Ch 126: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/3)

Chapter 126: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 20 (part 1 of 3)

However, Shen Tong didn’t wait for her to finish: “I will just call elder brother later.”

The secretary clenched her teeth, then gathered her courage and tried to block him again, but Shen Tong raised his hand and pushed her away using a light force.

If Shen Tong wanted to leave, then nobody could block his way. The strength he exerted was obviously very light and gentle, but the secretary only felt as if her body was enveloped by an invisible force, as she was unexpectedly pushed at a distance which was no less than a meter away from the youth.

She immediately felt that she was hallucinating, so, she subconsciously rubbed her eyes. The youth had already entered the elevator while she was doing so.

Gu Qiange, on the other side, was still doing his utmost effort to feign about being seriously injured, by forcing his former classmate, Feng Yi, to complete the hospitalization procedures for him. He then used money in a very local tyrant-like manner to force the doctor to bandage him seriously. It would have been better to move a dextrose, ECG monitor, ventilator, and such to fill in the scene.

Feng Yi had already flipped out a bit, and told Gu Qiange through gritted teeth: “What do you think this place of mine is? This place is a hospital that helps the dying and heals the injured. There are still a lot of real patients waiting for treatment! What kind of monitor do you think you need? Let me inform you, there’s no chance, no matter how much money you offer. I can only give you a dextrose at most!”

The doctor eventually wrapped Gu Qiange’s injured and uninjured areas with bandages against his will, and bandaged his head as well. In combination with Gu Qiange’s pale complexion, distraught and depressed expression, due to the lack of a whole night of sleep, truly made him look like a critically ill patient, or the kind that was about to bite the dust, which was really miserable to look at.

So by the time Shen Tong rushed into the ward, he immediately saw this miserable appearance of Gu Qiange, who was covered in injuries, the instant he opened the door, which utterly shook him up.

He complete froze in that place in daze, and unconsciously opened his mouth. It was only after a short while later did he finally manage to speak successfully: “What-, what happened to you?”

The unprecedented tightening in his heart gave Shen Tong an obvious taste of pain, so much so, that he even forgot that Gu Qiange’s health value had only been reduced by half a star in the midst of his confusion. Only the feeling of anxiety and worry filled his mind, that his voice couldn’t help but be shaky: “What happened? How did you end up with such serious injury? Are you in pain? ……”

Gu Qiange was suddenly unable to form words.

The plot he originally conceived was that, his baby would take the initiative to pounce into his arms like a kitten, then stay by his side to watch over him while he is injured. But looking at the youth’s face that had abruptly paled at this moment, suddenly made him feel distress and regretful, as he hurriedly replied: “It doesn’t hurt, I’m alright, don’t be afraid Tong Tong.”

Shen Tong was really so frightened and still couldn’t calm down even after hearing Gu Qiange speak up. He was indeed as obedient as a kitten as Gu Qiange had imagined. He walked to the bed lightly, but didn’t dare to touch Gu Qiange, and only cautiously asked with pale complexion on his little face: “what did the doctor say?”

The doctor, who bandaged Gu Qiange before, accurately replied in accordance to the prepared lines: “He currently has a slight concussion, bone fracture in the left arm, mild internal organ concussion and nerve damage. Which will require at least half a month to heal in bed rest.”

Shen Tong pursed his lips tightly, then held Gu Qiange’s unbandaged right hand, and said in a very solemn manner: “Don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

Such short and simple words shocked Gu Qiange. Instantly making his heart swell with love. He realized that whenever he felt that the love he had for the other had already reached it’s limit, his love for the youth would still be able to increase some more, ——The love he feels for him will only continue to deepen endlessly.

Feng Yi, who initially had pressing matters that required his attention waiting in his office, also found an excuse to come over.

He originally intended to come and see the excitement, but he could no longer bear it after watching for a while. As an upright doctor with 3 moral views, Feng Yi only felt really shameful in having such a classmate like Gu Qiange, a young scientist, who wasn’t doing proper work, but came over to cheat such a well-behaved and lovable child instead, and had even done so with such great success.

Truth be told, Gu Qiange was already feeling extremely regretful, but it was now difficult for him to get off once the tiger was ridden*, so he could only bite the bullet and continue this farce. This trick of injuring oneself to gain the enemy’s confidence wasn’t really what he had in mind, but Feng Wenlong’s idea. After learning that the apology methods he mentioned before were useless, Feng Wenlong repeatedly emphasized to Gu Qiange the usage of bitterness. To put it bluntly, if the other party cares about you, then this trick of acting injured will absolutely succeed.

*impossible to stop halfway

A success was a success, and what’s done was done, but Gu Qiange felt incessantly regretful. The color of the youth’s face hadn’t return yet, and the hands holding him also felt like ice. Making Gu Qiange wish to immediately tear off his bandages and stand up from the bed, and hold him in his arms while softly coaxing him.

Shen Tong had also recalled the health index of four and a half star at this time, but seeing was believing after all, so he mistakenly thought that there was a problem with the program. But the white floccule, which had unknowingly popped up in the middle of it’s cultivation, looked at Gu Qiange as it hovered in the air, and silently mocked the other party inwardly: “……to always be really fond of courting disaster no matter which world. He’s really like a leopard that can never change its spots*, and could simply produce a complete work in ways to court disaster.”

*the Chinese was too crude so I found an English equivalent

Feng Yi, on the other hand, couldn’t help but speak up: “All his injuries are just flesh injuries. Even though it looks serious, but it really isn’t a big deal at all. Moreover, there are much more patients coming in the hospital during this period of time, so, we are short in hospital beds here. It is recommended to recuperate at home.”

Gu Qiange was naturally in favor of going home together with Shen Tong very much, and Shen Tong, who wasn’t fond of places like hospitals, where life and death could occur at anytime, as well, asked: “There really wouldn’t be a problem in returning home to recuperate?”

Feng Yi had a very good first impression towards this youth before him. So, he smiled at Shen Tong as kindly as he could, while inwardly scorning Gu Qiange for really being an old cow that eats young grass: “It’s really alright, there’s nothing for you to worry about.”

Director Feng Yi had also personally prescribed super bitter medicine, then informed Shen Tong of some precautions he needed to be aware of in a sick person’s diet. He also provided two strong nurses, who could follow them all the way home, to help lift Gu Qiange up and down.

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