Ch 128: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 128: Prince’s little quilt 3 (part 1 of 2)

Shen Tong, who had never been afraid of water after turning into a cat, had never expected to be afraid of water after having turned into a quilt.

Looking at the wooden bucket filled with warm water, the little quilt instinctively felt frightened, and subconsciously hugged Yuwen Yin tightly, and even forgot the indignation he felt a while ago. He clung on Yuwen Yin’s neck, shoulders and waist with the four quilt corners in a fluster, and refused to enter the bucket no matter what.

–The quilt was already very clean, so there’s no need to wash! After washing, it will no longer be fluffy or soft. The body will become wet, heavy and feel bad!!

It’s a pity, that Yuwen Yin was unable to hear the  little quilt’s heartfelt cry.

He only felt that the quilt in his arms suddenly seemed to be stuck on his body, and couldn’t be pulled off even after two hard pulls. Making him pause in slightly confusion.

The little quilt had cleverly thought of firmly grabbing Yuwen Yin with it’s four quilt corners, but forgot that a huge area of his fluffy body had protruded. So, Yuwen Yin, who couldn’t pull off the quilt corners, crouched in front of the wooden barrel, and soaked that protruding part of the quilt in the water first.

–Ah, ah, ah my butt is wet!!

The little quilt almost gave a start the moment his buttocks was soaked in water, but had also made the quilt’s corner, that was grabbing onto Yuwen Yin, loosen. Yuwen Yin then took this opportunity to pull the entire quilt off of him, and carefully placed it in the water.

The warm water scrambled into the body of the little quilt, which quickly soaked it’s whole body. The cotton’s water absorption capacity was so strong, that Shen Tong instantly felt his body become too heavy to move, causing him to uncontrollably sink downwards.

≧︿≦ There’s really nothing left to live for.

The little quilt was only able to poke it’s head out of the water after struggling hard against the immense weight. It then stretched out both of it’s quilt corners and firmly grasped the edge of the wooden barrel, then turned to glare at that evil person in front of him with strong grievances.  The two very soaked corners seemed to be crying, with water droplets flowing down to the rim of the bucket one by one.

He acted like a rogue first, then committed murder afterwards. Which already made Yuwen Yin the number one in the blacklist of the little quilt. But just as it was about to give Yuwen Yin a death glare or simply stand up to frighten him death, it was taken aback in the next second.

He actually saw a mass of faint purple cloud on the other side’s body!

The mass of purple cloud hovered above Yuwen Yin’s head. Although it wasn’t very rich, but there was a faintly discernible dragon-shaped pattern, which couldn’t help but make the little quilt freeze in place. He then tilted his head as he conscientiously pondered over this matter.

–Could this be the imperial purple cloud that the system was referring to?

Apart from this, the reason that had originally made the quilt stunned, was that, Yuwen Yin appearance was similar with Han Ying by seven points. Although he still hasn’t fully grown up, but he can already see how Yuwen Yin would look like after he grows up from his general features.

Since the other person was very likely to be Han Ying’s reincarnation just like Gu Qiange, Pei Lie and the others, and also has the imperial purple cloud he wants, so, the little quilt very magnanimously decided to expose all the previous things, and  had secretly decided that he will coolly cover the other party from this day onwards.

Yuwen Yin, who was totally oblivious to this, had already taken a Chinese honey locust soap*, in order to wash the whole body of the little quilt. The quilt felt soft even when soaked, and still felt very good to the touch, that Yuwen Yin couldn’t help but make his movements even gentler. It was obviously just a quilt, but he treated it like a priceless rare treasure.

*type of detergent for laundry

The sun loving quilt spirit had no resistance to warm things from the start. The very warm water temperature, as well as the very warm palms of Yuwen Yin, in addition to the faint fragrance of flowers and grass in the Chinese honey locust soap, made the little quilt feel pleasant and fragrant. It felt so comfortable after being washed for a while, that he actually forgot the fear of being unable to move, and even took the initiative to spread out the two small quilt corners for Yuwen Yin to wash.

Most of the morning passed by in this peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Yuwen Yin changed the bucket to wash away the soap suds on the little quilt, then finally drained the water and hung it in the courtyard. In the blink of an eye, it was already noontime, when the sun shines the brightest. The scented little quilt, who was laid on the rope, swung along the wind, while enjoying the abundant sunshine, and couldn’t help but squint comfortably.

By sunset, the little quilt, who had been exposed to the sun inside and out, became fluffy again, and had regained it’s soft, white and fluffy appearance, was then formally moved into Yuwen Yin’s bedroom.

It laid on the bed and stealthily looked around the room, then widened it’s eyes in curiosity and confusion. In whichever case, the other party was someone who also posses the imperial purple cloud on his body, so it was completely unexpected for his residence to be this simple and crude. There wasn’t even a single decent item, not to mention the lack of beautiful maidservants and groups of servants. The whole place even seemed to look deserted and empty.

But this emptiness also has the advantage of being empty. When Yuwen Yin attends his classes in daytime, only the little quilt was left to be in charge of the whole room. It’s weak period has yet to pass, and it still cannot maintain it’s human form stably, thus, it can do whatever it wants and wishes in the original form of the quilt with ease.

Such as, rolling on Yuwen Yin’s bed, rolling his body into a quilt roll or like a morning glory on his own initiative, or walk over to the front of the table with his little penguin-like walking gait, then use it’s two quilt corners to amazingly and conscientiously flip the pages of the book.

Unfortunately, there weren’t that many books, and they were all obscure historical annals and the Five Classics of Confucianism, which the little quilt couldn’t understand at all. One of the books had annotations written in it, with a regular script font. Although the handwriting vaguely reveals a slight immature feeling, but the densely packed teeny tiny words were neat and beautiful, which signifies that the writer is definitely a person who can keep calm* to achieved his motives.

*acts indifferently in the face of difficulties, and indifference in the face of misunderstandings.

Such a person is the most terrifying, because as long as he is given a chance, he will sooner or later be able to obtain what he wants in his hands.

Of course, rolling about and reading were only for adjustments, as what the little quilt does the most was still to hang itself under the sun.

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