Ch 125: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 125: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 19 (part 2 of 2)

As a sweet, naive child, who wasn’t of any help and had yet to step in the society, Shen Tong could only look anxiously for the medicine kit. Fortunately, the medicine kit was still located on the shelf beside the desk just like before. He then hurriedly ran over with it at hand, “Big brother, is it painful? Let me apply medicine for you.”

“it doesn’t hurt.” Kong Baiji looked at the younger brother’s worried expression, and couldn’t help but slightly quirk his lips. He then passed the glass of milk in his hand, “Drink the milk first. Drinking too much water at night isn’t good. Milk can aid sleep.”

But Shen Tong insisted on applying the medicine first, “Wait a little later-……”

“The temperature is just right now,” Kong Baiji directly held the younger brother’s hand, “It will turn cold if you drink it later.”

Shen Tong was left without a choice but do what was told. He took the milk and gulped it all down, then quickly went to open the medicine box without wiping the milk stain left on his mouth.

Seeing the long strip of blood stains that marred the elder brother’s beauty, suddenly made him slightly miss the healing ability of the little koi, which can remove all traces of injuries with just a single kiss. At this time, the Desktop Pet’s skill actively brought his attention out of the blue: “Ding–, calling the Desktop Pet’s attention, the owner’s health value has dropped to four and a half stars.”

As a Desktop Pet, the owner was naturally referring to Gu Qiange. The Desktop Pet’s basic skill 2 [telepathy] can sense the owner’s mood and health value, geographic location, and safety. The full value of the mood and health is five stars.

The little young master Shen was very dissatisfied with the title of owner. But as this really wasn’t his original world, and since he wanted to know who he truly was, so, he still has to work hard to cultivate to the highest level and continue the mainline tasks.

After the applying the medicine, Shen Tong got up to return to his bedroom and find his mobile phone to give Gu Qiange a call. But Kong Baiji suddenly requested for the two of them to sleep together: “Can Shen Tong sleep with big brother for tonight? Us, brothers haven’t slept together for a long time.”

Shen Tong raised his head to look at Kong Baiji, who was seated on the bed. Most of the other side’s tall body was hidden under the light’s shadow. Perhaps because of how distant the other side was seated, a strong feeling of loneliness and bleakness emerged. This unexpectedly made him feel softhearted, that he actually nodded subconsciously: “Okay.”

Truth be told, Shen Tong selfishly wanted the company of his family as well, as the shock he received today truly went beyond his bottom line. It was already 12 o’clock in a blink of an eye. Thinking that since the Gu Qiange’s star had only dropped by half, so, this should merely be a small problem such as a cough or cold. As an adult, the other party would definitely be able to take care of himself. Moreover, the time was already so late. Calling now would only disturb the other side’s rest, so, it would be better to ask tomorrow. After finally having suppressed his worries, he laid side by side with Kong Baiji on the big bed.

Perhaps it was the milk’s effect, or the peace of mind in having his family beside him, Shen Tong, who originally thought he would be suffering from insomnia, unwittingly fell asleep in the midst of their chat.

But was completely oblivious to the fact that Gu Qiange had been staring at his mobile phone, and had never closed his eyes all along.

The text messages sent to Shen Tong before didn’t receive a single reply, so, Gu Qiange couldn’t resist from directly calling, but only the beep of an unanswered call sounded afterwards. He didn’t care about the dull ache in his injured body, as his mind was completely overshadowed with an irritable and gloomy mess. He then tirelessly set up the theological method taught by Feng Wenlong and looked into Shen Tong’s social accounts. The great top student made use of science and technology to hack into the permissions to take a look, then unexpectedly found many more potential love rivals

Nowadays, students were already using WeChat one after another. Everyone has quite a considerable number of friends in WeChat, and there was quite a lot of friend request sent to Shen Tong. Apart from his classmates, there were also senior teachers and senior female students. There were also students from other schools, who had participated in the school competition together, and there were even people who took the initiative to add for another reason. This once again needs to turn back to the two words of ‘face value’. The youth’s exceedingly beautiful appearance was irresistible to both men and women, and this garnered Shen Tong’s casual and trivial post a huge amount of likes. The simple word ‘hungry’ he posted at night amassed a heap of comments. A row of comments asked what he wanted to eat so that they can send it over immediately. There were even two little schoolgirls arguing about what his personal preference were underneath.

Although most of the students were fooling around, and Gu Qiange also knew that he shouldn’t care about these ignorant underage kids, but his gloomy thoughts still deepened. It just so happens that a new post appeared in Kong Baiji’s moments at this time, which was a close-up photo of a sleeping person’s eyelashes.

The eyelashes were delicately long and thick, and even the shadows cast underneath were adorably lovely. The photo had two* words in it’s caption: Beloved child.

*the raw said 5

Although it was taken obliquely, with very dark lighting and had blurred pixels, but Gu Qiange could still recognized the owner of those eyelashes at a glance. As soon as he thought under which circumstances this was taken, the anger in his chest immediately raged, that he wished to rush to the Shen’s house to drag Kong Baiji out of the bed and beat him up again.

Kong Baiji hardly ever posts in WeChat, and there were only a handful of alumni and subordinates in his circle of friends. For him to suddenly send this post in the middle of the night, was obviously intended to declare dominance at Gu Qiange. But Kong Baiji had almost been unable to sleep this night as well, because the little guy beside him took all his attention. –Shen Tong habitually leans towards the warm area in his sleep, that he had almost arched in Kong Baiji’s arm after some time. Kong Baiji felt the warm breath on his neck, which intentionally or otherwise perturbed the his thoughts, which couldn’t help but make him hold his breath, and dare not breath.

It was not until the next day that Gu Qiange was finally able to get in touch with Shen Tong, he then queried about the whereabouts of the other side.

“I’m in elder brother’s office.” Shen Tong had detected that the owner’s health value was still four and a half stars, but the mood value had dropped outrageously, that all five stars had completely disappeared. So, he couldn’t help but ask with a bit of anxiety, “What about you? Where are you?”

Gu Qiange slightly narrowed his eyes somberly, but his voice were filled with pitiful grievances: “I’m seeing a doctor in the hospital.”

Shen Tong had predictably became even more anxious, “What’s the diagnosis? Is it very serious? Which hospital are you in?”

“The city’s first hospital.” Gu Qiange continued to say in an aggrieved tone: “Tong Tong, I’m so uncomfortable, can you come over to see me?”

It must be uncomfortable to be all alone in the hospital, so Shen Tong immediately promised: “Okay, I’ll head there right away.”

Little did he know that the newly appointed deputy chair of board and an old classmate, Feng Yi was by Gu Qiange’s side, and was already unable to speak up against Gu Qiange. The injury was obviously negligible, but despite of this, Gu Qiange still threatened him to do the hospitalization procedures. He obviously shouldn’t be seeking for surgery, but should be looking for a neurological treatment.

Shen Tong, on the other side, has already walked out of the chairman’s office with his mobile phone and wallet. He originally wanted to inform Kong Baiji before leaving, but the other side had already gone out for a meeting. For fear of disrupting the other’s work, he then decided to let the secretary outside inform him on his behalf.

Because Shen Tong had gone to the company with Kong Baiji for the first time, the secretary had misunderstood at first and thought that he was a new artist signed by her boss, while secretly thinking that although the youth looked particularly good-looking, but he still looked like a minor. But after hearing him address Kong Baiji as brother, she instantly realized that the other party was actually the boss’ precious little brother. So, she immediately corrected her attitude and treated Shen Tong more respectfully than Kong Baiji. At this moment, when she heard that Shen Tong was going out, the secretary immediately shook her head and said: “I can’t. Before leaving, CEO Kong specifically told me to tell you to wait for him to come back. If you want to go out, you should speak with CEO Kong in person……”

Raw word count: 3743

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