Ch 121: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/3)

Chapter 121: The top student’s little Desktop Pet 15 (part 2 of 3)

“Is this ‘diversion method’ effective?” Gu Qiange didn’t stop until the person under him was quickly gasping for air. He looked at the little blushing face of the youth and asked: “Has baby temporarily forgotten his fear?”

His misbehaving large hands were still wandering about, just like a hunter searching for a prey, wishing to touch every nook of the youth’s body. Shen Tong gasped for fresh air while glaring at Gu Qiange. However, his glare didn’t have the slightest bit of effect due to his teary eyes, but exuded a seductive feeling instead. The oxygen in the room also seemed to become scarce, as the atmosphere between the two turned very ambiguous.

The great student, who had gained an advantage yet still feigned to be gentlemanly, continued to ask shamelessly: “It’s very effective, right? Moreover, baby felt very comforted by the kiss too, right?”

*describes a stingy or roguish person

Shen Tong originally wanted to lose his temper, but the other party’s words were really right. So, he momentarily felt at a loss on how he should vent his temper. He always felt that he seemed to have suffered a loss, but the two of them were men, so this notion would also be somewhat pretentious. He then ultimately decided to counterattack and to not be outdone. So he also groped around Gu Qiange’s body indiscriminately, in order to take back that advantage the other had gained.

His actions were disorderly and innocent as a puppy, but the man let him have his way with a look of indulgence, it was only after the other had stopped the movements of his hands did he ask: “What does Tong Tong think of my figure? Do you think it’s impressive?”

Gu Qiange really had a good figure. Shen Tong was also unable to understand how he, a scientific researcher, still had the time to develop this layer of muscles. Although it was worse when compared to Han Ying, who was a soldier, but this was already considered to be very well-built for the common citizens.

But he pretended to disdain it by saying: “There’s nothing great about it. There isn’t much to see at all.”

Gu Qiange bit the youth’s neck like a lion picking it’s cub. He lapped his small and exquisite Adam’s apple, while pressing his body closer to him, “It doesn’t matter if my body isn’t impressive, so long as the ‘big sword’ is impressive enough.”

Shen Tong quickly realized what big sword Gu Qiange was talking about, because he could already feel a fiery and hard thing by his crotch area, which was showing off it’s majestic existence.

Not only that, Gu Qiange’s lips had even shifted from his Adam’s apple to the bulge on his chest and fiddled with it, and was inadvertently bitten as well, making him uncontrollably moan out loud.

Another loud rumble seemed to echo from outside, but Shen Tong’s fear towards the thunder at this time had already been completely tossed at the back of his mind, because his entire mind was occupied by another type of fear. The peculiar sensation coming from his chest made Shen Tong feel uncomfortable and flustered, that a frown appeared on his flushed face, with an obviously flustered expression, “Let me go……”

Gu Qiange’s lips loosened, but heavily rubbed against his nipples with his unshaven chin, then said in an seductive voice: “Then does baby think my figure is really unimpressive?”

Shen Tong’s chest was already sore and numb by the rubbing of the hard like-steel and pin-like beard stubble. But he couldn’t get away, so he could only say: “Wu wu…… impressive……”

“What about my big sword? Is it big enough?”

A man’s nipple also has a hole. Gu Qiange’s stubble accidentally stab the youth’s hole, which immediately sent a jolt in his upper body, “Wu wu……big……”

He couldn’t help but concurrently hug the man’s shoulder with a bit of helplessness, “Beard hurts, very prickly…≧︿≦…”

“A kiss will cure it,” Gu Qiange moved his beard away with satisfaction, then kissed that slightly trembling pair of nipples. He got up from the youth’s body in an exasperatingly slow manner after having estimated that the thunder rolls outside had completely disappeared, “Okay, it’s alright baby, wait for me for a while, I’ll be back soon.”

Gu Qiange’s destination was naturally the bathroom.

His lower body was already hard enough to explode. Fortunately, researchers do not lack self-control, this was the only reason why he was able to endure until now. Gu Qiange turned on the tap, then imagined Shen Tong’s appearance as he DIY manually in the bathroom. The thought that there was still a full two or three years long wait for the other to finally reach 18 years old, simply made his heart feel desolate and miserable.

It would be nice if he could someday see Shen Tong take the initiative. The little rabbit with slightly quivering long ears leaning forward to pry the big bad wolf’s mouth full of sharp teeth, then place it’s little head onto the wolf’s mouth, while softly and coquettishly saying eat me, Eat me. Thus, the big bad wolf holding the head of the little rabbit with drooping ears, then just like using a pacifier, kissed, sucked and licked……


This kind of imagination made Gu Qiange’s lower body even more worked up, the hand movements below had also quickened, and he soon reached his release.

He hurriedly cleaned himself up, in order to return to the bedroom as quickly as possible. The lightning flashes and thunder rolls outside had really ended. But the sleet grew stronger and stronger, together with the very fierce gust of wind as well. Shen Tong had already exhausted his strength to be able to successfully get out from the mobile phone. So, while waiting for Gu Qiange to reach the bedside, he realized that he was actually so tired that he fell asleep the instant his head touched the pillow. He then quietly laid on his side and curled up in a small ball.

Gu Qiange softly and quietly put the cotton T-shirt he had found on the little guy. But because the little bunny’s tail was so cute, and he also couldn’t find a suitable underwear for the youth to wear for the time being, so, he didn’t change it. He then turned off the lights and climbed on the bed, then pulled the other into his arms from the back.

The snow and rain fell the whole night, the hu hu* of the gale’s gust echoed through the glass, and sounded a little bit similar to a sleeping person. But the temperature inside was very warm, and so was Gu Qiange’s heart. The light from the distant street lamp outside cast light upon the youth’s face through the window, causing light and darkness to intertwine. Just watching him like this, caused a sense of peace and happiness to emerge in Gu Qiange’s heart. The feeling of loving too much to part with inevitably appeared, that he couldn’t help but touch the top of the other’s head, then kiss his eyebrows, just like there will not be a chance tomorrow if he doesn’t kiss and hold him sufficiently today.

*can’t find suitable sfx

The deeper Shen Tong slept the closer he subconsciously moved towards Gu Qiange. He even turned over later and rolled himself into the his arms at the middle of the night. The two hugged each other and slept like this, with their breath intertwined. The embrace was so fitting, as if there was a magical magnetic force.

No one can resist this kind of warmth. If the person has someone he loves, who also loves him back and will always stay by his side in this lifetime, then he would never feel lonely or be alone in this world.

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