Ch 125: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 125: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 19 (part 1 of 2)

The youth’s figure, which immediately appeared behind the door, walked out the room with his head bowed down.

Kong Baiji, who had thought that his younger brother was already asleep and didn’t expect to see him open the door so suddenly, inexplicably felt a slight guilty conscience. That he couldn’t speak nor move for a while, but he suddenly discovered something strange the next second.

The youth was obviously unsettled. His footsteps were also as light as feather, and his eyes wasn’t even looking at the way he was going. Which incessantly made Kong Baiji feel like he would stumble or run into a wall at any given moment, that he couldn’t help but step forwards and gently wrap an arm around his shoulders.

Shen Tong was still thinking about that issue in daze, and the lights in the hallway were also very dim, that he was immediately shaken up by this big hand that had suddenly reached out. But the magnitude of his shaking was very trivial, just like a little sparrow that was suddenly frightened, and lightly shook it’s tiny wings in helplessness for a moment.

But he quickly recognized who the other person was, and was able to quickly regain calm because of the other person’s familiar breath. He even took the initiative to snuggle towards the generous chest before him. But Kong Baiji, who was able to increasingly make out his younger brother’s strangeness, completely envelop him in a hug with his sturdy arms, then said in a quiet voice: “Tong Tong?”

After not receiving any reply for quite a while, Kong Baiji couldn’t help but grow anxious, that he once again used his younger brother’s nickname that the other side no longer liked to be called in since reaching middle school: “Baby, is there something wrong? Is there anything uncomfortable? Is there something your unhappy about? Tell me, alright?”

“.…..big brother,” Shen Tong finally spoke in a low voice: “I’m fine. I just had a nightmare.”

Kong Baiji kissed him on his somewhat messy hair on the forehead and didn’t feel anything amiss with his younger brother still being afraid of nightmares in spite of being a boy and even after having grown up. But was solely occupied in coaxing him: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Big brother is here. All nightmares are fake, I’ll help you drive it all away. It won’t bother you again.”

It’s was enough to see from this small detail that half of Shen Tong’s usual squeamishness and childishness was Kong Baiji’s fault. He was spoiled by Kong Baiji, and had long been used to being spoiled like this since he was a child up to present, which was simply hard to eliminate after being accustomed to so many years. Maybe because the nighttime can originally bring about the loneliness and fear in people so easily, that, not only did Shen Tong feel uneasy, he even had an inexplicable idea that everything around him was an illusion. Hence, he shrank into Kong Baiji’s embrace and asked: “Big brother will always be here right?”

The youth’s tone was obviously fragile, and was like a little animal that’s afraid of being abandoned. This immediately made Kong Baiji’s heart ache, as he secretly pondered over what the younger brother could have dreamed about to frighten him this much, while answering in very positive tone: “Of course, I have always been here and will always be by your side.”

The great elder brother’s steady and magnetic voice sounded even more steadfast in such a quiet environment, and also brought along an unspeakable sense of security. Shen Tong’s emotions had already calmed down much earlier, but his mind was still unwilling to accept the fact that this place was just one of the world he was passing through. Thus, he laid in Kong Baiji’s embrace for half a minute before pulling away from his arms, then said with a sniffle: “..….I’m thirsty, I’ll go drink water downstairs.”

Kong Baiji took the younger brother’s hand and led him to his bedroom, “Wait here, I’ll go get it for you.”

Before Shen Tong could do anything to stop him, he saw the other party had already turned around and walk toward the stairs. So, he obediently stayed put in the room, then conveniently took a look around.

He had often come running to his elder brother’s room to sleep with him during primary school, but he no longer went over after junior high. The furnishings here were still exactly the same as his memories. Having a naturally comfortable color scheme, as well as a simple yet modern layout. Because of the relatively wide space available, a very large desk was placed near the french window. Shen Tong could still remember Kong Baiji helping him with his homework several times on this desk before.

It’s just that there were several more photos on this desk compared to before. Shen Tong went over and took a look. Among them was a family photo of four, a photo of him with Kong Baiji, and a photo of him alone. Such as, the selfie he took while holding a skateboard not too long ago, him smiling with rosy cheeks while wearing a military cap during the time he joined the military training in junior high two and a half years ago. There was even a very embarrassing photo of him crying while rubbing the injury on his little chubby arm after stumbling when he was around three to four years old……

In short, he was always present in every photo.

That being said, Shen Tong fortunately had a very excellent appearance, and was also very photogenic, that every picture taken would still be especially beautiful no matter what age he was, even the embarrassing ones were also too cute to be true. But Shen Tong was very speechless with regards to the elder brother’s passion in collecting his embarrassing moments, and immediately picked up that picture frame of him crying, and tried to secretly take out the photo inside.

But just as he was halfway through, Kong Baiji had returned and went over with a glass of milk at hand: “What are you doing?”

Shen Tong, who inexplicably felt a bit guilty, hurriedly turned around and hid the picture frame at his back, “I wasn’t doing anything.”

After turning around, only then did he take note of the bruise on the other side’s face with the help of the bedroom’s bright light. He immediately set aside the matter about the photo, and hurriedly stepped forward: “Big brother, why were you hurt?!!”

Kong Baiji froze for a moment, then said a lie without even batting an eye: “The company had a small-scale celebration party today. Two film directors, who were already at odds with each other, drank too much and fought with fists. I was accidentally hit twice while trying to stop the fight.”

Shen Tong knew that although Kong Baiji still works in the Shen’s company until now, but he had also started a business venture three years ago and opened his own media company. Because this business’ direction was completely out of line with the Shen’s company, the Shen’s company also couldn’t do anything else aside from financing, and since the entertainment industry was already chaotic, so it had already come across quite a lot of challenges in the early stages of the venture.

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