Ch 126: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 126: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 20 (part 3 of 3)

It wasn’t until four o’clock in the morning that Shen Tong had been completely awakened by his nightmare. It was still dark outside, and Gu Qiange, who gently patted him and coaxed him all night long, had just fallen asleep. His back filled with cold sweat, was sticky and uncomfortable, so, Shen Tong carefully and noiselessly got up, and planned to take this chance to return home before dawn for a change of clothes.

He took a car to the gate of his house, then after making sure that there was no one around, directly used his cultivation skill to nimbly and skillfully scale the two-meter-high courtyard wall of the villa, and quietly went in the living room.

He then groped for the stairs in the darkness in accordance to his memory afterwards. But just as he was about to head upstairs, a gloomy and hoarse voice sounded from the back: “Have you returned?”

The lights in the living room were flicked open, causing the area to suddenly became bright. Shen Tong turned around, and surprisingly saw an expressionless Kong Baiji sitting upright on the sofa in the living room, with deep dark eyes, cold atmosphere, and had been sitting there for who knows how long.

Shen Tong inexplicably felt guilty, like a child who had been caught playing outside till late at night by his parents. But after carefully thinking about it, he didn’t feel like he had done something bad, as he had even intended to inform the other party. So, he actively went towards Kong Baiji, and somewhat concernedly pulled the elder brother’s hand: “Elder brother, why haven’t you slept yet?”

He then frowned in the next second due to how cold Kong Baiji’s hand was: “Why is it so cold! The weather is too cold, why don’t you go back to your-……”

But Kong Baiji interrupted him and directly questioned: “Where have you been?”

“Well-, Gu Qiange was injured in a car accident, so I stayed to take care of him. I couldn’t get through when I called you……”

Kong Baiji didn’t mention about him not seeing the missed call, nor did he expose the authenticity of Gu Qiange’s injury as well. But only proceeded with his questions: “You’re still going to continue to accompany him today, right?”

“Yeah,” Shen Tong honestly nodded, “I-……”

Before he could finished what he was saying, the world suddenly spun. As he was unexpectedly caught off guard by Kong Baiji, and was turned over then pressed down on the sofa.

Kong Baiji propped himself up on the sofa with one hand, while his other hand gently stroked the youth’s delicate brows, as he accused him in a careless manner: “Tong Tong actually left the house the whole night, doesn’t this deserve a punishment?”

Shen Tong suddenly felt enveloped by an extremely heavy sense of oppression. The man’s tall body almost blocked all the light in front of him. Only the conspicuously forbidding chin of the other party was visible, which made him struggle uncomfortably, “Elder brother……”

Kong Baiji looked down at the youth, who was completely trapped by him. The other’s long lashes fluttered helplessly like butterfly wings, making him want to carefully hold it in his palm. The strength of the man stroking the youth’s brows increased a little, which unexpectedly made Shen Tong feel an indescribable sense of fear. The words he said had even became strange: “…..Tong Tong, don’t go to Gu Qiange, he will kill you…”

Kong Baiji’s voice was so low, and was almost like he was muttering to himself: “.…..he’s a devil who will do anything to take revenge. He had even tricked you into giving him the heart of the phoenix, which can resurrect all things to him…… It doesn’t matter even if he regretted it later. A mistake will still be a mistake, regardless of how much remorse he feels……”

The other party’s words were really confusing and unclear, and Shen Tong, who had only been able to hear half of it with difficulty, completely had no idea what his elder brother was talking about. At the same time, the feeling of oppression pressing down on him became stronger and stronger, which was followed by an unspeakable sense of suffocation, that he finally couldn’t help but push the other away with the use of his spiritual energy.

But he was unexpectedly pressed back by Kong Baiji effortlessly.

Kong Baiji immediately tilted the youth’s chin upward, and touched the tip of his nose, “Tell big brother what punishment you want?”

Thick and dense shadows covered his body inch by inch.

After having been forced to raise his head, only then did Shen Tong see, that under the bright overhead light, the man with the light shining from behind him suddenly became unfamiliar, indifferent and distant, having a very respectable being, and was too bright to look straight. The astonishment Shen Tong felt inside also filled his mind a little, as his eyes widened.

–His spiritual energy as a Demon Emperor was absolutely beyond the reach of a mortal being. Gu Qiange was not affected as the owner. Yet for what reason was Kong Baiji not affected at all? That he can even press him back with his hands so easily?

“Tong Tong,” Kong Baiji continued to say on his own: “.…..I’ll just punish you to stay at home and prohibit you from going out before school starts, okay?”

Shen Tong still hadn’t manage to understand what was going on until he was locked in the bedroom.

Vaguely feeling that something was going out of control, Shen Tong stood in the bedroom and kept calling the white floccule in his mind, in order to ask why his spiritual energy had failed. A short while later, the system suddenly broadcasted in a sharp tone: “Emergency alert, emergency alert, the system is suffering from an unknown attack, the host will be temporarily sent to the next world, and will be returned after the BUG has been eliminated.”

As soon as these words were broadcasted, Shen Tong’s consciousness became clouded in the next second. The figure standing in place also turned transparent inch by inch, then eventually disappeared in the end.


After regaining his consciousness again, Shen Tong first felt someone touching his body.

He immediately frowned, and instantly wanted to slap away the bastard who was acting like a hooligan on him. But belatedly realized something off afterwards, –Where were his hands? Where were his feet as well?

While Shen Tong was feeling puzzled, the 12 year old concubine borne son in the Prince Qi’s mansion, Yuwen Yin, hesitated for a very long time in front of the quilt. Although he hadn’t reached adulthood yet, but he had already tasted the fickleness of human nature since long ago. The division of a Dishu system* was strict and firm. His birth mother was also spurned by his birth father. So, he was indifferently left in the courtyard since he was a child, and his status was not even as good as a favored servant. This world was also filled with those people, who crawl high and step low**. The expenses of food and clothing has been embezzled layer by layer. But now that the severe winter was approaching, this residence of his still lacked a good and intact quilt.

*An important legal and moral system involving marriage and inheritance in ancient China.

**flatters those higher than them and tramples on those underneath them

But Yuwen Yin had found a cord tied to two trees in the corner outside the courtyard today, with a thick quilt placed on top of the cord.

That he couldn’t help but go close, then carefully scrutinize the quilt. The quilt was purely white in color. The clean and pure white color was like the first drop of snow that fell a few days ago underneath the sun. Not only did it look soft and fluffy, it also feels so good, that couldn’t help but make others want to touch it.

Yuwen Yin had already reached out his hand. But before touching, he even subconsciously wiped his hands on his clothes, lest it gets dirty.

It was really soft, elastic and was obviously warm. Yuwen Yin carefully touched it all over, then rubbed his cheek on the quilt, and sniffed it.

The clean, beautiful, fresh and slightly sweet scent of the sun spread to the tip of his nose, which made him reluctant to move away.

It’s a pity that this kind of quilt was not something he could own. It was estimated that the master of a maidservant placed it here to be exposed to the sun, and will be taking it back after dark.

Yuwen Yin’s hands unconsciously clenched into a fist, with a deep and resentful look in his eyes that did not belong to his age, then immediately turned around and left without reluctance soon after, and never took another glance at the quilt again.

The daytime in winter was originally short, and the sky had already darkened when Yuwen Yin’s figure disappeared into the corner. At this time, Shen Tong, who finally figured out where his head and foot were located, immediately flipped his body upright.

Which bastard dares to mess around!? If you have the ability then don’t leave so we can fight!!

–Eh? Where did that person go?

Fortunately there was no one around. Had someone been there, then they would have seen a thick white quilt standing upright with the use of two quilt corners to stand in place in a very weird but stable posture, and scratching a non-existent head with one of it’s upper corners somewhat blankly. Thereafter, the left and right quilt corner alternately moved forward and managed to advance two steps forward, looking equally funny, cute and strange.

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