Ch 124: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 124: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 18 (part 1 of 2)

Gu Qiange’s vision really hadn’t fail to live up to his IQ. Both of them were very poisonous. A few clues can be drawn out from tiny hints. Although he was only 60% sure during this questioning, and the remaining 40% were just probing, but determining a love rival was of great importance. He would rather kill a thousand than let one slip off. If his probing turned out to be wrong, then he would actually be very willing to be punched by Kong Baiji several times.

However, Kong Baiji didn’t answer, but sneeringly asked instead: “So what if it’s the identity of a brother? So what if it’s the identity of a love rival?”

Gu Qiange said word for word in the face of Kong Baiji’s darkening gaze and sneer: “If it’s the identity of an older brother, let alone today, I will never hit back even if you come to beat me up everyday. But if it’s with the identity of a love rival……”

Gu Qiange stopped speaking when he said that.

In the next moment, he suddenly threw a punch in the same angle and posture that Kong Baiji had used to punch him just a while ago!!

Because Gu Qiange had completely determined the answer of that previous question from Kong Baiji’s expression.

This was also the reason why he didn’t need to complete his previous sentence, –Because no man will be lenient when facing a love rival.

This was the reason why the interaction between two smart people were better, faster, more efficient, and will save a lot of time from speaking of superfluous words and beating around a bush. Kong Baiji had obviously guessed Gu Qiange’s ‘confirmation’ and had also predicted his move, so he immediately put up his guard. But Gu Qiange’s movements were so swift, that the side of Kong Baiji’s face had still been slightly grazed by that swift and ruthless punch.

The darkness in Kong Baiji’s gaze was already thick enough to block the clouds and sun, he didn’t say a word as well, but took a big step forward and directly punched the rim of Gu Qiange’s eye. The movement was so swift and heavy, that a shrill whizzing noise could even be heard.

Since the other side was taking action as a love rival, so, how could Gu Qiange be polite to him? He evaded and launched a swift counterattack at the same time. His fist hit Kong Baiji’s chin with a bang. The tremendous force made the other side take a step back and unexpectedly hit the sofa behind him.

But Kong Baiji had also been able to hit Gu Qiange’s abdomen at the same time, making the other’s whole body tremble from pain.

Gu Qiange immediately followed up and directly struck Kong Baiji’s abdomen swiftly and ruthlessly as well. Kong Baiji grabbed Gu Qiange’s shirt collar, and said with an ice-cold tone that was just like an icy blade: “You know perfectly well that Tong Tong is still too young now. As an adult, kissing and seducing a minor, who still doesn’t have a full civil capacity, –you’re simply a damn beast!”

Gu Qiange knew that Kong Baiji had definitely seen the hickey on Tong Tong’s body, but he still punched Kong Baiji’s nose with a heavy fist. Breathing heavily while glaring at him, his gaze pierced the other’s thoughts like a sharp arrow: “Then what about you? To actually have such dirty thoughts towards your own little brother. Isn’t this much worse than a beast?!!”

Gu Qiange hadn’t finished speaking when his chest was ruthlessly struck by Kong Baiji. Gu Qiange immediately groaned, but continued to say: “If Tong Tong finds out about you, this elder brother’s real face. I wonder if he will still look at you again? I’m afraid that even the thought of you will make him feel repulsive and sick!!”

Gu Qiange was obviously the one who got hit at the chest, but Kong Baiji looked as if his chest was squeezed by someone, as his eyes turned bloodshot and his complexion paled. The words that was said had truly hit the nail of the thing he was most worried about. His breath stagnated for an instant, but he quickly calmed down, then dangerously narrowed his eyes a bit and said: “It doesn’t matter. You can go ahead and tell Tong Tong, let’s see who he’ll believe.”

The only thing Kong Baiji was confident in was the little brother’s trust in him. This type of trust has been established for so many years since childhood and will not be easily broken down by anyone overnight. So long as he denies it and makes use of some tricks, this will definitely make the little brother stand on his side.

Gu Qiange didn’t need to think to guess Kong Baiji’s plan, because this was what he would also do if he was in that position. On the contrary, using the identity of an elder brother like a pavilion near the water to slowly figure things out was more convenient than any other identity. However, Gu Qiange used words that were full of sarcasm to provoke Kong Baiji’s anger, “Even if Tong Tong believes in you, you’re nothing but a coward who doesn’t have the courage to tell him the truth. No matter what he does in the future, he will only treat you as his older brother, and will still leave your side sooner or later!”

As he was talking, his hands and feet also weren’t idle. Hr fought against Kong Baiji with full strength, and the fist and words that Kong Baiji reciprocated were equally very ruthless: “Shut up!!”

Gu Qiange avoided this by raising his head and striking the other with his knee, Kong Baiji was unable to retreat in time, and suffered a blow on his stomach, but he was still able to raise his leg and make a direct hit on his opponent’s stomach. The coffee table, at the side, was overturned and fell down with a crash. The ashtray, cups and other objects all fell to the floor, and completely broke into fragments.

Although the soundproofing effect of the office was very excellent, that the exchange of words and the fight happening inside couldn’t be heard from the outside, but the sound of the coffee table and cups falling on the floor, which could still be heard, immediately made Assistant Zhou, who dared not leave, tremble.

There’s a saying that says Xishi* appears in the eyes of a lover, and the love rival is good as dead in their eyes. So, neither of the two men gave way in their fight, the tall and evenly matched bodies were like two fighting wild beasts. No one obtained anything good in the end. A wide expanse of Gu Qiange’s cheek were red and swollen, bloodstain seeped from the corner of his lips, two of his upper buttons had also fallen because of the scuffle, which exposed the skin and muscle of the chest. Causing the person to look both fierce and decadent, which unexpectedly gave off a contradictory sense of charm and impact. The bridge of Kong Baiji’s nose and chin had obvious bloodstains, there were also greenish to purple bruises on his forehead, his hair was messily scattered beside his ears, the neckline of the constantly pristine suit had also broken apart, and the majority of his sleeves had been raised as well. That noble nouveau rich image he had in the mall was nowhere to be found now, but an unruly and gloomy look was exposed instead.

*foremost of the four legendary beauties.

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