Ch 128: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 128: Prince’s little quilt 3 (part 2 of 2)

Thus, Guan Qing and Shun Sheng soon discovered something very strange. That quilt that Yuwen Yin picked up would actually be hanging in the courtyard every morning to be exposed to the sun even without anyone picking or touching it, and would automatically return to the bed after dark, which was simply so bizarre.

Yewen Yin had also discovered something wrong as well.

It stands to reason that the quilt will get colder the longer it is used, and was impossible to warm up by itself. But the quilt he picked up would always be warm at all times. The cold winter was nearing, but Yuwen Yin no longer felt the coldness again because of this quilt, nor did he show any signs of falling ill like the winters of the previous years, but was able to sleep well till dawn. Moreover, no matter what sleeping position he changed to, the little quilt was always able to cover him perfectly, and this snug feeling had even warmed his heart.

Maybe due to long term loneliness, Yuwen Yin unexpectedly found an interdependent feeling of companionship on the quilt which he had never had before, making him very reluctant to separate from it.

But didn’t know that the little quilt frowned for almost an hour today. It already had a thorough understanding about Yuwen Yin’s status and situation from these two days of observation, which made it both distressed and burst in an unspeakable rage. At this time, Guan Qing raised the curtain and entered the door, then place the food box he carried with him on the table, and said to Yuwen Yin: “Second master, it’s dinnertime.”

He then left after saying this sentence, but the little quilt’s frown had never loosened. Although this servant addressed him as second master, but he had no respect towards Yuwen Yin. After seeing the bland food in the food box, the little quilt couldn’t help but grow even angrier.

The everyday meals in this residence is correspondingly distributed in the kitchen, and the proportions were determined according to status. For example, the prince and his sons have a few dishes and soup. The next rank below, such as the concubine and the concubine borne daughter have a few meat and vegetables. Another rank below, such as the female and male servants will be given theirs accordingly.

If the master has something else they want to eat, they can send another female servant to the kitchen to order. But as a son of the prince, Yuwen Yin’s food was not much better than that of the male servants.

Heading to bed that night, when Yuwen Yin lifted the quilt to lay inside, the corner of the quilt accidentally touched his hand. Then, not knowing whether it was an illusion or a mere coincidence, the soft little quilt corner gently moved at the back of his hand, just like a comforting and gentle touch.

Yuwen Yin suddenly didn’t dare to breath in this mood, and was solely and motionlessly engrossed in perceiving the movements of the quilt’s corner. Neither nervousness nor fear flooded his heart, but an indescribable feeling of excitement and delight, that he had even inexplicably whispered out loud: “……little quilt?”

The lamp’s light had already been blown out. The night was dark and silent, without any response from anyone, and even the quilt’s corner had gradually moved away from his hand. Just as Yuwen Yin felt an inexplicable sense of disappointment, the little quilt corner hesitated for a short while, before touching the back of his hand once more, just like an arrogant, willful, awkward and very shy child.

Yuwen Yin couldn’t resist from slightly quirking his lips, as a warm feeling which came from nowhere slowly flowed into his heart.

–There really were supernatural beings in this world, and his quilt should be a little demon spirit.

The little demon spirit, which couldn’t resist from stealthily absorbing a mouthful of purple cloud on Yuwen Yin’s body, unexpectedly felt that the cultivation base in his body had vaguely improved in an instant, that he couldn’t help but be shock and show a pleasantly surprised look. But he generally felt that Yuwen Yin’s complexion seemed to have slightly paled as a result of this, which made this feeling of pleasant surprise dissipate.

Perhaps for the ancients, who were able to get married and take a concubine at the age of fourteen, the age of twelve can no longer be considered as young. But in Shen Tong’s view, Yuwen Yin still has a long way to adulthood. Injuring the young will receive punishment from the heavens, so, he decided to wait until Yuwen Yin grows up before absorbing the purple cloud again.

After having been exposed that night, Yuwen Yin later discovered that his quilt’s action became more bold and unbridled. It no longer deliberately concealed the fact that it possess a consciousness, and began to express its emotions. Yuwen Yin had also been able to sum up much of it’s temperament.

For example, the fondness to sleep in, to be under the warm sun, the matter of voluntarily rolling and unrolling itself, and even the matter of it hugging it’s knees using the two little quilt corners to ponder about life. When Yuwen Yin gets out of bed in the morning, he will carefully get out from underneath the quilt and avoid lifting it, otherwise the little quilt will be very upset because of being disturbed in sleep and the loss of heater.

Yu Wenyin suddenly had a feeling of raising a younger brother. The little guy will sometimes be very well-behaved, and be very headstrong at other times. He can even rely on it’s usual behavior and temperament to delineate it’s appearance as a human. It must surely be a beautiful fair-skinned youth, with clear brows, in addition to a face with a bit of baby fat, and would puff up it’s cheeks when angered.

He couldn’t resist quirking his lips again as he imagined this, but it’s a pity that Yuwen Yin had no idea whether his little quilt can actually transform into  a human form.

It was dinner time again in a flash. Guan Qing brought the food box over as usual. But as Yuwen Yin had picked up the chopsticks in order to start eating, he unexpectedly saw the little quilt stumble off the bed, then extend it’s quilt corner and knock the chopsticks off of his hand.

Yuwen Yin had mistakenly thought that the little quilt was just having a temper tantrum: “What’s the matter?”

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