaction seemed to show on his face. He then went out again without saying a word to Yuwen Yin. He was obviously going to his real master to report the completion of the task, and brazenly didn’t place Yuwen Yin in his eyes.

The little quilt didn’t have the time to get angry with this snobby servant this time around, as it was fully preoccupied with worry that Yuwen Yin would be hungry. Although it was temporarily inconvenient for it to change it’s form, but it still wasn’t a problem to do a bit of invisibility technique, so he decided to run to the kitchen to steal some food.

The little quilt immediately made itself invisible and left the courtyard. It even left behind a transformed fluffy white quilt imitation on the bed to prevent Yuwen Yin from worrying. Shun Sheng, at the other side, eventually reached the main courtyard where Princess Qi was located, then stood in the hall and respectfully asked the momo* to pass his words over, this attitude of his was completely poles apart with how he treats Yuwen Yin.

*wet nurse, elderly lady

Princess Qi was leisurely pruning the new rare flowers and plants with a pair of golden scissors. Although she’s already middle-aged, but since she took proper care of herself, so her beauty was still present. Cai Yue, the head maidservant beside her, gave a very meaningful glance for the other servants in the hall to withdraw the moment Shun Sheng came in.

Shun Sheng narrated systematically and in full detail all the latest matters. Princess Qi continued to fiddle with her flowers and plants, and didn’t even raise her head once. But a faintly discernible smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, as she indifferently asked afterwards: “He didn’t notice anything wrong, right?”

“No,” Shun Sheng immediately patted his chest in guarantee, “Niang niang* can rest assure.”

*address to the first wife by servants

Only then did Princess Qi pause to glance at him, this glance made him swiftly lower his head and no longer dare to utter a word. Only after a while did he hear Princess Qi say to the other personal maidservant next to her: “Lan Xiang, take him to receive his reward.”

The overjoyed Shun Sheng immediately followed Lan Xiang out, and Yuwen Zhengyang had just happened to come in at this time. He knew what was going on the instant he saw him, that he actually opined straightforwardly: “Mother, why don’t you just directly kill off that bastard? Why bother take this much effort?”

Yuwen Zhengyang looked very similar with the appearance of Princess Qi, dressed in luxurious clothes, fair-skinned and good-looking, with a somewhat male and female features. But the words he had spoken completely lacked any manners. The two words ‘that bastard’ were spoken very smoothly, and was obviously something he was used in saying.

But Princess Qi just asked people to give her son a hand warmer, then said as she distressedly wiped the sweat on her son’s forehead: “How come you’re still playing so unrestrainedly? Your father will be coming over later, quickly throw away that cuju ball in your hand, isn’t it already too dirty?”

Prince Qi was inherently lustful, so there were many beautiful concubines in the mansion. The only time he would go to Princess Qi’s place was when there was some matter that needs to be handled. His purpose for coming over this time was to discuss about the regulations of how to receive the Empress Dowager tomorrow. Although the Empress Dowager had requested not to make this thing ostentatious, but the necessary arrangements and decorations still needs to be done.

At this time, Cai Yue went back in again, and indicated that dinner was ready.  After the masters had nodded and agreed to serve the meal, the servants swiftly set up the table in the center of the hall like running water, then filled the table with various delicacies.

No one noticed the fluffy white quilt clinging on the window’s ledge outside to try probing in the hall.

Here, the family of three were seated with servants to wait upon them while they eat. But Yuwen Yin, on the other hand, was alone and miserable. The contrast between the two scenes were so sharp, that it made the quilt puff up in anger once again.

╰(‵□′)╯They’re all bad guys!!

Although the heavenly law doesn’t allow demon cultivators to do any harmful actions to humans, but the little quilt still couldn’t help but run over to Prince and Princess Qi, while relying on it’s invisibility technique, and utilize it’s ‘Dream weaving’ skill to give them nightmares, as well as absorb several mouthfuls of essence without restraint before stopping.

But was completely unaware that Yuwen Yin was experiencing a nightmarish kind of agitation and dread.

The quilt on the bed was exactly the same as before. But for some unknown reasons, he always felt that something was amiss. He inexplicably had a nagging feeling that this was not his little quilt. Observing it over and over again, only strengthened this notion even more. Shun Sheng, who estimated that the poison in Yuwen Yin was about to flare up, happened to return at this time. As soon as he stepped in the room, he came up against Yuwen Yin’s incomparably vicious interrogation: “Have you moved my quilt?!”

Shun Sheng was given a start by his vicious gaze and tone, that it took him quite a long time to return to his senses. He flew into a rage because of the momentarily humiliation, and had unexpectedly completely forgot his status and directly clamored with Yuwen Yin: “So what if it was moved?! That ghostly quilt of yours would run to bask under the sun itself. It should have been burned a long ago! Even if I-……”

However, his words had not yet landed when it was cut-off because of a slap on his face.

Yuwen Yin had unexpectedly slapped Shun Sheng on the face without a word. Without knowing where his strength originated from, the strength exerted by this slap completely made Shun Sheng’s face askew, causing his face to greatly swell, and made him spit out a bit of blood. Shun Sheng, who had just been slapped, was still unable to accept the fact the he was hit by a person he normally looked down on. The moment he regained his senses, his eyes became bloodshot, as he turned to desperately attack Yuwen Yin.

But Yuwen Yin had managed to pick up a solid wooden stool, before wordlessly rushing over and fiercely slamming it on the opponent’s head like vicious beast.

Shun Sheng was directly knocked down on the ground, with blood suddenly flowing out from his forehead. Guan Qing, who had still been humming a song leisurely, just happened to lift the curtain and step in, and was immediately stupefied by this scene. But before he could call other people over, Yuwen Yin unexpectedly handled him the way he dealt with Shun Sheng before, by wordlessly hitting him as well.

A single punch slammed Guan Qing straight to the wall, then another fierce kick was delivered towards his ribs and gut. Guan Qing still tried to fight back under the extreme pain: “You actually hit me. I’ll also hit you!!”

Yet Yuwen Yin just sneered coldly: “So what if I hit you?”

In contrast to his usual forbearing appearance, this deep dark gaze of his was terrifying, and made him look like a malicious spirit or a malevolent spirit when combined with his pale complexion. Making Guan Qing genuinely feel a strong sense of fear, as he stiffened and had truly dare not to move.

But he still wouldn’t be able to move even if he dared to. Since Yuwen Yin had raised his foot and stepped on his chest, then said word for word: “I am the master, and you’re a servant. –I will now teach you what are the duties of the servants.”

Yuwen Yin eventually tied the two people, who no longer had any strength left to resist, with a rope together, and stuffed their mouths with a ball of cloth one after the other. He unexpectedly even faintly quirked the corner of his lips in view of their resentful and fearful gazes, and leisurely said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely let you free tomorrow to file a complaint.”

Raw word count: 3546

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