Ch 124: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 124: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 18 (part 2 of 2)

Shen Tong, who had completely no idea about this fight, was currently busy in forcing the system to give him an answer, –The answer to whether this was the real world or not.

Ever since that day when he suddenly returned to his familiar bedroom and saw the steward, then his close relatives in his original world afterwards, the white floccule had constantly been pretending to be dead, and wouldn’t respond no matter how much he called out. It was only at noon today when it took the initiative to speak out by mockingly insinuating that he can still make a living with his looks even if he lacked the IQ. Shen Tong didn’t bother to bicker about these trivial matters with it, and only concentrated on voicing out his suspicions over and over again: “Is this my original world?”

The white floccule rhetorically questioned instead of answering: “Do you think it is?”

Shen Tong subconsciously frowned and pursed his lips. He had originally determined that he wouldn’t be able to come back this easily, so, he firmly believed that this place was just either a parallel world or illusion made up by the system. But as more time passes, the more he could see the authenticity of this place.

Because a parallel world is the same from the real world but is separated by another universe. The relationship between the two worlds is like an interwoven holographic projection, which includes the same compositions but the movement of living beings would have different trajectory. The quantum state of the parallel world cannot be exactly the same as in the original world, otherwise, it will lose its meaning and possibility of existence. In simpler terms, if a person walks in door A in one world, then he would walk in door B in the other world; If he picks up a blue glass bead in a certain year and certain day in the original world, then he would never come across this blue glass bead in the parallel world, –The change of quantum state is the basis for the formation of parallel worlds.

But all the people and things, timeline, and the development of events around Shen Tong were exactly the same as his original world before he transmigrated.

Therefore, the idea of parallel world was discarded. So, he tried to start from the illusion’s side. Shen Tong, who had advanced to the Demon Emperor period, was already capable of creating illusions. So, he understands that an illusion must be supported no matter how powerful it is. –It must be based on the original memory for it to be successfully created. So that it can restore all the people and things that appeared in the memory, but it cannot be extended and raised to a higher level. In spite of this, Gu Qiange didn’t exist in his original memory. But Gu Qiange had unassumingly existed in this world now.

So, the idea of this being an illusion was also abandoned. Therefore, the greatest possibility is that everything here was real, and this was neither a parallel world nor an illusion.

“This is my original world,” Shen Tong said with a certain tone: “I have definitely returned.”

Now that he was already aware of the truth, the white floccule no longer continued to lead him on: “That’s right, you have indeed returned.”

But Shen Tong’s brows furrowed even further, “But didn’t you say that only by cultivating to a Demon God at LV8 will I only be able to return to my original world in reality?”

“……yes.” The white floccule reiterated word for word: “Only after cultivating to a Demon God at LV8 will you only be able to return to reality, and you are still at Demon Emperor LV6 now.”

“Then why-……”

But Shen Tong only spoke halfway before he abruptly stopped.

Because he subconsciously didn’t want to think about that possibility.

But the white floccule prevented him from escaping reality: “Have you even thought that, that the reality you are thinking of now, may not be the real reality?”

A bit of unspeakable chill suddenly poured in Shen Tong’s heart, making him place his hand over his heart to warm it up again. It took him no less than a full minute and a half to find his own voice: “What do you mean by this?! “

“.……it means literally.”

Shen Tong’s expression still looked calm, but the voice coming out from his throat was obviously hoarse, and even had a slight tremor: “The real world where I grew up in, is actually the same as the previous worlds, and are only systematically arranged worlds for transmigration?”

The white floccule didn’t give an affirmative reply. Shen Tong tightly clenched the hand he placed over his heart, till his joints turned pale, “I had been transmigrating through worlds from the start. Everything I have, my family and friends, were only arranged through your Demon God system?”

The white floccule floating in front of him still didn’t say a word, but it’s bearing clearly showed a silent agreement of this. Shen Tong’s tone couldn’t help but become uncontrollable and sharp: “Since everything is fake, then why do I still have to transmigrate over and over again? What’s your purpose? Who am I really?!”

The white floccule looked at Shen Tong quietly, and suddenly said in a low voice: “……this isn’t actually a transmigration, but a reincarnation.”

Almost half of his basic intelligence and emotions were simultaneously cut off mercilessly while being punished through the nine reincarnations. But the youth before it’s eyes still remained distinctive and dazzling, which couldn’t help but make the white floccule think back to his original appearance. Of which was truly powerful and dazzling, roaming the summit of the highest of the heavens without restraint. Just a single look could completely charm anyone’s soul. That red-clothed figure seemed to be surrounded by layer upon layer of raging flame. Just by seeing him ride upon the Vermilion Bird from a far distance will make other unable to tear their eyes away.

The white floccule unexpectedly continued to speak despite it being a violation of the heaven’s rule: “Moreover, all of those aren’t false, at least there’s nothing false in everything I have told you, especially the ‘you can return to your original world after cultivating to LV8’……”

It paused for a moment, then suddenly spoke with an unprecedented respectful tone, just like a devout worshipper facing a revered temple: “So you should work hard to cultivate to the highest level of the Demon God period to return to your* true original world. The people you care about and the people who cares about you, that person you originally love and hate very much, are all in the real world, waiting for your return.”

*formal speech of 您 instead of 你

It was already past seven when Kong Baiji returned home.

The injuries on his face became more serious with each passing second. He could only chose to return home at dark for fear of worrying his family. Successfully evading the elderly steward and servants afterwards, then went upstairs in a hushed and stealthy manner. Father Shen and mother Shen, who will be leaving early tomorrow morning to attend a meeting to other provinces, had already returned to their room to rest. The younger brother’s room also looked dark, aside from the night light on the corridor that was conscientiously lit.

After going to his bedroom to wash up, Kong Baiji hesitated for a moment, but finally couldn’t hold back on going to the little brother’s room for a quick glimpse on him before heading back to bed as usual.

The word home is the safest existence in Shen Tong’s perspective, so he had never locked the door at home, so, the door could easily be opened with a slight push. But today, Kong Baiji discovered that the little brother had unexpectedly locked the door for the first time, which instantly made several thoughts turn in his mind.

Was this deliberately done after noticing something? Or was this an unintentional act by mere chance? Or was this simply the need of personal space because of growing up?

Kong Baiji thought about this, then recalled his younger brother’s exquisite appearance when he well-behavedly tilted his head up to look at him, and couldn’t help but sigh with a bitter smile. It was just this little guy, but he seemed to have grown on his heart, and couldn’t be cut off by him, much less give up on him. There wasn’t even a bit of room for struggle as he sank inch by inch.

But while Kong Baiji was thinking about this issue, the lock of the door’s room suddenly clicked at this time, and was subsequently pulled open from the inside.

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