Ch 129: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 129: Prince’s little quilt 4 (part 1 of 2)

Shen Tong was never someone who would make a fuss for no cause or reason. The reason he knocked off the chopsticks was naturally because he detected something wrong on the food.

The sense of smell of a demon were innately very keen, even more so with the cultivation base of a Demon Emperor. Shen Tong intuitively knew that this food mustn’t be consumed. It’s a pity that he’s currently in the quilt form, so there wasn’t any way for him to give voice to what he wants to say.

Thus, Yuwen Yin saw the little quilt before him wave it’s two little quilt corner gesture at him, then point at the food, and point at his mouth afterwards, then attempted to pantomime having a stomach ache after a while, which was so silly looking. Aside from the two ‘feet’ that it used to keep itself upright, the rest of the quilt was very preoccupied.

In actuality, Yuwen Yin had already guessed what the little quilt wanted to convey, but the appearance of the fluffy little quilt anxiously gesturing towards him was really lively and cute, and made his heart itch. He reluctantly moved his gaze away, and said while feigning ignorance: “Be good. What’s the matter? Are you hungry too?”

Seeing that Yuwen Yin didn’t understand it’s meaning, the little quilt became very depressed, and couldn’t help but increase the scope of it’s gestures. It took a few clumsy penguin-like steps towards the food box. Maybe due to it’s hurried steps, it’s left corner accidentally tripped over it’s right corner, causing it to lose balance, and consequently, flopped down on it’s back in the next instant before Yuwen Yin could react.

The quilt instantly changed from a little penguin to an overturned little turtle.

The even more terrible thing was that the little quilt couldn’t flip over regardless of how it fluttered it’s four upturned corners, and such a sight was so cute. Yuwen Yin held back his smile, and hurriedly got up to lift the little quilt up, then gently place it down on a stool.

After having noticed the hint of amusement on the other’s eyes, only then did the little quilt belatedly realize that it was obviously being teased, that it couldn’t help but turn around with a humph, turning it’s back on Yuwen Yin in a very unhappy manner.

Nevertheless, Shen Tong always knows how to weigh things, and there was still a more important matter that needed to be done right now. So, after having a small temper for a moment, it then turned back to face the other party. Yuwen Yin embraced the little quilt and quietly whispered: “Are you certain that there’s a problem with this food?”

The little quilt nodded, then told Yuwen Yin by writing on his palm: Believe me, there’s definitely something poisonous in the food.

The seemingly cute rounded font style made Yuwen Yin slightly pause for  a moment, but the content made his eyes narrow a bit afterwards. Although his daily meals couldn’t be considered as sumptuous, but he could still be at ease with the safety of the food, since Princess Qi wanted to have a magnanimous and virtuous repute, so, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to use poison to harm him.

After all, Princess Qi was in charge of the entirety of the Prince’s back mansion, so if Yuwen Yin suddenly died of poisoning, then she wouldn’t be able to escape the blame regardless of whether she had a hand on it or not.  The people outside weren’t stupid as well, even if she wasn’t suspected, the ones spreading the news would still feel she is at fault, or at the very least, result to her having a negative repute in management of the household.

And it wasn’t like Yuwen Yin didn’t believe what the little quilt had told him, but he just couldn’t figure out the reason why Princess Qi suddenly wanted to poison him. The little quilt touched a vegetable leaf in the side dish with it’s quilt corner, and conscientiously examined it for a while, then wrote once more: It isn’t a highly toxic substance that will lead to immediate death. But eating it will make a person fall ill, ranging from a light headache with fever to a heavy coma……

Yuwen Yin suddenly clenched his hand before it finished writing the word comatose.

Because of how familiar this illness was. He had this illness during last year’s spring, and only managed to get out of bed after being bedridden for half a month. It just so happened that the Prince’s mother, who is the current Empress Dowager, graced the Prince Qi’s mansion with her presence the very next day and also stayed in the mansion for a few days, but he never got the chance to see the other side because of his illness.

The Empress Dowager only has a total of two sons, one was the Emperor, while the other was Prince Qi. She also has quite a pitiful amount of grandsons. Although there were quite a lot of princesses borne from the Emperor’s side, but there still wasn’t any sons until now; there were only two sons on Prince Qi’s side as well. Aside from the first wife’s eldest son that had died young, there were only Yuwen Yin as well as Yuwen Zhengyang, the second son of the first wife who was a year younger than Yuwen Yin.

Grandparents  have always liked grandchildren much more. As a result of this, from the Empress Dowager’s standpoint, irregardless of whatever status Yuwen Yin’s biological mother held, and irregardless of whether she likes Yuwen Yin or not, he is still a descendant of the imperial family with Yuwen’s blood. He had heard that the Empress Dowager had even taken the initiative to ask about him after arriving at the Prince’s mansion, with an intention to take a quick look at him, but was dissuaded by Prince Qi and Princess Qi for fear that she would catch the illness.

Yuwen Yin clenched his fist unconsciously.

At that time, he had mistakenly thought that his body just didn’t live up to his expectations, as he constantly fell ill at the worst time possible, but now he knew that he had been deliberately poisoned. Moreover, since the other party was repeating an old trick at this moment……

——This obviously means that the Empress Dowager is coming over to visit the Prince’s mansion once again.

Although the Yu country clearly separates the son borne from the first wife and concubines, but there was also the eldest son inheritance system tradition. Him being a year older than Yuwen Zhengyang had unfortunately become a death sentence for him. He will soon be thirteen years old, and the older he grows, the more irksome his presence would be in Princess Qi’s eyes. If he wants to break free from this predicament, then the Empress Dowager is the opportunity he must seize.

The air pressure in Yuwen Yin’s body became colder and colder due to the things he was planning in his mind, that the little quilt couldn’t help but extend it’s quilt corner and caress his shoulder comfortingly. Yuwen Yin snapped back to his senses, and gently held the quilt corner, then calmly looked at the still bare little quilt that didn’t even have a quilt cover even after following him until now. Then suddenly said word for word: “One day, when I have both power and position that belongs to me, I will gather all the best brocades in the world to make you hundreds and thousands of beautiful quilt covers, find all the materials needed for your demon spirit cultivation, regardless of whatever high-quality virgin male or female and panacea……”

His tone was very serious, and only the little quilt’s figure was reflected in his eyes: “–trust in me.”

But the little quilt suddenly became a bit flabbergasted.

What the heck are the hundreds and thousands of quilt covers for? Why on earth does it also need to use virgin males and females?

The other party’s gaze were very focused and gentle when looking at him, and the tone of his speech was also very sincere and moving, but why is the content of his speech so strange?

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