Ch 127: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 127: Prince’s little quilt 2 (part 2 of 2)

The time soon reached zishi*, and Yuwen Yin, who was reading at night, was also ready to go to bed.


Irregardless of how low Yuwen Yin’s status is, he is still the son of Prince Qi, with the Yuwen’s family blood flowing in his veins. So he had also been given young male servants, permitted to learn in school and such. –Even Princess Qi, who secretly wished for him to have an early death, still needs to perform her duties on the surface, in order to avoid giving people the chance to use the information of her being malicious to a royalty’s concubine borne son against her.

Of course, slaves taking advantages of their master is quite a common matter, not to mention that the two servants following Yuwen Yin were originally under Princess Qi. Princess Qi came from generations of large and influential family, and was innately selfish and calculating, but she was still compliant to rules of the great prince’s mansion. So, although she loathes Yuwen Yin in every possible way, but she always assumes the magnanimous attitude of a first wife. Ever since Yuwen Yin’s birth mother died of illness 5 years ago, she performed the responsibilities of the first wife on the surface, and personally appointed 2 slaves to go and attend to him.

She said to attend, but in reality they were just there to monitor him for her. Fortunately, these two slaves didn’t pay any attention to Yuwen Yin as well. They would often go out to drink and play cards or just slack around, and would leisurely return in the middle of the night most of the time, which provided him some opportunities to read by himself instead.

Seeing that it was already zishi, Yuwen Yin placed his book away, and moved his feet that had been numbed by the coldness, then got up and left the table. But at this moment, a soft knocking sound was suddenly came from the door.

Yuwen Yin couldn’t help but freeze in his steps. If it were those two slaves, Guan Qing and Shun Sheng, they would have merely entered directly. The other people would never set foot here at this time as well, which made him completely unable to guess who the knocker was.

Maybe because of the lack of response, two knocks sounded from the door again, which neither had a long nor short rhythm, so Yuwen Yin finally decided to personally open the door.

But there wasn’t anyone at the door, only a piece of scrap paper being kept in place by a rock on the ground, gently flapping along with the night wind, generating a negligible sound. After picking it up, only a a row of inexplicable words written on it could be seen: –( ̄^ ̄) Humph! You touchy rogue, I will only give you a warning this time. But I will hit you the next time you grope me!

The handwriting wasn’t that impressive, but it wasn’t ugly either. On the contrary, the font’s roundness brought an indescribable childishness and cuteness. Even though Yuwen Yin found it strange, he quickly dismissed it as a child’s prank. He threw the paper away, then headed back in to sleep.

Therefore, he did not see the discarded paper slowly turn back into a dead leaf, nor did he see the corner of the quilt hidden at the end of the road.

–The little quilt started to clumsily walk with it’s two corners like a little penguin.

Probably due to the mutual exclusivity between worlds. Every time Shen Tong arrives in a new world, there will be a period of weakness, and the characteristic of the quilt, which was the fondness of sun and fear of dampness, had caused him feel cold and uncomfortable in a more exposed environment. He had uncontrollably changed back to his original form as soon as he stepped out of the courtyard, so, he could only silently hang himself on the rope like before.

After midnight, the moon finally came out from amidst the clouds at last.

The moonlight and sunlight were both very beneficial for the quilt’s cultivation. The sunshine was naturally the best, that every quilt spirit couldn’t help but wish they could bask in the sun all the time. Fortunately, the sky was still bright and sunny the next day. Thus, when Yuwen Yin, who had gotten up early, made a turn after heading out, he once again spotted that fluffy white quilt being hanged on the rope.

Had it actually hung here all night without being taken away?

Yuwen Yin’s always forbidding mood was moved by the quilt, as he looked at it with a frown. For some unknown reasons, as soon as he laid his eyes on this quilt, an indescribable warm feeling spread all over him, which made him yearn to touch it. Under the bright morning sun, the white quilt even appeared to be shimmer, simple yet elegant and dazzling, and attention drawing.

Yuwen Yin finally couldn’t help but reach his hands out like yesterday.

After touching it this time, he patted it at the fluffiest place, and found that it’s elasticity is as good as it’s softness. The quilt shook slightly with his patting, and two small and very faint red circle appeared soon after, making Yuwen Yin be stunned for a moment after seeing it.

In this situation, anyone would think that they were hallucinating, even Yuwen Yin, who had a stable nature, subconsciously rubbed his eyes. After lowering his hand and taking another look, he found that the quilt was still pure white all over, and that blush was nowhere to be seen.

It’s really an illusion. Yuwen Yin inexplicably felt a little disappointed. But after recalling how cute those two shallow blushes as if it was shy was, he couldn’t help but pat the quilt again.

Not knowing that Shen Tong’s blush was not because of shyness, but was due to anger.

–Why is that rogue here again!! Moreover, not only had he touched his waist and back this time, but he even-, he even patted this master’s butt! !

Therefore, Yuwen Yin felt that the quilt in his hands uncontrollably quiver all of a sudden, as if feeling cold or scared. This inexplicably made him recall that day after his birth mother was buried, as he was like this too, helplessly hugging his knees while trembling in a corner. Yuwen Yin, who had been accustomed to enduring things silently, suddenly had an urge to hold something in his hands for the first time ever. He then unexpectedly whispered to the quilt that couldn’t make sense of what he was talking about at all: “Are you an unwanted pitiful little thing too? I’ll take you in, alright?”

The two servants in the courtyard woke up later than their master as well. Guan Qing, who had just gotten up because of having eaten and drunken too much last night, directly run across Yuwen Yin, who was carrying the quilt back, after heading out, then immediately spoke in a strange voice: “Oh my, second master, there were no supplies being distributed in the mansion these past few days, and the princess hasn’t mentioned about giving any monthly allowance in advance or rewards. So where did you manage to get this quilt from, ah?”

They’re really good, to suppress him even in the most trivial matter by mentioning Princess Qi! Yuwen Yin raised his brows and sharply looked up. His gaze then swept across Guan Qing’s face coldly.

Guan Qing had never expected that the always silent and still underage second-born son could actually show such a terrible look. The deep dark eyes staring at him was just like a chilling sharp knife, which had unexpectedly made him shut up.

But then the boy withdrew his gaze in the next second, and reverted to his usual calm and harmless appearance, as if that terrible person just a while ago was nothing more than a figment of imagination. He then lowered his head and said: “……no one wants it. Help me fetch two buckets of warm water, I’m going to wash it.”

He had surprisingly took the initiative to wash the quilt with his own hands. The other party was still really just someone with a lowly character, and will never be a real master. Guan Qing mockingly thought, but still turned around and had rarely followed the order to fetch warm water.

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