Ch 126: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 126: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 20 (part 2 of 3)

Gu Qiange was well aware that Feng Yi was only acting kind on the surface, but since what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over, and since he was also eager to drive him away. So the great top student, who got his wish in bringing Shen Tong back to his place, didn’t bother to waste any time to argue with Feng Yi. As he was solely preoccupied in watching the side profile of his precious darling seriously feeding him congee, that he didn’t even want to blink.

The afternoon sun filled the bedroom from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The youth held a congee bowl and sat on the bedside with a lowered head, with slightly quivering long eyelashes, and his slender neck exposed to view. The tiny hairs on half of his cheek that was exposed to the light were all visible, giving the already fair and flawless skin a clear sense of transparency.

The congee, which had naturally been made by Shen Tong, smelled exceptionally fragrant, and due to being personally fed by Shen Tong, in addition to the warm voice and deeply concerned expression, had only made Gu Qiange feel that every pore of his body was filled with joy, that his whole person felt soft, which made him feel that this was completely worth it. The youth was obviously a spoiled little master who had never taken care of others before, yet he was willing to go back and forth for him, and keep everything in an orderly manner. The level of his cooking skill was even higher than what Gu Qiange had expected.

–Wife is so virtuous, he had really picked up a treasure!!

Gu Qiange delightedly cried out deep inside, as the gaze he used to look at his sweetheart became more and more idiotic. He had never experienced this kind of care from his parents since he was a child. This homey feeling was really something he couldn’t bear to let go off after having a taste.

After the congee was finished, Shen Tong had still carefully tucked in the corner of Gu Qiange’s blanket before getting up to take the bowl and chopsticks out. He then returned inside with a big apple at hand, and asked: “Do you want to eat some fruit?”

Not to mention fruits, Gu Qiange would even be very willing to eat even if Shen Tong feeds him poison, so he hurriedly nodded in agreement. Thus, Shen Tong sat down and slowly peeled the apple’s skin under the sun’s rays, the jade-like fingers against the bright red apple, looked exceptionally beautiful.

Gu Qiange very contentedly brought the piece of apple to his mouth, and happily chewed. Rich juices, sweet flesh…… –It turns out that apples were actually this delicious, why has he never felt this before?

Regarding the cause of the injury, Gu Qiange had shamelessly wanted to tell Shen Tong that it was a masterpiece of Kong Baiji, but it’s a pity that, he accidentally professed that a car accident had caused his injury. He even more shamelessly, forgot his previous regrets, and further classified himself as a handicapped person, who couldn’t take care of himself, instead. Asking Shen Tong to feed him his meals, to help him wear clothes, and even asked the other to accompany him to relieve himself in the toilet.

“Tong Tong, my hands are injured.”

Gu Qiange, who was finally assisted by Shen Tong into the bathroom, said inside: “So I can’t open my pants……”

Shen Tong bit his lip and hesitated for a while, and could only bite the bullet to help him open his pants. He actions would inevitably be a bit clumsy since he this was his first time in doing this, thus he accidentally hit the ‘big sword’, which caused it to stand straight.

Though the both of them had done things with each other, but Shen Tong was still unable to refrain from unconsciously blushing a bit. While a certain someone’s face remained unchanged, without the least bit of consciousness. After relieving himself and returning to bed, he said: “Can Tong Tong sleep with me tonight? I don’t want to be by myself.”

Shen Tong already had the intention to stay from the start, but still had to inform his family first. For some unknown reasons, he was unexpectedly unable to connect with Kong Baiji’s phone, so he called his parents, who were still in a business trip.

Father Shen and mother Shen implemented a respectful education method for their children, and did not interfere with their children’s behavior too much. What’s more, they were already bribed by Gu Qiange long ago. Gu Qiange had also taken the initiative and made Assistant Zhou contact mother Shen, with the intention of completely entrusting the promotion and sales of the holographic game cabin to the agent of the Shen company. So, the answer Shen Tong obtained was naturally a yes, mother Shen had even very concernedly inquired about the extent of Gu Qiange’s injury, and made Shen Tong accompany him for several more days.

Perhaps because he was too tired after a busy day, Shen Tong soon fell asleep.

The even shallow breathing near his ears and the fresh scent from the youth’s body made Gu Qiange once again feel an unprecedented peace of mind, that the corner of his lips slightly quirked in the dark. But the youth in his arms had a very restless sleep. But once Gu Qiange made a bit of movement, he would dazedly wake up.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Tong subconsciously asked even before opening his eyes, with a trace of worry and nervousness in his slightly hoarse voice: “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“.…..I’m fine,” Gu Qiange gently patted the back of the person in his arms, as the feeling of regret and distress surged forth once again, “It’s alright, go to sleep.”

He squeezed the youth’s hand and tried to let him fall back to his dreamland, but the youth’s still frowned tensely, and was obviously disturb by a nightmare, as if he was still worried about him in his sleep.

Gu Qiange couldn’t tell what it was like. He originally thought that the result of the bitter trick was to make the other party feel bad, but the one who was feeling bad, had unexpectedly been him.

–How could he think he doesn’t care about him. He was just prideful and not good at expressing himself. But if something happens, he will always be the one who has the courage to take it on the most.

Shen Tong is indeed having nightmares.

He actually dreamed of flying in the highest heavens, dreamed about a man who suffered from serious injures for him, then dreamed about digging out his heart and giving it to the other, and dreamed about the other person coldly telling him that he had only used him. The dream was completely scattered and fragmentary. But that heart-wrenching pain felt so real, that he couldn’t even speak, and could almost hardly breathe. His body felt like it was being cut apart, then stuffed into a ball of fire. Burning all his internal organs ash.

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